16 Best Etsy Products For Ikea Furniture

We obviously love Ikea hacks here, and we encourage people to get stuck in and create their own bespoke furniture with a good hack.

But sometimes you just want it done for you.

We’ve noticed a huge proliferation of products on Etsy that are designed to augment Ikea furniture and we think they do a fantastic job.

Let’s have a look at some of the best-looking and most useful Etsy products for Ikea furniture.

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Plush Velvet Etsy Ikea Slipcover For Henriksdal Dining Chair

etsy products for ikea furniture slipcover dining chair
Source: Berins Home

Buying Ikea dining chairs is a great way to get decent chairs for a lower cost. However, you can easy upgrade them to luxurious dining chairs with a simple slipcover.

These plush slipcovers, made specifically for the Henriksdal dining chair are stunning and take your Ikea chairs from average to glamorous in no time at all.

Antilop High Chair Animal Print Cover

antilop animal print cover best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: AZE Baby Dream

Lots of furniture in Ikea is purposefully plain, usually white or unfinished wood. But that’s a good thing because you’re not paying for a finish you don’t actually want.

Instead, you can personalise everything to your own taste, such as this gorgeous animal print cover for the inexpensive Antilop high chair. Who says babies can’t live it up in style!?

While we’re at it, why not get these oak-effect wraps for the legs to really turn it into something high-end!

Uber Stylish Birch Ply Kitchen Fronts

ikea kitchen birch plywood doors best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: Ply Zen

This product is a bit more pricey, but when you compare it to custom-built kitchen cabinets then it’s really a cheaper option.

Buy some basic (but still good quality) Ikea Metod kitchen units and replace all the doors and drawer fronts with these uber-cool birch plywood fronts.

We love the minimal, flush handles (does anyone else worry needlessly about kids banging into handles at eye-level? Just me??)

Milsbo Cabinet Metal Shelves

etsy ikea milsbo shelves
Source: Lets Met Plantjes

The Milsbo glass cabinet is one of my favourite Ikea products and makes a stunning indoor greenhouse.

The glass shelves do, however, prevent air from circulating around the whole cabinet, so these slotted metal shelves are a great solution to upgrade your Milsbo plant ecosystem.

They simply slot in where the original glass shelves were.

Ivar Cabinet Fretwork Doors

etsy ikea ivar door fretwork
Source: Home Art Stickers

Lots of Ikea furniture provide a blank canvas to embellish to your own desires.

These fantastic fretwork panels that fit on the front of Ivar cabinets are a wonderful way to turn the plain old Ivar into something upmarket and tactile.

Simply stick the panels on and paint the cabinet whatever colour you wish.

Malm Drawer Front Sunrise Panel

malm sunrise fretwork panel best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: Bear and Rose Company

We absolutely love, love, love these sunrise panels from Bear and Rose Company on Etsy. What a stunning way to upgrade your plain old Malm drawers.

You can get them for all the varieties of Malm furniture, not just the bedside tables. You can also get them in a range of styles and finishes (such as oak and walnut).

All you do is stick them on the front of the drawers!

Flisat Kids Table World Map Cover

flisat etsy ikea stickers for kids table
Source: Make This Mine Gifts

Kids furniture from Ikea is really quite easy to upgrade, especially with the huge range of options out there (mostly on Etsy!).

This wonderful world map decal for the Flisat play table is one of the best ideas – it’s educational after all!

A great way to turn your kids’ Ikea furniture into something much more fun/stylish/useful is to just head to Etsy and type in the name of the piece and see what comes up!

But we do have more kids’ furniture ideas below!

Duktig Button and Washing Machine Stickers

etsy ikea stickers for duktig play kitchen
Source: My Playroom

Here we have another classic Ikea play piece in the form of the Duktig play kitchen. It’s awesome as it is, but with just a few simple sticker additions, it turns into a much more interactive play experience.

These stickers give the Duktig kitchen oven dials, clock, washing machine and microwave controls.

It looks almost real already!

Kura Bed Rainbow Decals

rainbow stickers decals for Ikea Kura bed
Source: Wallpaper

Sticking with the kids’ theme, we absolutely love this rainbow design for the Kura cabin bed.

The Kura is a really popular bed for kids, but these decals take it to another level.

Besta Oak Live Edge Top Finish

Besta live edge oak top best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: Styling At Home

I’m not going to lie, this is quite expensive but, again, you’re still getting the whole finished piece for a lot less than something custom-made or even off the shelf like this.

This gorgeous live edge oak top works beautifully with the black Besta unit.

All you need to do is lay it on top! …and maybe screw it from underneath, but nothing too taxing!

Kallax Padded Seat Cushion

Source: My Precious Baby Shop

Another fantastically simple way to add functionality and style to a bland piece of Ikea furniture is this Kallax seat cushion.

Of course, you could make one of these yourself, but we’re looking out for the easy options here and not everyone has the skill to make padded seat cushions like this.

It’s a great way to add some storage and seating to your hall or entryway.

Latt Kids Table Fitted Oilcloth Cover

Latt oilcloth cover best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: Kiddie Pinnie

This is one product that just stood out as an ‘I need one of those ‘moment for me. Our Latt table is completely covered in paint spills, felt pen marks and I don’t want to know what that is marks… you name it, it’s there!

Even though that adds a certain character to the table, it’s still nice to have the option to prevent it from getting REALLY ruined and this Latt fitted oilcloth is perfect to pull out for painting sessions.

Detolf Extra Shelves and Brackets

Source: Wheeler

Sometimes Ikea just doesn’t give you enough of something. In this case, the Detolf glass shelves just don’t really come with enough shelves.

But you can change that easily with these clever brackets and extra shelves. Now you can buy more unnecessary stuff to fill them! 😉

The shelves are acrylic, which I think is actually a good thing being slightly on the clumsy side!

Kallax Cardboard Drawer Inserts

etsy ikea kallax inserts
Source: New Swedish Design

How can you make the most out of every square inch of the highly popular Kallax units?

Well, these really simple cardboard drawer inserts for the Kallax are a great solution. They fit perfectly into each compartment and give you multiple options to store toys, crafts and jewellery in a far neater and more practical way.

Of course, you can go ahead and paint them or add embellishments to your heart’s desire!

Brimnes Oak Wooden Handles

wooden door handles for ikea furniture
Source: Clutter Cover

A really simple change, but swapping out the handles that Ikea provides with some furniture is a wonderful way to upgrade a piece.

These oak handles for the Brimnes wardrobe are really elegant and easy to fit.

Sometimes you don’t need to make big changes!

Antilop Silicone Tray Cover

antilop silicone tray cover best Etsy products for Ikea furniture
Source: Minifolk Design

Ok, one last idea for the little ones. We absolutely love this silicone all-ver tray for the Antilop high chair. It’s such a practical product… all you parents out there can appreciate this!

It’s great that it just slips over the existing tray and you can pull it off after the destruction of your baby’s meal and wipe it clean in the sink. There are several great etsy ikea high chair products so have a browse!

If you’re as in love with the bowl, cup and baby cutlery as we are then have a look at the Minifolk Designs shop for all of the extra bits.

Honestly, we could have gone on for weeks pulling out some amazing Etsy products for Ikea furniture to show you, but I think you get the idea from this select group.

You can find almost any upgrade you can think of for your Ikea furniture. If you think there’s something that could be improved, just head over to Etsy, do a search for what you want and, chances are there will be something ideal waiting for you!

If you find something awesome that we haven’t mentioned, please do get in touch and we can add it.