37 Ikea Kids Hacks Every Parent Should Know

We all love to make the world a better place for our kids, and if you’re looking for great ideas for kids furniture then Ikea hacks might be your best way to create the perfect pieces inexpensively.

There are so many amazing Ikea hacks for kids ideas out there that you are bound to find the right fit for what you are looking for. This epic list of Ikea kids hacks gives you a huge variety of projects, none of which are too challenging for your DIY skills.

So many creative people have come up with some awesome Ikea kids hacks so you don’t have to… just take inspiration from them and create your own similar piece, or take their ideas and add in some of your own creative juice to come up with something perfect!

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Ikea LACK Kids Games Tables Hack

Ikea Lack Games Tables Hack Source: Ikea

These games tables stood out straight away for us. They are such a unique way to hack an Ikea LACK table and immediately turn it into something multi-purpose. Kids will love the bright colours and the variety is endless. If you want to change to a new game, paint over it!

Of course, you will have to select wisely in the first place so that it is definitely a game that will be played a lot.

This hack can be done by using masking tape, stencils and stamps depending on the layout of the board.

Ikea KUNGSFORS Kids Magnetic Toy Holder Hack

Ikea Magnetic Train Rack Hack Source: Just a Girl and her Blog

Our son is a signed up Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic and this Ikea hack from Just a Girl and Her Blog is a genius way to store his trains. He might just need a few more of the KUNGSFORS strips though!

This would also work well with matchbox cars and is a really fun way to store/display your child’s favourite toys.

Ikea LACK Kids Lego Table and Storage Hack

Ikea Lego Play Table and Storage Source: Ikeahackers

Every child should have a go with LEGO, it’s just an incredible toy. It hasn’t changed since first being created in 1947 (although I’m sure it’s got easier with more ready made pieces..!?)

This awesome Ikea hack with LACK tables and TROFAST drawers is an amazing way to provide a LEGO play area and storage at the same time. Our son would go nuts if he walked into this room!

Ikea KALLAX Kids Dolls House Hack

Ikea Dollshouse Hack Source: Handmade Charlotte

This is such a simple but effective way to create a dolls house from a KALLAX unit. The KALLAX has been set up against a house shaped piece of wallpaper to create the dolls house illusion. The unit itself hasn’t been changed at all!

Just find some cheap dolls house furniture on ebay and away you go! Ikea even do their own range of dolls house furniture.

Ikea DUKTIG Kids Play Kitchen Hack

Ikea Play Kitchen Hack Source: Babiekins

There are a million variations of the Ikea DUKTIG play kitchen hack out there, but this one caught our eye probably because of it’s simplicity. The subway tile back splash and gold spray painted finishes give it just enough customisation without going over the top.

Kids who have this Ikea hack will actually think they’re cooking in Mummy’s kitchen! (or Daddy, we’re all about equal opportunity!)

Ikea LATT Kids Map Play Table Hack

Ikea Kids Map Table Source: Felt and Honey

I was always fascinated by maps when I was young (still young now I guess…??) This Ikea LATT map table hack would have been right up my street. I might have to make one for our son!

It’s always a struggle to stay on top of your child’s development, but I feel if they just have a lot of interesting, educational things in front of them they will absorb so much information themselves.

Ikea TROFAST Kids Mobile Lego Station Hack

Ikea Kids Lego Storage Cart Hack Source: Ikeahackers

Another great Ikea hack for storing and playing with LEGO. This TROFAST unit has simply had some castors added to the bottom, a few strips of wood with flat LEGO pieces to store figures and then a whole heap of washi tape!

The genius of this is that your child can wheel it around and play with their LEGO wherever they like.

Ikea STRANDMON Rocking Wingback Chair Hack

Ikea Rocking Chair Hack
Source: Explore Dream Discover

I’ve always coveted the STRANDMON wing back chair but haven’t justified buying it yet. This simple, transformative hack just takes it to another level.

I don’t think I’d ever get out of this chair once I’d sat down in it!

