Benefits of Energy Star versus Regular Appliances

When getting an appliance, one of the first things you want to do is check if it’s Energy Star certified. Energy Star appliances are known to be environmentally friendly and help save energy.

These things affect your wallet, which we’ll dive into below. So, what are the benefits of Energy Star versus regular appliances? Let’s get into it.

What Is Energy Star?

Energy Star is far more than the little blue icon you’re used to seeing on appliances. It is a government-backed program designed to ensure appliances meet energy efficiency standards.

It was first established in 1992, and since then, just about all appliances have become Energy Star certified. Energy Star appliances are meant to reduce recurring customer costs and use less energy.

The Environmental Protection Agency grades products on energy savings in 75 different categories, though standards vary depending on the appliance you’re looking at.

Energy Star Appliances Are Serious Money Savers

We can’t deny it. One of the primary reasons Energy Star appliances are so coveted is the energy savings they offer.

For instance, you can expect a non-Energy Star refrigerator to take the full weight of energy usage out of your wallet. But an excellent smart refrigerator with Energy Star certification will shave at least 20 percent off your energy bill.

The initial investment is worth the cost, as it pays back in savings over time. This is one of the benefits that Energy Star appliances offer that regular appliances do not. 

They’re Eco-Friendly

Energy Star appliances use less energy over time. This means they’re more environmentally friendly since they reduce your carbon footprint. You can make eco-friendly changes to many aspects of your life, and this is the perfect example of that.

Non-Energy Star appliances won’t help you make a more positive impact. If you’re eco-friendly, you’ll want to look out for this label so you can do your part in saving the environment.

While most newer appliances are Energy Star certified, it’s important to double-check for the reasons we listed.

Make sure you know the benefits of Energy Star versus regular appliances. Your wallet will thank you!

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