21 Ikea Kura Hacks and Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Ikea Kura hacks have taken the world of children’s bedroom design by storm, offering endless opportunities for customization and creativity.

The versatile Kura bed is perfect for customizing in any way you like, fitting in with a range of kids’ bedroom themes and creating some amazing, fun structures.

In this article, we will explore 21 incredible Ikea KURA bed hacks that your kids will absolutely love, featuring castles, houses, beach shacks, and more!

The question is, will your toddler have the most fun sleeping in it, or will you have the most fun making it?

Each Ikea KURA hack entry is accompanied by tips and tricks to carry out the hack and how you can vary the design to make something unique. From imaginative play spaces to cozy reading nooks, these clever transformations will inspire you to turn the Kura bed into a functional and stylish centerpiece for your little one’s room.

We also have a post on more general Ikea hacks for kids, which is definitely worth checking out after this one!

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Under Bed Reading Nook and Decals

Ikea Kura Hacks under bed reading nook seating and decals
Source: The Calvert Cottage

This is one of the most stunning Ikea Kura hacks to kick off with, from The Calvert Cottage.

They have added some extra, valuable storage space under the Kura bed with some giant drawers (throw all those toys under there for a quick tidy-up!).

But our favorite idea is the seating area to create a gorgeous reading nook under the bed. The lovely sage green cushions are from Nugget and the decal on the side of the bed is from Design Stickers Store.

Woodland Teen Kura Bed Conversion

Source: Cozagraty

The Kura bed might not only be suitable for smaller kids. With a few adjustments, you can convert it to be usable by older kids. The Kura mattress is 200cm long, so it will last a long time unless you have particularly tall children!

We love the woodland scene used for this bedroom and the stained wood works beautifully with this. They have removed some top bars to make it easier for bigger kids to get in and out and added a house frame effect.

Ikea Kura Wallpaper Hack

Ikea Kura Hacks Bed Wallpaper
Source: Comfy Dwelling

This room has many great things, from Comfy Dwelling, from the cosy reading nook with bohemian cushions to the denim-look curtains. But using a decal or wallpaper on the Ikea KURA panels transforms the bed with minimal effort.

You can achieve the same effect by looking through the huge collection of KURA-specific decals on Etsy. Just go to Etsy and search ‘ikea kura decal’. There are lots of variations so you should be able to find the perfect match for your toddler’s room.

Soft toy trophy heads are a big trend right now and we love the giraffe trophy head above the bed. This paper version is a great alternative and a craft project you can do with your child.

Ikea Kura Hacks Monochrome

Ikea Kura Bed Hacks Monochrome
Source: vtwonen

This scene from vtwonen is obviously painstakingly styled and let’s be honest, a little bland in black and white but there are a lot of aspects to take away from this Ikea KURA hack. The use of a two-tone colour scheme is actually a really good idea and you could do the same with any other colour if you don’t want the black and white look. The tent over the Ikea KURA bed is also a great idea to add a bit of adventure.

The Ikea KURA bed has been painted completely white in this hack and the secret to this is first to apply a coat of spray-on adhesion promoter, leave that to go tacky for 20 mins, then apply a normal primer. Finish with an oil-based paint for a long-lasting finish.

The raindrop wall stickers are a great, fun addition to the room.

There are some other great monochrome ideas in our posts on KALLAX hacks and MALM hacks.

Ikea Kura Treehouse Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Treehouse Hack
Source: grossstadheldin_und_mini via Instagram

What kid wouldn’t want a treehouse in their bedroom? This stunning Ikea KURA hack from grosstadheldin_und_mini on Instagram really takes the KURA to another level (literally!). They have kept the bottom level as the bed and the top, treehouse level as a playhouse.

The treehouse has been created by extending the bed frame upwards and against the wall to create the shape and then cladding the walls with shiplap. The roof is simply a sheet of plywood. Add on some bunting and fairy lights and the look is complete!

We also love the wooden toy box on castors which goes perfectly with all the other wood on show.

Ikea Kura Doubled Up Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Doubled Up Hack
Source: twinswildlife via Instagram

If you have two children in one room, perhaps even twins, then this double Ikea KURA hack from twinswildlife on Instagram is a great way to use the KURA bed. They have simplified the treehouse example above to create a shelter over the bed which still gives an element of fun but is open enough to sleep under.

