17 Practical Ikea Kitchen Hacks You Really Need To See

The essential requirement in a kitchen is usually storage so it’s always good to come up with some creative storage ideas. These Ikea kitchen hacks do just that in a cheap and stylish way.

There is a large range of ideas here that will help change the way you use your kitchen for the better. They also help add a bit of style.

Ikea hacks offer some cost-effective, practical ways to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Low Profile Kitchen Storage Hack

Ikea Kitchen Hacks. Low storage.
Source: Nesting with Grace

This great storage idea from Nesting with Grace uses an Ikea shoe storage unit to create some useful hiding space for those awkward things that don’t fit anywhere else.

The addition of some nice leather pull handles and a wood top surface help the unit blend into this kitchen.

The low profile of the Ikea Stall shoe storage means this will not get in the way or take up too much space.

Rustic Wooden Open Shelving Hack

Source: Lemon Thistle

Lemon Thistle have created their own style of open shelving by making use of the sturdy Ikea Granhult shelf brackets.

They have inserted some solid wood shelves into the brackets to achieve a rustic look that stands out so well against the white wall and white crockery.

Such a simple, cheap way to add shelving to your kitchen.

Overhead Kitchen Storage Hack

Ikea Kitchen Hacks. Overhead storage.
Source: Ikeahackers

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen (who does?) then it’s a good idea to make use of EVERY space available. These overhead cabinets from Ikeahackers are a great way to do this.

This is made possible by the different sizes of Ikea kitchen cabinets and other Ikea cabinet products available that you can hack into your perfect configuration.

We love the way they have kept the colours neutral or white to avoid the cabinets being imposing on the space.

Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar

Source: Ikeahackers

This kitchen and breakfast bar from Ikeahackers is made out of a Hemnes dresser.

It is a great example of a little bit of ingenuity in creating something gorgeous, practical and completely different from it’s intended use out of an Ikea product.

It also demonstrates how you can make BIG savings with Ikea hacks. A custom/purpose-made island like this would be so much more expensive!

Brass Cup Holder Rails

Ikea Kitchen Hacks, Cup rails.
Source: Swoonworthy

These gorgeous brass cup holder rails by Swoonworthy have been made out of Ikea Grundtal towel rails.

They have simply been spray painted brass and added to the underside of the kitchen wall units.

A great way to display your collection of vintage teacups!

Stylish Custom Replacement Doors

Source: Reform

We adore these custom made doors for Ikea kitchens from Reform.

They come in a range of finishes, the brass effect is our favourite. But why not use them as they have here and vary it up with all the colours!

It’s a great way to completely transform the look of cheap Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Butchers Block Kitchen Island hack

Ikea Kitchen Hacks. Moveable Island.
Source: A Piece of Rainbow

An utterly stunning transformation of an Ikea kitchen cabinet into a mobile ktichen island from A Piece of Rainbow.

They have put quite a bit of effort into this but in the end, it is actually a pretty inexpensive project.

The addition of the solid wood Ikea worktop and brass handles really work well with the turquoise colour they have chosen.

Wood Slice Lazy Susan Hack

Source: DIY in PDX.

It’s amazing how something so simple can be transformed into something beautiful like this wood slice lazy susan from DIY in PDX.

You might be lucky enough to have a fallen tree and a chainsaw to create the wood slice, but they are available online otherwise!

It’s a great way to add a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen.

Textured Kitchen Cabinet Fronts

Source: Superfront

Another fantastic source of custom made cabinet doors for Ikea kitchens are Superfront.

This gorgeous textured door is really stylish and would work in any kitchen.

They have a huge range of styles and colours to choose from.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Trolley Makeover

Source: Interior Frugalista

The Bekvam kitchen trolley is a really popular Ikea product and it has been lovingly farmhouse-ified by Interior Frugalista here.

All that has been done is a paint job and some distressing to create the look.

The addition of some iron hooks completes the look.

Ikea Chopping Board Kitchen Clock Hack

Source: Ich Designer

A really simple idea here (did you do this kind of thing at school too??) from Ich Designer.

They have added a simple clock mechanism by drilling a hole in the chopping board.

It solves two things: displaying a clock in the kitchen to help with cooking times and adding a stylish piece of kitchen-related decor!

Four Genius Ikea Kitchen Storage Hacks

We loved each of these Ikea kitchen storage hacks from Apartment Apothecary so we added all of them in one go! Just go to the site to see the others.

They all use Ikea products in creative ways to make the little storage problems that we all face in a kitchen go away without being on display.

Great work!

Elegant Kitchen Bar Cart Hack

Source: Sugar and Cloth

This is such a gorgeous Ikea hack from Sugar and Cloth. They have transformed the Ikea Kallax bookshelf into a stunning bar cart.

The use of gold touches everywhere (even using a gold pen to colour the screws!) adds some elegance to the bar cart.

The accessories do the rest!

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Phone Charging Station for the Kitchen

Source: Polka Dots in the Country

If your kitchen is anything like ours then phones are strewn all over the place, along with the associated cables.

This clever and stylish Ikea hack from Polka Dots in the Country creates a lovely place to keep them all tidy.

Just got to make sure the kids actually use it!

Kitchen Bar Stool Makeover

Source: Melo Drama

This is a stunning makeover of an Ikea bar stool from Melo Drama. Sadly they don’t make this stool anymore but they do make the Kullaberg in a similar style which you can totally do the same makeover on.

We love the mix of black and gold to create something really glamorous.

Wardrobe Turned into a Kitchen Pantry

Source: The Sarah Challenge

Another fantastic use of something meant for a bedroom but in a kitchen!

This kitchen pantry hack from The Sarah Challenge uses an old Ikea wardrobe. They have painted it and added useful shelving.

If you don’t have space for a proper built-in pantry then this could be the perfect solution!

Gorgeous Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Hacks

Source: Katie Lamb

Finally, how about something for the kids! This gorgeous Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover from Katie Lamb will make them think they are really helping in Mummy or Daddy’s kitchen.

You can style the Duktig exactly like your own kitchen to really inspire your kids.

It’s like a mini kitchen remodel (that’s just a little bit cheaper!).

Hopefully you’ve been able to see how easily you can create some unique, useful kitchen pieces that can save you money.

These Ikea kitchen hacks demonstrate what you can do with the right Ikea product and a bit of ingenuity!

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