Ikea SUNDVIK Kids Owl Chair Hack

Ikea Kids Owl Chair Hack Source: Handmade Charlotte

This Ikea SUNDVIK hack will exercise your sewing skills, but in reality it doesn’t need to be perfect! It is, however, extremely cute!

You could use any old scraps of fabric to make it, even old clothes you were going to throw away. The more colours the better!

Ikea BEKVAM Kids Book Shelf Hack

Ikea Kids Spice Rack Bookshelf Hack Source: The Sweetest Digs

This Ikea hack for any kids room is a classic for good reason, it’s so practical and easy to do. Book storage is a constant for all kid’s spaces and this hack gives a great way to display the books as well as store them neatly out of the way in ‘dead space’ on the wall.

All it takes is a coat of paint and mounting on a wall.

Ikea Kids Play Workbench Hack

Ikea Kids Workbench Hack Source: Ikeahackers

Our son is big on construction tools (he likes to be like his Daddy!) and this workbench Ikea hack is a great idea for storing and playing with his tools. The original hack used an Ikea PS 2012 coffee table which is no longer available, but you could use a LACK coffee table or LATT children’s table instead.

Just make sure they have all their health & safety equipment on, risk assessment completed and safe work training carried out! 😉

Ikea LACK Kids Train Set Play Table Hack

Ikea Kids Train Set Table Hack Source: Ikeahackers

I think this is my favourite and is now on my (admittedly very long) list of projects to carry out. This Ikea hack is a combination of the KALLAX and the LINNMON to create an awesome train set play table, which could actuyally be a play table for any purpose.

The castors may be best if they are the lockable type so it won’t move around while they play. You can also paint on games boards like the first hack in this list.

Ikea MAMMUT Kids Toadstool Chair Hack

Ikea Kids Toadstool Hack Source: Apartment Therapy

Another sewing exercise, but again a simple one, don’t worry! This cute Ikea hack is very simple but makes such an impact, your kids will love it!

To make the cushions, simply cut two circles of red fabric and either sew on smaller white circles or glue them on. Then sew the circles together inside out, leaving a small hole to stuff it later. While sewing the circles together, sew in four loops for the legs. Turn it back out and stuff with pillow filling.

Ikea LACK Kids Closet Shelf Hack

Ikea Baby Wardrobe Shelf Hack Source: Fresh Mommy Blog

You don’t need a full on closet for your nursery or kids bedroom, just use this great Ikea hack to create hanging space for your cutest baby clothing.

This hack is simple a combination of the LACK shelf and KUNGSFORS towel rail. Then hang up your baby clothes and let them be the decoration!

Ikea DUKTIG Kids Play Kitchen Light and Timer Hack

Ikea Play Kitchen Digital Timer Hack Source: Ikeahackers

A genius, if a little involved Ikea hack that adds a little awesomeness to your Ikea DUKTIG play kitchen hack. This hack makes the oven light up inside, the buttons shine with different colours and most impressively adds a timer which counts down and even bings when it gets to 0:00!

This is a satisfying hack for all those detail-oriented individuals out there!

Ikea TROFAST Kids Organised Storage Hack

Ikea Kids Labelled Storage Hacks
Source: Pretty.Little.Designs via Instagram

A nice and simple Ikea TROFAST hack that simply involves adding some labels to the buckets. You can find loads of options at Etsy, including these awesome labels.

You will be able to keep toy spread in check, teach them how to tidy and eventually help them with their reading skills.

Ikea RASKOG Kids Craft Trolley Hack

Ikea Kids Homework Station Cart Hack
Source: Smashed Peas & Carrots

Because kids love to do what they want, wherever they want, this Ikea RASKOG hack provides a mobile craft station so that they can have their craft supplies anywhere, STAT!

Using jars and box dividers is a great way to separate the supplies.

Ikea FADO Kids Moon Lamp Hack

Ikea Kids Moon Globe Lamp Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This is such a lovely hack that your kids will be enthralled by. Our son loves spotting the moon and to have one in is own bedroom would be awesome!

