Jazz Up Your Ikea Kitchen with Stylish Accessories

Ikea kitchens offer a great way to get a stylish kitchen on a budget. There are so many ways to make an Ikea kitchen look even better, such as switching up the doors and drawer fronts and adding a stunning counter top. You can also dress it up with some amazing accessories.

If you want to stick to a tight budget with your kitchen, then Ikea kitchens are a good place to start. We’re going to help you add in some extra style by highlighting some of the best kitchen accessories.

Here you will find gorgeous prints for your walls, stunning designer lighting ideas and other accessories like dish cloths! Yes, we love a good dish cloth and you might be surprised at what you can get!

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Let’s dive into these great accessory upgrades for Ikea kitchens!

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Antique Clear Glass Globe Kitchen Pendant Light

Clear Glass Globe Kitchen Pendant Light

What a stunning pendant light to start off with. This gorgeous antique globe light from Olde Brick Lighting would work so well over an island or a dining table.

If you have quite a simple, light coloured or white kitchen this pendant light would give a subtle industrial edge to it. In fact, it would work really well in a dark kitchen setting too such as the dark green Ikea Bodbyn range or the black Lerhyttan.

The great thing about this globe light is that you can make a feature of the light bulb with a filament Edison style bulb, aslo from Olde Brick Lighting.

Picasso Style Line Drawing Kitchen Wall Art

Cutlery Form Kitchen Art Prints

We love these kitchen inspired line drawings that are so reminiscent of Picasso’ single line drawings of various forms. This set of three prints from Create and Company would look great on any larger wall area in your kitchen.

Prints are a great way to cheaply introduce a subtle nod to the function of a room and the mood you are trying to create. These culinary based prints would look great with any scheme and can even be customised with a different frame colours. Check out these simple hanger frames for another stylish method of displaying them.

You could make a feature wall within your Ikea kitchen in a number of ways. Bare brick or a feature wallpaper are two great ways to do this and these prints would fit into any style.

Pure Copper Water Bottle and Cups

Pure Copper Water Bottle and Cups

These stunning pure copper water bottles and cups from Peak Life Creations are not just beautiful. They are also a really healthy way to drink water.

This is a common Ayurvedic practice which positively charges the water, acting as a purification method.

They would also look stunning sitting on your kitchen counter top. Any copper accessories would work well with the white or grey Ikea Voxtorp or the marble effect Ekbacken counter top. Ultimately though the copper, or other metallics such as brass and pewter, would go with almost anything!

Wooden Rolling Pin Rack

Wooden Rolling Pin Holder Kitchen Accessories

Did you know that you could get so many rolling pins? Or that rolling pins were such a big deal? We didn’t, but looking at these gorgeous wooden rolling pins from Fine Wine Caddy and their rack we are wondering why we don’t have our own collection!

We especially love the French style rolling pin that looks a bit like a pencil. You can also find the French/American style and Straight style at the same retailer (Fine Wine Caddy) as the rack. They also come in different diameters! A whole rack of these different rolling pins might just be a baker’s dream gift if you know anyone keen on baking!

Wood accessories of any kind would look great in any setting. But especially a light or white kitchen like the white or grey Ikea Voxtorp.

Vibrant Floral Botanical Kitchen Wall Art Print

Floral Botanical Kitchen Art Print

Botanical prints always work well in kitchens and these stunningly vibrant floral prints from Roma Lena are no exception.

These prints go up to a really good size for a larger kitchen, but there is a whole range to suit your needs. Large prints are a great, cost effective way to spice up an otherwise large blank wall space. They are perfect for Ikea kitchens to add a little personality while you save a ton of money on the kitchen!

The colourful nature of these floral prints would help bring a touch of vibrancy to a white or light kitchen. They could also add a little light touch to a darker coloured kitchen.

Bright and Colourful George Michael from Wham! Dish Cloth

George Micheal Wham Dish Cloth Tea Towel

Let’s talk about dish cloths/tea towels! Once thought of as the boring essential in the kitchen, these little underdogs are getting a bit more vocal!

Take this amazing George Michael (Wham!) dish cloth from Bold and Noble. The colour is stunning and will make this dish cloth stand out more than your average one. If you are keen to make a colour statement in your kitchen then you could save a whole lot of stress (and money) by simply injecting it through accessories like this one.

You may need to be a bit more careful about your choices in relation to your kitchen colour scheme, but there are a selection of musical greats to choose from!

It’s also a great gift idea for a music lover as you can choose their favourite musical icon!

Multiple Hanging Cage Pendant Lights

Multiple Cage Light Hanging Pendants for Kitchen

Another lighting option is these incredible hanging cage pendant lights from Hangout Lighting. With the multiple pendants coming from the one base you can hang a light at any point you like within your kitchen.

This would be a great light choice if you have an existing single point pendant and want to change it for something that gives you multiple lights without having to get recessed LEDs fitted.

It also looks amazing! Use this in an Ikea kitchen to inject some designer style.

Personalised Engraved Chopping Board

Custom Engraved Chopping Board Kitchen Accessories

Another kitchen accessory that would make a great addition to your kitchen but also a great gift. This personalised chopping board from Well Written Gifts is a well made utensil with a variety of wood options.

This would look great on your counter top while reminding you of a special moment.

Wooden Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Holder

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder Kitchen Accessories

This wooden magnetic knife holder from Wood All Good is a really elegant, chef-style way to store and display your kitchen knives. Especially good if you have a collection of really nice knives!

This is a great way to turn a simple Ikea kitchen into something that looks like you mean business in your kitchen!

Gorgeous ‘Wonky’ White Enamel Door and Drawer Handles

White Enamel Wonky Kitchen Door Knobs

We adore these wonky door knobs from Georgia Grace Interior. They have a simple metal gold effect base with enamel finish on the face. They come in white, black, pink, mint and navy so you have a good range to choose from to suit your Ikea kitchen.

It is a very simple way to upgrade your basic Ikea kitchen doors and drawers. One that I think you might agree is just too cute to pass up!

We’ve already got our kitchen handles sorted, but I think we might use this on another project somewhere else in the house. Just got to come up with a project so that we can use them!

Reclaimed Rustic Wooden Wine Rack

Rustic Wood Wine Rack Kitchen Shelf

If you are aiming for a rustic or farmhouse kitchen style but don’t want to splash out on a custom kitchen then why not get an Ikea kitchen and accessorise the farmhouse look!

Finishing touches such as this rustic wooden wine rack from Roberts Craft Shop would give you the look at a fraction of the cost. Use panelled door and drawer fronts such as the Ikea Savedal to give a custom built look.

Another way to add in some french farmhouse charm are these gorgeous botanical prints.

Perhaps you already have an Ikea kitchen that you are looking to reinvigorate without spending too much. Maybe you are planning an Ikea kitchen but are worried about it being bland. These great accessories should hopefully give you some great ideas to bring a bit of your own personality and a bit of style into it.

We’ve spent a bit of time trying to find accessories that are really stylish, are a good mix of bargain and value and are easy to incorporate to your kitchen.

There’s no need to create a great kitchen by spending loads of money on the kitchen itself. You can add the style to a basic kitchen like the Ikea kitchens range.

Save any ideas you like to Pinterest and check out out Pinterest account for more great home decor ideas.

We’ve love you to tell (and show) us how you’ve upgraded your kitchen with ace accessories!

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