12 Gorgeous Ikea Kitchens (With and Without Hacks)

Ikea kitchens have a reputation for being good value. That is to say that they are both inexpensive and good quality. This makes Ikea kitchens a really good choice for many people when it comes to renovating or remodelling their kitchen.

There are a lot of great looks to choose from with Ikea kitchens but you can also customise them with an Ikea kitchen hack. With such a good, solid kitchen base the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with your kitchen design.

Many people have created high end looks by using an Ikea kitchen and adding in design elements they like.

We have scoured the internet for the best Ikea kitchen ideas and brought them here to give you inspiration for your own kitchen projects.

There are some that are simply Ikea kitchens from top to bottom and there are some that are Ikea kitchen hacks. The variety here just shows how versatile Ikea kitchens are.

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The Ikea Kitchens:

Eco Friendly Earthy Ikea Kitchen

Source: Remodelista

This stunning kitchen, shown on Remodelista uses only a few colours and textures to create a gorgeously earthy look that is completely timeless.

They have used an Ikea kitchen as a base and added some Semihandmade wooden door and drawer fronts to get the exact look they were after.

There are some really simple, but essential details that make it all work. The black thin profile cabinet handles, the simple square white tiles that allow the wood and concrete really stand out. The concrete counter top that adds some weight and solidity to the kitchen design.

Green and Fresh Ikea Kitchen

Source: Ikea

A sumptuous kitchen by Ikea themselves. These green doors are actually Ikea kitchen doors and give you an idea of how original the designers are in the Ikea kitchen department. They put a lot of effort into keeping up to date with kitchen trends.

We love the Parisian style of this kitchen through a combination of the dark green, brass, plants and images on the wall.

Ikea kitchens may be cost effective, but they can also be style effective!

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Delicate White and Marble Ikea Kitchen

Source: Custom Fronts

The beauty of using Ikea kitchens is that the units don’t actually get seen unless you open a door. They are still great units, but you don’t have to worry about getting custom made units which can be very expensive.

This amazing kitchen from Custom Fronts makes great use of this fact to create a really expensive looking kitchen.

They use a very simple palette of white, brass and marble to give a clean, simple and delicate style.

With a kitchen like this you can add in subtle colourful accessories and they will make it pop. Even a simple vase of wild flowers look stunning here.

Plywood Lined White Ikea Kitchen

Source: Plykea

Plywood is a very popular building material right now. The laminated nature of it creates some great graphic lines.

This plywood lined kitchen from Plykea uses the visual beauty of plywood edges to accentuate the clean white kitchen and add some character.

The doors and drawer fronts are made from a melamine covered plywood and are one of the awesome products Plykea offer as a way to customize Ikea kitchens and furniture.

Naked MDF Fronted Ikea Kitchen

Source: Superfront

Following on from the use of one building material to add character to another: MDF. It’s not the obvious choice, but this great Ikea kitchen from Superfront demonstrates how you could use it effectively.

Superfront, like Custom Fronts, make bespoke doors and drawer fronts for Ikea kitchens in a range of styles. This naked MDF is a very unique choice (and a lot less work for them!!).

We love the minimal black handles that have been added.

Black Ikea Kitchen with Wood Accents

Source: Ikea

Dark colours are really popular in kitchens at the moment and Ikea kitchens are no different. This is another totally Ikea kitchen and it works so well in this country kitchen setting.

The black units give the kitchen a real presence while the addition of wood butcher block surface and wood wine rack soften the look just the right amount.

Using a freestanding unit as part of the kitchen adds to the country kitchen style.

Bright White Ikea Kitchen

Source: 1111 Light Lane

If you can make a kitchen bright and clean then you’ve achieved what most people want out of their kitchen style. This Ikea kitchen from 1111 Light Lane has gone to the extreme by making almost everything white.

The result is a fantastically bright and clean looking kitchen that allows the accessories, food and kitchenware to shine.

They have used Semihandmade door and drawer fronts to get exactly the look they wanted.

Creative and Relaxed Small Ikea Kitchen

Source: Ikea

Ikea can be really creative with their products and this small, creative Ikea kitchen from Ikea themselves demonstrates this.

They have used their blackboard surfaced doors to provide a space for doodling, lists, cute messages and more. If you provide the creative environment then it will encourage creativity!

We also love the festoon lights draped to the side of the kitchen which give a slightly bohemian look

Gorgeous Grey Ikea Kitchen

Source: Cate St Hill

We love the graphic nature of the upturned subway tiles in this gorgeous grey Ikea kitchen from Cate St Hill. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the simple grey doors from the Ikea kitchens range.

The minimalist handles on these units allow the colour and space of the units to really shine.

It is a very simple kitchen but is so stylish. Sometimes we can get caught up in creating an expensive looking kitchen but forget that this is a practical space that you need to feel relaxed, happy and confident in using.

Colourful and Varied Ikea Kitchen

Source: Reform

Add a bit of colour and interest to your kitchen with a mix and match collection of doors and drawer fronts like this kitchen from Reform. They have used the ‘Brass’, ‘Gray’, ‘Pewter’ and ‘Powder’ colours from their Chelsea collection together to create something entirely unique.

The amazing thing about these fronts is that they have a brass trim around all of the edges, giving a bit of bling to your kitchen!

If you are going to splash out of your kitchen you could ‘front load’ with amazing doors and drawer fronts while saving on the ‘back end’ with Ikea kitchen units.

Plenty of Wood in an Ikea Kitchen

Source: A Vintage Splendor

We adore this kitchen from A Vintage Splendor, with it’s striking walnut wood veneer Semihandmade fronts.

This much wood veneer could be overpowering but they have paired it with a lot of white and simple tones so that the wood grain is king, but not dictator!

The open shelving boxes they have added in between units are inspired and a great way to house those useful and good looking recipe books (the tattered, post it note encrusted ones can be hidden away!).

A great piece of classic design; combining white and wood to good effect.

Tall, Dark and Handsome Ikea Kitchen

Source: Semihandmade

Another dark coloured Ikea kitchen, this one from Semihandmade. We love the combination of black units, white counter top and wood and marble surfaced island in this gorgeous kitchen.

By taking the units all the way to the ceiling they not only create more storage space but also the effect of a feature wall.

The piece da resistance of this kitchen is the half and half, wood and marble island. If you have a simple base of Ikea kitchen units then you can splash out a bit on more exciting things like this!

Designing your kitchen is a great opportunity to show your personality and there are so many great companies and creators out there that make this easy.

Ikea kitchens are a great base to create these kitchens from as they are well made and budget friendly. You can start with the Ikea kitchens base and add on some of the stunning features we’ve shown above to create something unique and beautiful.

We hope you’ve found some great ideas and inspiration from these kitchens that you can take into your own kitchen projects.

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Let us know about your own kitchen projects!

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