The FADO lamp is so versatile as you will see in the next hack….

Ikea FADO Kids ‘Mr Moon’ Lamp Hack

Ikea Kids Mr Moon Globe Lamp Hack
Source: Mommo Design

Once you’ve created the moon lamp, you can take it further with this gorgeous Ikea hack by adding a face with a sharpie to create ‘Mr Moon’!

There are so many other options with this lamp… perhaps a Hello Kitty lamp, a Miffy lamp or Jack Skellington hack?

Ikea Kids Customised Dresser Hack

Ikea Kids Pastel Dresser Hack
Source: Chic Deco

A lovely colourful Ikea hack with different colour pastels and mis-matched knobs. This particular chest of drawers is no longer sold at Ikea, but you could do something similar with a RAST or TARVA chest of drawers.

The key is turning a fairly ordinary piece of furniture into something more exciting, stimulating and appealing.

Ikea FLISAT Kids Rabbit and Fox Stool Hack

Ikea Kids Animal Stool Hack
Source: Project Kids

These cute little stools are made by hacking the Ikea FLISAT stool. All it takes is some carefully applied paint and some blocks of wood!

There are so many pieces of Ikea furniture that are blank ready for your customisation and something like the FLISAT stool is perfect for exercising your imagination!

Ikea HOL Kids Angled Desk Hack

Ikea Kids Angled Desk Hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This clever Ikea hack will involve a bit more work than some of the others, but creates an awesome desk for colouring, painting and writing as your child grows.

Budding architects will be popping up all over the place with this angled desk hack!

Ikea MASKROS Kids Tropical Lamp Shade Hack

Ikea Kids Tropical Light Hack
Source: marysevanliere via Instagram

Sadly the MASKROS is no longer sold by Ikea but if you happen to have one in need of an update, this hack is a stunner! Admittedly there could be quite a lot of work involved in cutting out all the leaves so it’s probably best getting them from amazon.

Ikea DROMSYN Kids Happy Cloud Light Hack

Ikea Kids Cloud Light Cute Face Hack
Source: annikaabildgaard via Instagram

The Ikea DROMSYN cloud lamp is pretty cool as it is, but why not upgrade it with this awesome hack into somehting much more cute with just a sharpie pen!

After the ‘Mr Moon’ hack earlier and now this, your child’s bedroom could quickly become a gallery of lights with faces!

Ikea NORDLI Kids Play Desk Hack

Ikea Kids Play Desk Hack
Source: littledeerliving via Instagram

There are all sorts of Ikea products going on in this kids work/play desk hack. The NORDLI drawers are perfect for kids as they are easy to open and can be painted in bright colours if desired.

The main feature of this hack is the apex roof over the desk though which gives the whole project an enclosed, cosy feel.

Ikea KNAGGLIG Kids Toy Storage Box Hack

Ikea Kids Wood Crate Toy Box Hack
Source: Gingered Things via Bloglovin’

The Ikea KNAGGLIG box is one of my favourite Ikea products as it is cheap and so, so versatile. In this instance it has been hacked into a toy storage box on wheels.

The box can be decorated however you like on the outside and then becomes something a bit more fun for your child to get into the habit of tidying up with.

Ikea GULLIVER Little House Crib Hack

Ikea Kids House Crib Hack
Source: Vintage Revivals

You may need some DIY skills to create the house frame to go over the GULLIVER crib in this Ikea hack, but the final result is stunning I think you’ll agree!?

The added bonus of this frame is that you can hang a mobile, soft toys or anything else stimulating from it.

Yes, we too noticed those amazing wooden animals on the wall! If you’re handy with a jigsaw you can make these out of plywood.

Ikea EKORRE Kids Rocking Sheep Hack

Ikea Kids Rocking Sheep Hack
Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

This is an Ikea hack of sheer brilliance, turning an Ikea EKORRE rocking moose into a rocking sheep, complete with sheepskin rug seat!

The moose shape has been adjusted into a sheep using a jigsaw and the antlers have been replaced with felt sheeps ears. You could turn the EKORRE into a whole range of animals in a similar way.

