Vintage Inspired Decor To Add Character to Living Rooms

It’s not always simple to find the perfect vintage inspired decor and furniture. You know you adore the vintage aesthetic but are you unsure what pieces to search for.

The living room is a place of comfort. Guests and family alike should feel welcome. Vintage décor is a great way to establish a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Discover some vintage inspired décor to add character to your living room.

Coffee Table Books

You can find books at every thrift store! Coffee table books are décor items homeowners enjoy placing in the center of the living room. They’re easy to look at and a good conversation starter for guests.

Many people will display books that primarily have photographs. Books that highlight vintage cars or rare architecture are fascinating to look at. Find a book that piques your interest and that you’d love to share with guests.

Antique Artwork

Living rooms are large spaces. Empty walls can make the room feel cold and bare. If you struggle to fill the walls with décor, you should find large canvases of antique artwork.

Paintings of forests and small cottages are fan favorites for many. However, you could find an abstract painting that captures your eye and uses that. A large canvas is wonderful for establishing a focal point and adding warmth to the room.

Unique Vases

Vases allow you to put fresh flowers in your living room after visiting a farmer’s market in the spring. Second-hand stores are wonderful places to find unique vases that have vintage appeal. People commonly place vases on fireplace mantles, side tables, and coffee tables.

Antique Mirrors

Perhaps mixed-matched picture frames aren’t your style. If you’re looking for inspiration for a feature wall, perhaps a collage of antique mirrors will fit your style.

Start with a large statement mirror in the center. From there, you may start adding smaller mirrors of a similar size in a similar style around it. Doing this can make the space feel bigger because of the reflection of images and light.

Old Doors

While an old wooden door may no longer fulfill its original use, it’s a great item to incorporate as vintage-inspired décor. Wood is a commonly used material that adds character to a living room and creates a statement. This makes it possible to use an old door in new ways.

For example, you can reuse a wood door as shelving. It’s a method that provides the door with new life while embodying a rustic feel.

Finding items with an antique aesthetic isn’t always easy. It may take a while to find just the right pieces. Over time, you’ll collect various items that suit the living room perfectly.

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