How to Declutter your Home and Keep it Decluttered: A Room by Room Guide

I think we all know we should declutter our homes at some point or other, but it’s easy to get declutter-blind. As humans we’re very good at taking things for granted in life and our home is no exception. You may be living in an unnecessary clutter zone right now without really noticing (although deep down you probably have noticed!).

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10 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve your Home Decor in any Room


How would you feel if we said to you that you could pick a room in your house or apartment and do something really simple and fast that would have a big impact on how that room looks. Perhaps even to the point where you might say “I could take a picture of this room, pin it on Pinterest and it wouldn’t look out of place”?

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Hygge and Ikigai: Just What the Hell are They, and How Do I Get Some?

You must have heard of it right? Hygge is big at the moment. Everyone is desperate to tell you how it’s pronounced and that it isn’t a ‘physical thing’. Personally I’m not a big fan of people telling me I’m not pronouncing a word correctly when they’ve only just heard of it last month themselves, so I won’t do that to you!

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11 Inspiring Open Shelving Ideas for your Kitchen

Shelf with artwork

We’re often quick to assume that all of our kitchen paraphernalia needs to be hidden away in cabinets. Surely it’s far too ugly to be put on show? Perhaps that is true for some kitchen equipment, but not all. Why not use open shelving in your kitchen to display some of your favourite kitchen things, as well as other display items to liven up the look of your kitchen.

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8 Indoor Plants that will Transform your Home and Wellbeing

Cactus Indoor Plants

If you have used Pinterest then you’re probably aware (either completely or subconsciously) that indoor plants are a massively growing trend. They are becoming an essential aspect of interior design and styling and when you see house plants used as part of home decor it’s easy to see why. We are completely predisposed to liking the appearance of plants and that is, in part, as a result of the benefits we gain from them.

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12 IKEA Products You Don’t Need to Hack


Hacking Ikea products has been a passion for many (including us!) for a while. Get yourself a cheap piece of furniture as your base and then create something a bit more upmarket (or just embellish it). A simple but effective idea.

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