Ikea LATT Kids Custom Chair Cushion Hack

Ikea Kids Custom Chair Hack
Source: All About Ami

The Ikea LATT kids chairs are very basic, with a hard laminate seat, but this great Ikea hack upgrades them in both appearance and comfort. It’s such a simple thing to do with some colourful fabric, upholstery foam and a staple gun.

The transformation is amazing though, from basic to chic in 10 mins!

Ikea MUSKAN Kids Soft Toy Storage Hack

Ikea Kids Stuffed Toy Storage Hack
Source: Donkey and the Carrot

A simple coat of paint is all you need sometimes to hack a piece of Ikea furniture into something special. The choice of green on this Ikea MUSKAN hack is a perfect foil for the muted pastel colours in the rest of the room.

It makes a great shelving unit for any toys in a kids room, but I think with the addition of a few bungee cords down the sides (from top to bottom) you could create a perfect soft toy ‘zoo’ for very little money!

Ikea BILLY Kids Dressing Up Closet Hack

Ikea Kids Dress Up Closet Hack
Source: Rain on a Tin Roof

If your child is a budding actor then this could be an essential addition to their room. We love the colour this BILLY shelf has been painted and the little details such as animal pegs, glasses rack and tiny mirror add to the overall effect perfectly.

If you provide the props, your kids will provide the imagination!

Ikea BEKVAM Kids Learning Tower Hack

Ikea Kids Learning Tower Stool Hack
Source: Happy Grey Lucky

If your child is like ours (and probably everyone else’s!) they want to be involved in everything you are doing. This awesome little Ikea hack gives them the perfect platform to help you out in the kitchen.

Sometimes I think Ikea have already thought about what hacks their products could inspire when they design them! The BEKVAM stool is one of those products that could be so many things.

Ikea BEKVAM Kids Decoupage Stool Hack

Ikea Kids Custom Stools Hack
Source: This Little Street

Another BEKVAM hack that is a little more simple, but still very impactful. Just a lick of paint and decoupaging some colourful paper onto the steps completely transforms it into something your kids will love to use.

I’m thinking along the lines of a Marvel comic version of this…

Ikea ALANG Kids Lego Table Lamp Hack

Ikea Kids Lego Lamp Hack
Source: Impatiently Crafty

Get your kids involved in your Ikea hacks! This LEGO lamp hack is a wonderful idea to open your child’s imagination up to new ideas and the concept of recycling old things into something new and wonderful.

You can start of by gluing a few key pieces to the stem of the lamp and then build out from there.

Ikea LATT Kids Sensory Play Table Hack

Ikea Kids Sensory Table Hack
Source: Little Lifelong Learners

This is going to get messy! We love it though….and the Ikea LATT table is perfect for this idea of a sensory table with all sorts of different materials that your child can play with.

You could turn it into a water play table or have one side water and one side sand. Are we getting too messy with our thoughts now?

Ikea PAX Kids Under Bed Storage Drawer Hack

Ikea Kids Under Bed Storage Hack
Source: Grillo Designs

Storage is always at a premium when it comes to kids toys, games, clothes, etc. This handy little Ikea hack gives you that extra bit of space in the unused area beneath a kids bed.

Added bonus: no room for any monsters with that under the bed!

Ikea RIBBA Kids Lego Figure Display Frame Hack

Ikea Kids Lego Figures Display Hack
Source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

The Ikea RIBBA range of picture frames are perfect for this hack as they are quite deep and will allow you to display all sorts of items. The LEGO figures in this hack are beautifully housed in their frame.

Make sure the frame is open so that the figures can be taken off to play with!

There are so many more ideas out there for Ikea kids hacks that we had to keep off the list, but perhaps we can do another one at a later date as we feel using Ikea hacks is a wonderful, cheap way to create your child’s amazing world.

Hopefully this list has given you lots of great ideas though and shown you that there really is no limit to what you can create with a small amount of effort and a large amount of imagination!

Happy hacking!