18 Crazy Good Ikea Trofast Hacks and Ideas

The Ikea Trofast system from Ikea is so, so practical. It is a great way to store kids’ toys, craft supplies and many other things. But the problem with Ikea Trofast hacks is that the Trofast isn’t a looker from the start!

Here we explore some of the best ways that people have creatively used and hacked Ikea Trofast units so that they retain the practicality, but actually look good!

The following 18 ideas are the best Ikea Trofast Hacks that we found. I hope you find the inspiration to fit this little storage gem into your home!

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Gorgeous Bare Wood Kids Room With Trofast

Source: mamamikolaja_

Natural wood is a very popular look for kids rooms right now and the Trofast fits perfectly into this aesthetic.

We love how these Trofast units have been topped with a solid wood worktop and have wooden labels o the fronts of the drawers.

Such a cute room and really simple!

Built-In Under Stairs Trofast Storage

Source: Ikea

The stepped Trofast units lend themselves perfectly to under-stairs storage. This setup from Ikea shows how far you can take it and how much storage you get!

Great for those who follow the Montessori method of parenting!

Simple Kids Play Kitchen With Trofast

Source: Ikeahackers

Such a simple, yet brilliant idea to use decals for the hob and sink on this kids play kitchen. What they might lose in functionality, they gain in usable surface space and imagination!

You can find some great decals for this kind of purpose at Limmaland.

Upgraded Ikea Trofast Stepped Shelves

Source: spacefordreaming

This great example of a really simple way to upgrade your Ikea Trofast storage comes from @spacefordreaming on Instagram.

They have simply stained the wood on the Trofast unit and added some turned wooden feet. You could leave it at this and put the plastic Trofast boxes into it and it would be a big improvement. But you could also go a step further, as they have here, and create your own storage containers within the unit.

They’ve added some gorgeous wicker and fabric baskets with the help of some extra wooden shelves.

Elegant Toy Storage Hack

Source: Making Pretty Spaces

Let’s face it, plastic isn’t a great look. But when you enclose it in a stunning, upgraded unit then it at least looks that little bit better.

Here, they have painted the Trofast unit and again added some wooden legs. The whole thing has been joined together to create a cohesive look with some added shelves in the middle.

It no longer looks entirely basic Ikea, but more stylish Ikea!

Adding A Door To Trofast

Source: The Crafting Nook

This is a really clever way to hack the Ikea Trofast so that it looks a lot better!

They have added a door to the font so that the plastic boxes can be hidden away. When closed, you would have no idea what lies behind.

It’s a simple hack that is surprisingly easy to achieve.

Industrial Style Trofast Trolley Hack

Source: Lyons To Louisiana

Why not tackle the plastic box issue head-on and disguise them in plain sight!?

This fantastic Ikea Trofast hack from Lyons to Louisiana creates an industrial look to the Trofast unit by staining the wooden unit, adding some castors and, most importantly, spray painting the plastic tubs black.

The added label pulls on the boxes helps with the transformation perfectly!

Organised Closet Storage with Trofast

Source: Hamilton Park Home

A closet is of course a place where the clutter gets hidden away, so how the storage looks shouldn’t matter right?

Well, you’ve still got to look at it every day so why not make it look as good as you can? Here, they have created a stylish look within a closet by building some awesome built-in units from Trofast shelving.

Because everything is white, the white plastic boxes are not so jarring and the whole thing works really well.

Art Supply Trolley Hack

Source: Ikeahackers

This is a fantastically clever Ikea Trofast hack that creates a mobile art or craft unit from a Trofast storage system.

We love how this can be wheeled into a closet or cupboard and brought out when needed with everything you need for your art or craft project right there ready to go!

Easy Stylish Closet Storage

Source: Hydrangea Treehouse

Another great example of using colour to help the Trofast unit look right at home in a closet (or even out in the open if you like!)

They’ve made the plastic boxes blend in really well here with some off-white paint.

It’s a gorgeous, neat and stylish closet that anyone would be proud of!

Stunning Playroom Trofast Storage (& Video)

Source: Rachihome

This playroom storage system is absolutely stunning. They’ve done such a great job of integrating the Trofast units into the whole system.

The little wooden labels on the fronts of the Trofast boxes are a great touch to help them blend in with the rest of the bare wood on show.

It’s amazing how much storage they’ve fitted into a small space. Just what you need for a playroom!

Gorgeous Rustic Kids Bedroom Trofast Storage Idea

Source: Ikea

Sometimes you don’t need to do a lot to make the Trofast storage system look amazing.

This showcase from Ikea uses lots of simple, sometimes recycled materials to create a soft, cosy, rustic look in a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Sometimes it’s the little details that really make a design look great. The kids (and adults) are only going to be interested in the cool little things going on around the storage, not the storage itself!

Trofast Staircase Idea For Kura Bed

Source: @dein_kinderkram

A classic treatment of the stepped Ikea Trofast unit is to add it to the Ikea Kura raised bed as a staircase. Obviously, you need to make sure it is safe, as they have done here with handrails secured fixed to the Trofast and the Kura bed.

The clever part is that you obviously have storage built-in to the steps which is easy to use for any kids.

We think the steps, when built well, are actually an easier way for kids to get into the top bunk than the ladder built into the Kura.

Lovely Terrazzo Decal Hack

Source: Potter and Mash

Again, you don’t need to do a lot to transform how the Trofast looks. These stunning terrazzo decals from Potter and Mash do a fantastic job of disguising the plastic tubs as something really attractive!

You only need to apply them to the front of the Trofast boxes if you want to cut down on the number of decals you need.

There are so many more different decals available on Etsy that fit the Trofast.

Storage Bed Hack

Source: Hey There Home

There are Trofast tubs available in lots of different colours, so why not embrace this, especially in a kids bedroom, and go all out colour!

That’s exactly what they have done here with this awesome storage bed created with Trofast units under the bed itself.

It’s space-saving, colourful and accessible. Perfect!

Unique Trofast Bookshelf Hack

Source: Ikeahackers

This one is a bit more creative and unique! We love the different way of thinking here to create a futuristic-looking bookcase out of the Trofast boxes.

They simply cut the bottoms out of the tubs and attached them to a wall. Some of them have lighting added to give added impact to the look!

Mobile Lego/Toy Station Hack

Source: Deconome

I’m sure a lot of you parents out there recognise the Lego problem of having pieces scattered all over the floor!

Here is an ingenious solution to keep on top of all the Lego! They have created a mobile Lego station from a Trofast unit complete with castors and some minifig display shelves!

Simply chuck all the Lego in the boxes and wheel it out of the way at the end of the day! If only it were that simple!!

Trofast Lego Table Build

Source: If Only April

More Lego storage, but this time with a stunningly large surface to construct Lego on!

We love the dedicated Lego playing table they have created here, which can easily become something else when that age comes around when the Lego bricks are no longer played with!

They have simply used two Trofast units with a table surface over the top. All painted in a fetching green!

Well, I’ve certainly bagged some excellent Ikea Trofast hacks to try out in my kids’ playroom.

But I hope some of these examples have shown you that the Trofast can be used in other areas than just the playroom or kids’ bedroom.

It’s a really great, budget, practical storage unit that can form the basis of a decent piece of furniture with the right treatment.

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