The whole room has a slight woodland feel about it and we love the use of wooden letters to differentiate each bed. Keeping the beds the same also prevents any fights over the best one!

Ikea Kura Camper Van Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Camper Van Hack
Source: babywohnbar via Instagram

The Ikea KURA bed is so versatile when it comes to hacking. The frame is perfect for creating whatever you want around it. This gorgeous camper van example from babywohnbar on Instagram demonstrates this versatility perfectly. The frame has been clad in plywood or MDF, with holes cut for openings, and then painted in a camper van style. The same technique could be used to create a fire engine, dumper truck, bus, or even a castle!

For any budding camper van enthusiasts, this would be a delight.

Ikea Kura Little House Hack

Ikea Kura Hacks Bed Little House
Source: knusel_chen via Instagram

This cute little Ikea KURA hack from knusel_chen on Instagram is recreating a little picket fence-fronted house. The creator has added fencing to the side of the bed, a little gate at the entrance and a pitched roof frame to the top, all in matching timber.

The additions of a window box and tree wall decal complete the look perfectly.

We also love the fox rug, but think this little guy would be a great alternative.

Kura Beduin Tent Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Beduin Tent Hack
Source: hemtrevligheter via Instagram

We love the fact that this Ikea KURA bed hack from hemtrevligheter on Instagram evokes the spirit of Arabian Nights in a tent under the stars. The fairy lights help create this vision perfectly. The bed itself has just been painted a deep blue and two matching sheets have been hung over it.

It looks like the room has been set up for the arrival of Santa too! That Scandinavian style, minimalist tree and decorations look great.

Ikea Kura Castle Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Castle Hack
Source: saaria.laatio via Instagram

Another room where there are a lot of good things going on. This Ikea KURA hack from saaria.laatio on Instagram is another example of how the KURA frame lends itself perfectly to being turned into almost anything!

This time a castle has sprung up with the use of MDF and the addition of steps on the side. The whole thing has been painted white to tie in with the rest of the room and then all the accessories are allowed to take centre stage. In particular, we are keen on that soft cactus and the cactus wall stickers.

Ikea Kura Upholstered Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Upholstered Hack
Source: Ashley Rachelle

Upholstery can add an elegant touch to any piece of furniture and the tufted upholstery hack on this Ikea KURA bed from Ashley Rachelle does just that. It’s a fairly simple hack that involves adding upholstery foam and buttons to panels of MDF. There is a great tutorial on how to do it here.

Once again, the bed has been given a light touch to allow the accessories to shine, but the transformation to the bed itself is amazing. The added colour in the buttons and the polka dot decal on the side panel helps enormously with the look.

Ikea Kura House Roof Hack

Ikea Kura Bed House Roof Hack
Source: boysroominspo via Instagram

There have been several Ikea KURA hacks so far, all with a pitched house roof added to the top. It is a simple way to create a completely different look to the bed and an added element of fun. This tutorial shows a good way to achieve the pitched roof look.

The roof added to the KURA hack above from boysroominspo on Instagram, however, has extra height to allow the bed to be used as a proper bunk bed with two sleeping platforms. I’m not sure those plants would last long with our son’s prying hands to deal with, but they look great!

Ikea Kura Colourful Elegant Hack

Ikea Kura Hacks Bed Elegant
Source: The Divine Living Space

The floral decal hack has popped up again in this colourful, elegant Ikea KURA hack from The Divine Living Space. It is such an easy way to add interest to the look of the bed. In this case, it ties in well with the colours in the room. The rest of the bed has not been touched, apart from the addition of the contrasting green curtains to create a reading nook or den on the bottom section.

Check out that Dalmatian print on the ceiling! You can get a wall decal to do this job here.

The KURA bed lends itself well to creating cosy nooks like this underneath the top bunk and this example has made the most of it!

Ikea Kura Marquee Canopy Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Marquee Canopy Hack
Source: 3elfenkinder via Instagram

This Ikea KURA hack from 3elfenkinder on Instagram is gorgeous, but is really simple. The bed itself has not had a lot done to it except for a canopy hung over the head of the bed. You can find a hanging canopy like this on Etsy and hang it from a hook on the ceiling. It is amazing what such a simple addition can make! The addition of festoon fairy lights makes it stand out even more.

We also love the wood storage units underneath that just look like slabs of wood. The star of the show is that elephant head in a trilby hat though, genius!

Other great features in this room are the paper toy storage bag and the silver polka dot wall decals above the bed.

