14 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas to Steal

Are you looking to create a warm and welcoming space in your home? Modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas offer the perfect blend of contemporary style and rustic charm.

In recent years, this popular design trend has captured the hearts of homeowners across the globe, transforming ordinary kitchens into inviting, functional, and stylish spaces.

We will explore some of the most sought-after modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas, providing you with inspiration and practical tips to bring this timeless aesthetic into your own home.

We’ve looked at some of the key elements that help you bring modern farmhouse style into your kitchen. Whether you lean more towards modern or farmhouse, there is something here for you.

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The Rustic Charm of Wood

Introducing some wood is the easiest way to ensure your kitchen has a bit of farmhouse chic. This can be reclaimed, rustic timber accents or some more modern, well finished wood.

The key here is that the natural aesthetics of wood give the relaxed, farmhouse look many people are trying to achieve.

The example below from the American Institute of Building Design showcases the example of rustic wood beams. These can be achieved artificially with wood cladding if you don’t have originals.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other ways to get wood into your kitchen design: shelving, countertops, kitchen table, flooring and the cabinets themselves.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Wood Beams
Source: American Institute of Building Design

Open Shelving With Accessories

Open shelving gives you a great way to showcase some of your favourite accessories. We’ve written a whole post on open shelving ideas as it is a wonderful way to add accessories into any space.

You may have quite a neutral look to your kitchen and want to add in some colour accents, which you can do on some open shelves.

This example from Caesarstone shows a classic way of introducing the shelving either side of the cooker. They have used white accessories here as the kitchen already has enough contrasts.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor ideas Open Shelving
Source: Caesarstone

The Farmhouse Kitchen Table

A kitchen isn’t ‘farmhouse’ without the classic farmhouse table surely? Well ok, not everyone will have space for it, but it certainly adds instant farmhouse decor to any kitchen.

You could go for a traditional look such as that in this example from Gabriel Holland Interior Design, with a distressed wood surface and painted, turned legs. Alternatively, there are some great modern takes on the style.

The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and it’s great to get everyone sitting around a table for meals, or just even to chat.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Table
Source: Gabriel Holland Interior Design

Modern with Hints of Farmhouse

If you already have a great modern kitchen and don’t want to redo it completely, but love the farmhouse look, you could simply incorporate a few farmhouse accents in a number of ways.

As mentioned, wood wil always give a hint of rustic decor and so you could add in wood trims, shelves or switch out a worktop. The example below from Sita Montgomery Interiors is great with a rustic wood frame and cross brace fitted around a white island.

Without that frame and the wood-clad extractor hood, it would be a fairly blank, white modern kitchen. The stools obviously add to the farmhouse kitchen look too.

You don’t have to go all out in your design to achieve a modern farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Hints of Farmhouse
Source: Sita Montgomery Interiors

Rustic Tile or Wood Flooring

You kitchen floor is quite a large element in the room and so making this fit in with the farmhouse look will really make a difference.

Either wood floors in any design, such as the parquet in the example below from Direct Wood Flooring, or rustic tiles would work well.

If you’re using tiles, perhaps go for a terracotta tile, reclaimed patterned tiles or caustic tiles for a perfect farmhouse look.

In keeping with the farmhouse style, these don’t have to look perfect, so reclaimed options would be great.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor ideas Wood Flooring
Source: Direct Wood Flooring

Brass, Copper or Black Metals

Chrome is so last decade, Dear! Brass, copper, brushed steel or black fittings have made a big comeback. Use them for taps, light fittings, cabinet handles, shelf brackets.

But be careful, try not to mix and match too randomly or even stick to one style for all metal fittings.

My favourite has to be a brushed brass finish. Cabinet handles in this material with fine details, such as those from Buster & Punch, make a huge difference.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Brass Fittings
Source: The Style Nest

Shiplap…Somewhere, Anywhere!

Adding shiplap to a kitchen design will instantly add a bit of farmhouse style. The example below from Clayton & Little Architects is quite a modern industrial take on it with bare wooden boards.

You could easily incorporate horizontal or vertical shiplap boards to a wall, cabinet sides or backs, islands and even ceilings.

They don’t have to be bare wood of course, you can paint them to fit in with the colour scheme of the kitchen. You could even use shiplap boards as your splashback if it is treated with the right finish to deal with water splashes.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Shiplap Wall
Source: Clayton & Little Architects

Industrial Influences

For a twist on modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas you could include some industrial elements such as the copper pipe shelf brackets and light fixture in this example from Plus Rooms.

