13 Ikea Bathroom Vanity Hacks That Look Exquisite

Bathrooms give us a chance to get creative and indulgent because they are smaller rooms, so your investment goes a lot further.

Vanity units are especially important in the overall look as you can add a bit of colour or texture. These gorgeous Ikea bathroom vanity hacks will certainly help inspire your bathroom makeover.

I hope you’ll agree, there are some pretty impressive things you can do to create some exquisite looking bathroom vanity units with Ikea furniture and a clever hack.

Pretty in Pink Bathroom Cabinet

Pretty Pink Ikea Bathroom Vanity Hacks
Source: Oak Apple Decor

There’s no need to restrict yourself to hacking one piece of Ikea furniture when a combination will give you better results.

This awesome Ikea bathroom vanity hack from Oak Apple Decor uses both Godmorgon units and Billy shelves to create a multi-level and multi-coloured vanity.

We’re especially impressed with the change from dusky pink to black that gives the whole look a more vibrant personality!

And just look at those gorgeous marble basins!

Stunning Shaker Bathroom Vanity

Shaker Style Ikea Vanity
Source: Semi Handmade

Ikea kitchen units are not just for the kitchen! This wonderful project from Semi Handmade uses Ikea Metod kitchen units combined with Semi Handmade shaker style doors to create an extensive vanity unit.

The combination of wood effect and brass handles is sublime and to then give it a dark-painted, panelled backdrop is perfect!

Elegant Botanical Bathroom

Botanical Bathroom Vanity Hack
Source: @malmrosvillan

Another fantastic use of the Metod units as a bathroom vanity from @malmrosvillan.

This time using Ikea’s own Savedal door and drawer fronts, but painting them to tie in with the stunning botanical theme of the bathroom.

They have finished the units beautifully with a skirting trim painted in the same colour.

Modern Farmhouse Vanity

Modern Farmhouse Ikea Bathroom Vanity Hacks
Source: @jackie_ziz

I won’t be highlighting Ikea kitchen units all the way through this, but just to emphasize how perfect they are for creating beautiful, yet practical vanity units, here is a project from Jackie Ziznewski that uses Ikea Sektion units.

These have been upgraded with some Semi Handmade door and drawer fronts too. With the simple addition of some elegant black handles, these units give a subtle modern farmhouse feel to this bathroom.

Marble Top Vanity (and a chair!)

Marble Top Bathroom Vanity
Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Ikea Godmorgon units give you a great base to have large, wide drawers in your vanity units. When you pair them with some stunning drawer fronts such as these by Sarah Sherman Samuel at Semi Handmade, then it’s an instant design win!

We love the combination of the natural marble here with the chequerboard effect!

And everybody needs a chair to sit at their vanity unit!

Teal Fish Scale Door Fronts

Teal Fish Scale Doors Vanity Hacks
Source: Superfront

Superfront makes some really unique and impactful door and drawer fronts for Ikea products and these amazing teal fish scale fronts are our favourite!

We especially love the combo of teal, concrete and copper. It’s a great design trick of going for all the top trending colours/textures/materials and putting them together in one setting. Don’t go overboard though! Three is a good amount (some say the magic number..)

This is a great example of being more daring with your choices in the bathroom and totally getting away with it!

Bright, Beautiful and Elegant

Bright and Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Hack
Source: Semi Handmade

Same trick here… White, wood and black. Although they have also gone for the fourth element of brass for some of the fittings… and it works!

This is such an elegant bathroom, I’d love to spend some time relaxing here.

Don’t be afraid to add some textiles to a bathroom. This vintage rug is exactly what the room needed to add a little more texture.

Geometric Pattern Vanity

Geometric Ikea Vanity Hack
Source: Superfront

We just had to show you another example from Superfront to demonstrate how creative they are with their door and drawer fronts.

This geometric vanity pattern gives a completely different look to the fish scale doors, but works brilliantly with the copper.

Tactile Handles Make the Difference

Tactile Handles Ikea Bathroom Vanity Hacks
Source: Semi Handmade

Sometimes all you need is an exciting handle!

These tactile, wooden cabinet handles absolutely transform the look of this bathroom vanity.

Try thinking of what it would look like without them… quite plain! But the handles turn it into something quite stylish.

Wood Surrounded Vanity Unit

Wood Surround Vanity Hack
Source: Stacy Kallen

We love a good wood surround for a great Ikea hack transformation. This project from Stacy Kallen uses solid wood worktops to wrap around the Ikea kitchen units.

It’s a very clever trick that not only looks great but hides the sides of the units perfectly.

Great combination or white, wood and black fittings! You can’t go wrong with that!

Minimalist White and Wood Combo

Simple and Elegant Vanity
Source: It’s Leal Love

And just to prove my point, here is the same combination done in a different way!

Over at It’s Leal Love, they have used Godmorgon units with Semi Handmade fronts to give a simple, minimalist look.

We love the texture added with the white mosaic tiles!

Sophisticated Vanity

Walnut Front Ikea Vanity Hacks
Source: Semi handmade

Hang on, is this white, wood and black vanity season!?

It appears so, but all of these vanities have their own unique style.

These drawer fronts from Semi Handmade are my personal favourite with a walnut finish. The Walnut is a wonderful partner to the black handles.

Add-in a bit of interest with the patterned tile floor and it really sets off the rest of the look.

Dark Bathroom Style

Dark Bathroom Superfront Vanity Hack
Source: Superfront

Here’s a bathroom with a darker look to add some variety!

These drawer fronts from Superfront are sumptuous and imposing and we love them!

Dark walls/units/floors work in a bathroom because there are so many reflective surfaces to make the best of what light you do have. That being said, if you’re going dark, think carefully about your lighting!

The legs, also from Superfront, are a super-elegant addition.

We’ve definitely gone for the higher-end look with these Ikea bathroom vanity hacks and it has been a pleasure to do so!

What we wanted to achieve is to highlight that you can get a really expensive look with your bathroom vanity without too much effort or spending way over the top. These vanity units can be made by yourself (they’re Ikea after all!) and will work out a lot less expensive than buying something specially made.

If you’re trying to figure out where to start when designing a high-end, luxurious bathroom, hopefully you can take some inspiration from these Ikea vanity hacks!

If you do create something yourself, please do share it with us!

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