Ikea Kura Beach Hut Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Beach Hut Hack
Source: kerrinormand via Instagram

The creator of this Ikea KURA hack has taken shiplap cladding to a whole other level by virtually covering the whole bed! This hack from kerrinormand on Instagram is reminiscent of a classic beach hut with porthole windows. There has been a lot of care put into making this, and the finish really adds to the appeal.

It looks like Christmas was on the way when this was taken with the reindeer and sleigh garland, or perhaps the owner has a thing for reindeer with that gorgeous-looking reindeer hide rug.

The dark blue wall colour adds to the nautical feel of this room.

Ikea Kura Cactus Hack

Ikea Kura Hacks Bed Cactus
Source: simplysuzys via Instagram

We have a cactus theme in our new nursery and this Ikea KURA hack from simplysuzys on Instagram has given us an idea of how we can upgrade it to a toddler’s bedroom in the future. The creator has used an offcut from the cactus wallpaper they used on the wall to help the bed blend into the room’s overall look.

You can find a cactus wall decal on Etsy here. We think there could be a few more cactus references such as cushions like this or a cactus garland! Perhaps we tend towards running away with a theme though….!?

Another star of the show is that panda head on the wall, we really love the animal trophy head look!

If you want to see the same cactus pattern on a KALLAX shelf, have a look at our KALLAX hacks post.

Ikea Kura Playhouse Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Playhouse Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

There is no denying this Ikea KURA hack from Ikeahackers is designed for a girl’s room, you could of course add whatever colour accents you like though. This is great use of the underneath of the bunk to create a playhouse, complete with door, shutters and window box. The whole thing has been painted white with the pink accents making the details stand out.

I’m sure there is a toddler having hours of fun with this playhouse hack, I hope they know when it’s time for bed!

The storage shelves behind the ladder are also a really useful addition to the bed.

Ikea Kura Climbing Wall Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Climbing Wall Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

Now this is a different way to get into bed! The maker of this Ikea KURA hack from Ikeahackers has added a sense of adventure and fun to this bed by fixing a plywood sheet to the side and attaching climbing holds to be used as a ladder. It’s a great way to improve a child’s coordination and strength.

You could also add a slide to the bed to almost turn it into a playground, but perhaps that’s too much fun for a bed? Nope, do it!

The lower level of the bunk has become a great storage area for toys and games.

Ikea Kura Country House Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Country House Hack
Source: Pinimg

This Ikea KURA hack immediately reminded us of a country house with glazing bar windows, window boxes and wellington boots outside the door. The rustic wood panelling gives it a farmhouse feel too. The string of festoon fairy lights adds a bit of festivity to the look and overall it’s a really cosy creation for a toddler’s room.

The hot air balloon lamp shade is a great, fun addition.

Ikea Kura Lifeguard Station/Surf Shack Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Lifeguard Station Surf Shack Hack
Source: pinimg

Every little surf dude needs a bed like this Ikea KURA hack! We love the way the cladding boards have been cut at angles to give a ramshackle look to it as well as the gallow supports added to the legs, making it look like a lifeguard station on stilts. The top bunk is given over to a play area/reading nook with clever built in window box book storage.

Of course, no surf shack would be complete without surf/wakeboard storage. The fisherman’s net above the ladder is also a nice touch.

Ikea Kura Colourful Hack

Ikea Kura Bed Hack Colourful
Source: Fru Silver

We thought we would end these Ikea Kura Hacks with some colour in this awesome hack from Fru Silver. They have used the good old wallpaper matching trick to help the bed sit well in the room and painted the frame a matching yellow. The contrasting pink curtains across the bed are an inspired choice.

The colours used here tie in so well with other accessories in the room such as the giant LEGO storage boxes and the (now discontinued) Ikea TASTRUP button rug. An alternative to the rug could be this multicoloured polka dot rug.

Don’t be afraid to go for bold colours like this, it really stimulates a child’s mind!

I hope you’ve gained sufficient inspiration from all these great Ikea KURA hacks and ideas to go forth and create your own unique design (or recreate one of these, no one will blame you!).

The Ikea KURA bed is so versatile that you can really create anything you, or your toddler desire. Don’t hold back, just let your imagination run wild. They’ll only be this age for a short time so make the most of it!

Enjoy your KURA hacking, and if you want more Ikea Hacks & DIY ideas, follow us on Pinterest, where we gather all the best ideas.

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