We’ve been looking for a solution for the lighting over our dining table and I think I’ve just found a winner! I also love the copper pipe taps that look straight out of a school chemistry lab.

Farmhouse, modern and industrial styles can all work really well together, you don’t have to get stuck in the mould of trying to fit a certain style. An eclectic look is something that I think will be big in the next few years.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor ideas Industrial Accents
Source: Plus Rooms

Bespoke Cabinets

Ok, so there is quite a lot of wood in the example below from Sam Walsh Furniture, but you get the idea. Bespoke cabinets are definitely a stand-out feature in farmhouse kitchens.

Modern, mass-produced cabinets are often too sleek and paired down. It may cost a little more to get a bespoke look but it makes the difference between a nice kitchen and a gorgeous kitchen.

If you want to keep your cabinets you could try to space them apart a little and add some framing around them to get the look, it might still involve a carpenter but it would be a much cheaper option.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Bespoke Cabinets
Source: Sam Walsh Furniture

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Perhaps the easiest way to get the modern farmhouse kitchen decor look is to introduce some accessories that hint at the farmhouse lifestyle.

Heck, look at that big sign saying ‘Farmers Market’ in the example below from Bless ‘er House. Without that it would be a pretty standard, modern kitchen but it just adds that little change that makes all the difference.

You could think about adding in some framed prints that suggest country life, or a row of vintage china on a shelf.

Have a go trawling some flea markets for items that bring out the style you want to achieve in your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be the actual kitchen design that makes it a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor
Source: Bless ‘er House

Solid Wood Butcherblock Countertops

Going back to the use of wood as a material in your farmhouse kitchen. If you’re only thinking of changing the countertops, why not consider butcher block as an option?

Yes, they will accumulate scratches and marks but that will only add to the farmhouse appeal of the kitchen. They are certainly a cheaper option to granite or Corian tops.

This kitchen from Fisher & Paykel is very modern, but the worktops bring it back towards traditional just enough. Perhaps not all the way to a modern farmhouse look but it just shows you what a difference the wood countertop can make.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Solid Wood Butcherblock Worktops
Source: Fisher and Paykel

Hanging Pots and Pans

Nothing says farmhouse kitchen more than pots and pans hanging from a rack over the island or table. The farmhouse look encourages things to be displayed, whether accessories on open shelving, crockery on dresser racks or pots and pans on butcher’s hooks.

A rack such as the one in this kitchen from Renoquotes can easily be added to an existing kitchen. It really would need to go over an island, work surface or table though so that you’re not constantly banging into pots!

While we’ve got this image here, it’s worth mentioning a freestanding butcher’s block style island as another way to bring farmhouse style into a kitchen.

They come in various sizes for different-sized kitchens and then you kill two birds with one stone by having somewhere you can hang your pots and pans over!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor ideas Hanging Pots and Pans
Source: Renoquotes

Vintage Rugs

You couldn’t possibly have a rug in a kitchen could you? Well, we say why not! Take the example below from Maison de Pax, with a vintage rug in the centre of the kitchen floor space.

The rug adds so much colour and texture to the kitchen, it would really be rather sad if it were to be removed. It would also be quite welcome on midnight raids to the fridge in the winter when the tiled floor is soooo cold

Ok, so there are practicalities to consider with staining and potential tripping, but with the right cleaning regime and rug backing these sorts of issues can be dealt with.

Vintage rugs are a trend that will be around for a while, so why not embrace it in any room you feel like!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Vintage Rug
Source: Maison de Pax

Flagstone Floors

And finally, another mainstay of traditional country kitchens is the flagstone floor. These are easy enough to replicate with some excellent imitations available these days.

Similarly to solid wood countertops, flagstone floors can often hold the farmhouse kitchen look all by themselves and really should be a consideration for anyone looking to create the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen.

The kitchen below from House & Garden is part of a gorgeous renovation of a Victorian townhouse. The house tour on the end of the link is worth looking at in itself.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Flagstone Floor House & Garden
Source: House & Garden

However you design your modern farmhouse kitchen, you shouldn’t feel like you’re striving for the perfect look.

After all, the farmhouse look is very relaxed and nonplussed so I hope some of these modern farmhouse kitchen decor ideas will help you act similarly while creating your kitchen!

14 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas to Steal

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