10 DIY Minimalist Christmas Decorations

Unveiling the magic of DIY Minimalist Christmas Decorations Tutorial, we journey through some of the most enchanting projects that will elevate your festive decor. From 

celestial ornaments to mid-century candlestick holders, these DIY creations promise to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your holiday season.

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Scandinavian Simplicity

DIY wooden triangles painted with snowy caps, embodying minimalist Christmas vibes.

Source: Lowe’s Canada

Dive into the world of minimalist Christmas decor with Lowe’s easy-to-follow guide. Create simple and understated decorations that bring a touch of Scandinavian simplicity into your home.

You’ll craft beautiful wooden triangles starting with basic materials like a 2×4 board, paint, and sandpaper. These triangles, painted with snowy caps, resemble snow-covered trees, perfect for a chic holiday mantle display. Get creative with patterns or keep them elegantly simple.

DIY Festivity on a Budget

Minimalist Christmas wreath made of yarn and festive greenery, hanging elegantly.

Source: words are for writers

Dive into the festive spirit without breaking the bank with this DIY minimal Christmas decor guide. The author shares two delightful projects that are not only easy on the pocket but also radiate a warm, minimalist charm.

The Minimal Christmas Wreath is a fresh take on traditional wreaths. Using a hoop, yarn, and some festive greenery, you can craft a non-traditional wreath that’s both chic and affordable.

The Branch Wall Decor is another gem, requiring just a stick, yarn, and some greenery. It’s a subtle nod to the festive season without being overwhelming. Both projects are simple, cost-effective, and a testament to the beauty of minimalist decor.

Sustainable Festivity

A minimalist Christmas setting with handcrafted decorations and a potted tree.

Source: Darren James Interiors

Every year brings a chance to redefine your holiday decor. Darren James Interiors encourages a ‘less is more’ approach, emphasizing sustainability and creativity.

Crafting your own decorations not only adds a personal touch but also promotes sustainability. Using materials already at home, like leftover paper or fabric, can lead to unique and eco-friendly decor pieces. The Japanese art of Furoshiki, wrapping gifts in cloth, is highlighted as an elegant and eco-conscious alternative to traditional wrapping paper.

Potted plants, like olive trees or fiddle leaf figs, can serve as sustainable Christmas trees, reducing the environmental impact of artificial ones. The essence is to reuse, recycle, and reinvent, making the festive season both beautiful and eco-friendly.

A Hula Hoop Twist on Christmas

A giant DIY Christmas wreath made from a gold-painted hula hoop, adorned with eucalyptus and the letters J-O-Y.

Source: Homemade Ginger

Homemade Ginger brings a delightful twist to the traditional Christmas wreath by using a hula hoop as its base. This giant DIY Christmas wreath is not only innovative but also simple and rustic.

Starting with a gold spray-painted hula hoop, the author wraps it in twine, creating a textured base. Fresh eucalyptus branches are then tied onto the hoop, adding a touch of nature. While the fresh eucalyptus does dry out after a few days, the rustic charm remains. The wreath is completed with white letters spelling out “J-O-Y,” hanging gracefully from white yarn.

This wreath is a testament to the beauty of repurposing everyday items into festive decor. The simplicity and size make it a standout piece, perfect for any mantel.

Mini Wreath Gift Card Holders

Miniature Christmas wreath doubling as a gift card holder, adorned with fresh greens.

Source: Homey Oh My

Gift cards are a popular choice for many during the festive season. Homey Oh My presents a delightful way to elevate the gift card giving experience.

Using simple materials like vine-wrapped wire, floral wire, and fresh greens, they’ve crafted a mini wreath that not only holds the gift card but also serves as a charming Christmas decoration.

The recipient can hang this mini wreath, making it a two-in-one gift that’s both practical and decorative. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds a personal feel to an otherwise standard gift.

Swedish-Inspired Candle Wreath

Scandinavian candle wreath with eucalyptus sprigs and a brass hoop, exuding a warm glow.

Source: Francois et Moi

Embrace the beauty of Scandinavian decor with this candle wreath inspired by the Santa Lucia Crown. Francois et Moi beautifully combines tradition with modern elements, creating a piece that’s both nostalgic and contemporary.

The brass hoop adds a touch of modernity, while the eucalyptus sprigs bring in a natural element and a delightful aroma. Although the candle serves more as a decorative component, it adds a warm glow reminiscent of short winter days.

If you’re looking to incorporate a touch of Swedish tradition into your holiday decor, this wreath is a perfect choice. Just remember to exercise caution if you decide to light the candle!

Minimalist Geometric Ornaments

Sleek DIY geometric ornaments, perfect for a minimalist Christmas tree.

Source: The Merrythought

The countdown to Christmas is on, and if you’re still in the crafting mood, The Merrythought has got you covered. These DIY geometric ornaments are the epitome of minimalistic elegance.

Crafted with precision, these ornaments are perfect for those who love a clean, modern aesthetic. They’re versatile enough to fit any decor style, from rustic to contemporary. 

Whether you’re looking to gift them or adorn your own tree, these geometric beauties are sure to be a hit. Their simplicity speaks volumes, making them a standout addition to any festive decor.

Festive Minimalism in a Bottle

A minimalist festive candle holder crafted from a glass bottle, evergreen twigs, and a taper candle.


Vienna Wedekind brings a touch of festive minimalism to your decor with this DIY candle holder. Using just a few simple materials, you can create a piece that’s both elegant and festive.

Starting with a good-looking glass bottle, perhaps from a flea market or even a gin bottle, you add twigs of evergreens for a touch of nature. The candle is carefully shaped to fit the bottleneck, ensuring stability. A bit of water in the bottle not only keeps the evergreen fresh but also adds an interesting visual element.

The final touch is securing the candle with some hot wax. The result? A minimal yet festive candle holder that’s sure to be a conversation starter this holiday season.

Celestial Elegance

White DIY moon phase clay ornaments, adding a modern touch to holiday decor.

Source: Alice and Lois

This holiday season, Alice and Lois bring a celestial touch to your decor with their DIY moon phase clay ornaments. The pure white ornaments exude a modern and simplistic charm that’s hard to resist.

Starting with air-dry clay, the process involves rolling, cutting, and shaping to create the various phases of the moon. The result? Elegant ornaments that not only celebrate the beauty of the moon but also add a contemporary flair to traditional holiday decorations. Whether you’re a space enthusiast or just love minimalist decor, these ornaments are a 


Mid-Century Modern Candlestick Magic

DIY mid-century modern candlestick holders crafted from plaster, exuding elegance and simplicity.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess brings the drama of the party season to your home with these DIY mid-century modern candlestick holders. Inspired by a set of candlestick holders from Crate and Barrel, the author reimagines them with a personal touch.

Using plaster, plastic shot glasses, and PVC pipe caps, the process is both creative and straightforward. The end result is a set of candlestick holders that are both chic and functional. They’re perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any dinner setting or festive gathering.

Whether you choose to keep them in their natural plaster finish or paint them for added flair, these candlestick holders are sure to be a conversation starter.

As we wrap up our exploration of the DIY Minimalist Christmas Decorations Tutorial, it’s evident that with a touch of creativity and the right guidance, anyone can transform ordinary materials into festive masterpieces.

Whether you’re a DIY novice or a seasoned crafter, these projects offer a delightful way to personalize your holiday decor.

Happy crafting and merry decorating!