The 10 Best Custom Legs for Ikea Furniture

In the world of affordable and versatile furnishings, legs for Ikea furniture have become an increasingly popular trend for those seeking a unique twist on their homely essentials.

We all know how great Ikea furniture is, providing function, affordability, and a sleek modern aesthetic. But there’s always something that doesn’t quite fit our individual style or vision. Maybe the pieces are too generic or don’t perfectly harmonize with the rest of your decor.

You’re not quite up for a complicated Ikea hack, but a small, impactful change is just what you need.

Enter the world of custom legs for Ikea furniture!

Given the growing demand for this niche modification, the market has responded with many options to fit all tastes and styles.

We’ve curated some of the most elegant, chic, and best legs for Ikea furniture available to help you in your transformation journey. All you need to do is make a choice that suits your style the best.

So, sit back, relax, and delve into these stylish leg options waiting to redefine your beloved Ikea pieces!

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Stunning Black Retro Legs for Ikea Furniture

Retro elegant legs for ikea furniture pretty pegs
Source: Pretty Pegs

Let’s start with something that completely changes the style of any Ikea furniture. These gorgeous, retro-style legs from Pretty Pegs do a great job of elevating the appearance of the Besta units above.

Their length also helps turn Ikea storage into a completely different, usable piece of furniture. Here it has become a sideboard!

Wooden Mini Trestle Legs

Superfront mini trestle legs for ikea furniture
Source: Superfront

These mini trestle-style legs from Superfront are super-cute! When you have a pretty bland, box-like piece of furniture, it helps add a little character in whatever way you can.

The custom door fronts are also from Superfront and do the same job of turning plain into exciting!

Mid-Century Modern Tapered Legs

Mid Century Tapered Legs
Source: New Retro Made

Turn any piece of Ikea furniture into a mid-century modern classic with these tapered legs. You can choose any leg length to suit the furniture’s function. For example, a dining table would need legs around 27-29 inches.

With some pieces of Ikea furniture, such as sofas, you can unscrew the old legs and screw new ones back on. For things like dining tables or adding legs for Kallax hacks, you may need a bracket to screw onto the underside. The legs then screw into this.

We’ve used these mid-century modern style legs for Ikea furniture, and they instantly add some style to any piece.

Some of Ikea’s more basic furniture is designed to sit on the floor, such as the Rast dresser. Adding these elegant legs gives it a bit more height and grandeur.

The example shown above is from New Retro Made, a UK-based company. For people in the US, try Thirteen Colonies.

Curved Metal Corner Legs for Ikea Furniture

Metal Corner Legs for Ikea Furniture
Source: Alfa Modern Furnishing

For more contemporary style legs for Ikea furniture, these metal corner feet from Alfa Modern Furnishing offer a sleek and stylish look.

They can be screwed to the underside corner of any piece of Ikea furniture to add height, bling and glam transformation!

If you want to take a sofa from traditional wooden legs to something more modern, these are perfect!

Stylish Hairpin Legs for Ikea Furniture

Long Hairpin Legs of Ikea Furniture
Source: The Leg Shoppe

Hairpin legs are taking the furniture world by storm right now. They were originally developed in the 1940s to marry a need for elegant style and minimal material cost.

Today they are back due to the high demand for mid-century style elements. The gorgeous hairpin legs shown above are from The Leg Shoppe, who create a variety of lengths and finishes.

There is also a fantastic company based in the UK called The Bespoke Carpentry which makes hairpin legs that are finished in a wider range of colours, such as copper, black, gold and yellow!

These legs are great for Ikea furniture as they screw onto the underside. You can easily create your own stylish Ikea desk hack by taking an Ikea desktop and adding these hairpin legs.

TIPTOE Legs for Ikea Furniture

TipToe colorful clamp on legs for Ikea furniture
Source: TipToe

TipToe have created some rather unique custom table legs that can be clamped to just about anything.

There are so many Ikea desktop options with which you can use these to create a desk, dining table, garden table and more. The best thing is that you can easily take it down and store it away when it’s not required to save space.

This might be a great option for a craft table that needs to come out only occasionally or an extra dining table at Christmas!

Industrial Style Box Section Table Legs

Industrial Box Section Metal Table Legs for Ikea Furniture
Source: The Leg Shoppe

For something a bit more industrial, these amazing box-section metal table legs are also from The Leg Shoppe.

These would also work well as desk legs, using any great Ikea tabletop, such as the HILVER bamboo desktop, to attach them to.

You can select the height and width to create your perfect legs and use them for any purpose. They could even be used under sofas if you select a 6″ height and whatever depth your sofa is.

They are unfinished, but you can add your own colour with a metal paint.

Metal Mid-Century Modern Tapered Legs

Gold Mid Century Modern Tapered Legs for Ikea Furniture
Source: ECLV

Now we have the metal version of the tapered legs above and we think they bring a whole different perspective to the party!

These gold-finished steel legs from ECLV could be used for many purposes, despite only being 6″! We love the coffee table in the example above, with a smoothed-down tree slice. However, they could be used wonderfully well as legs for Ikea furniture. Replace the legs on a Landskrona sofa to instantly make it look like it was double the price!

You can get them in other sizes from the same company.

Slender Detailed Gold Legs

Slender Gold Legs For Ikea Furniture
Source: Superfront

Superfront have a stunning collection of legs that can be used on Ikea furniture to add a bit of glamour. These amazing slender gold legs are a prime example.

Use these on Besta hacks to turn a simple unit into something elegant and worthy of any room. You can also get some fantastic panels for the cupboard fronts from Superfront.

Copper Pipe DIY Legs

Copper Pipe Table Legs
Source: Madelaku

Of course, you could always go down a DIY route and create some amazing legs for your Ikea furniture out of copper pipe!

This incredible copper pipe table leg creation by Madelaku brings together amazing geometric lines and slender looks.

When you buy some Ikea furniture, you’re certainly not stuck with it the way it is! An easy way to update the look is to add some different legs.

Hopefully, we’ve shown you plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These gorgeous legs for Ikea furniture are a great way to take your Ikea piece from basic to beautiful in one easy step.

It’s a really easy Ikea hack that anyone can carry out.

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