9 Dazzling IKEA Brimnes Hacks for the Modern Home

IKEA Brimnes Hacks have become a popular trend among DIY enthusiasts and interior design aficionados.

The IKEA Brimnes series, known for its simplicity and functionality, offers a blank canvas for creative minds to transform and elevate.

With a touch of imagination, basic IKEA furniture can be turned into bespoke pieces that serve their purpose and stand out as unique decor elements. In this article, we’ve curated some of the most innovative and stylish hacks that breathe new life into the Brimnes range.

BRIMNES Glam Dining Room Credenza

Elegant Ikea BRIMNES hack dining room credenza with smoked glass top and polished nickel pulls.
Source: IKEA Hackers

The BRIMNES series from IKEA is known for its modern, clean lines, but this hack takes it to a whole new level of sophistication.

By stringing three BRIMNES cabinets together, the creator achieved a stunning dining room credenza that perfectly fills a long wall. The addition of a smoked glass top not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a practical, easy-to-clean surface.

The polished nickel pulls from Ballard Design contrast beautifully with the black cabinets, though they required some tweaking to fit the pre-drilled holes.

Overall, this Ikea Brimnes hack perfectly blends style and functionality.

Chic Cane Webbing BRIMNES Cabinet

Stylish Ikea Brimnes Cabinet enhanced with cane webbing for a high-end look.
Source: Alice and Lois

Alice and Lois have truly outdone themselves with this Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack. By adding cane webbing to the simple black Brimnes cabinet, they’ve transformed it into a piece that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The radio weave pattern of the caning adds a touch of vintage charm, making the cabinet look far more expensive than its original price. Caning, a woven material from the wicker family, is traditionally used for chair seats but works wonders in this hack.

This Brimnes hack with cane webbing is a must-try if you want to elevate your Ikea furniture. Plus, the versatility of the Brimnes cabinet means you can also experiment with different paint colors for a personalized touch.

We have a list of Ikea cane hacks using other Ikea furniture.

Multi-Purpose BRIMNES Storage Solution

IKEA Brimnes Cabinets arranged in a playroom, offering a stylish storage solution.
Source: In Honor Of Design

In Honor Of Design showcases a brilliant way to declutter and organize a multi-purpose room using the IKEA Brimnes Cabinets.

The room, serving as a play area, workspace, and occasional guest bedroom, needed a storage solution that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The choice of two solid door Brimnes cabinets alongside one with glass doors offers a varied look, while the black matte finish seamlessly integrates with other room decor.

The adjustable shelves of the Brimnes units are a boon, accommodating various storage bins and baskets. This Ikea Brimnes hack provides ample storage and ensures that everything has its designated place, promoting tidiness and order.

Playroom Transformation with BRIMNES Faux Built-Ins

Modern kids playroom with faux built-in IKEA Brimnes storage and cozy reading nook.
Source: Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth presents a delightful playroom transformation that’s both functional and stylish. The room, which overlooks the living area, was revamped to serve as a play, craft, and relaxation space.

The faux built-in storage solution is highlighted using IKEA Brimnes and other IKEA pieces. The Brimnes daybed is a cozy reading nook flanked by Besta cabinets and Kallax storage units.

Custom DIY pull handles and a craft table add personal touches to the space. The neutral design ensures the playroom blends seamlessly with the rest of the home, making it a haven for both kids and adults.

This Ikea Brimnes hack proves that you can achieve a high-end look on a budget with a bit of creativity.

Designer Look with DIY Cane IKEA Brimnes Cabinet

Source: Arin Solange at Home

Arin Solange dives deep into the world of IKEA hacks with her DIY Cane IKEA Brimnes Cabinet.

The project transforms the simple Brimnes cabinet into a statement piece that looks like it came straight out of a designer catalog. The cane sheeting, a trendy material, adds texture and a vintage charm to the cabinet.

Arin provides a detailed step-by-step guide, including a video tutorial, to help readers recreate this hack. She also shares the challenges faced during the process, ensuring that DIY enthusiasts are well-prepared.

The end result is a chic, functional piece that offers ample storage while elevating the aesthetics of any room. This Ikea Brimnes hack is a testament to how creativity can turn a budget-friendly item into a luxe-looking masterpiece.

Rattan Makeover for IKEA BRIMNES Daybed

IKEA BRIMNES daybed transformed with rattan cane webbing for a chic look.
Source: Studio DIY

Studio DIY introduces a simple yet impactful IKEA bed hack that breathes new life into the BRIMNES daybed.

The BRIMNES, known for its functionality as it expands from a twin to a king and offers built-in storage, gets a timeless makeover with the addition of rattan cane. This hack is perfect for those wanting to infuse character into a plain white IKEA piece.

The rattan cane adds a classic texture and elevates the daybed to look like a custom piece. You can achieve this stylish transformation with just a few materials, including cane webbing, raffia cloth, and hot glue. This Ikea Brimnes hack is a testament to how a touch of creativity can make a world of difference.

Scandi-Style Fluted Makeover for IKEA Brimnes Vanity Table

IKEA Brimnes vanity table revamped with a Scandi-style fluted design.
Source: Make Calm Lovely

Make Calm Lovely presents a delightful hack for the IKEA Brimnes vanity table, transforming it into a Scandi-style fluted vanity table.

The Brimnes vanity table, known for its ample storage and sleek design, gets a stylish upgrade with the addition of pole wrap, giving it a fluted appearance. This hack is perfect for those who love the current trend of fluted furniture but want to achieve it on a budget.

The detailed guide walks you through the process, from measuring and cutting the pole wrap to gluing it onto the vanity unit. The addition of leather cabinet pulls completes the chic look.

This Ikea Brimnes hack showcases how a basic piece can be elevated to a designer-worthy item with a bit of creativity and effort.

Brimnes Wardrobe Transformation with Just Tape

IKEA Brimnes wardrobe revamped with a geometric pattern using masking tape and spray paint.
Source: DIY Design Decor by Arvinder

Arvinder from DIY Design Decor offers a unique and budget-friendly hack for the IKEA Brimnes wardrobe. Over time, the plain look of the Brimnes wardrobe can become a bit mundane.

This hack breathes new life into it using just masking tape and brass spray paint. The process involves moving the mirror door for design continuity, adding a geometric pattern to the door panels with black masking tape, and giving the handles a fresh look with brass spray paint.

The result is a chic accent piece that stands out. This Ikea Brimnes hack demonstrates that you can transform a basic wardrobe into a statement piece with little creativity and minimal expense.

There are many other ways to hack Ikea furniture into custom wardrobes, such as Ikea Pax Hacks and Ikea Closet Hacks.

Glamorous Upgrade for IKEA Brimnes Storage Bed

IKEA Brimnes storage bed upgraded with a fresh coat of paint and new leather handles.
Source: TfDiaries

TfDiaries showcases a wonderful transformation of the IKEA Brimnes storage bed, turning it into a glamorous piece that looks far more expensive than its original price.

The Brimnes bed, which has been a reliable storage solution for years, gets Clare’s fresh coat of “Goodnight Moon” trim. The bulky handles, which were a bit of a nuisance, are replaced with sleek leather straps, giving the bed a more refined and sophisticated appearance.

The process involves painting, replacing the handles, and adding some finishing touches. The leather handles, in particular, add a touch of masculinity while blending seamlessly with the room’s overall aesthetic.

This Ikea Brimnes hack is a brilliant example of how minor changes can lead to a major upgrade in appearance and functionality.

Exploring the world of IKEA Brimnes Hacks has been a delightful journey. These projects showcase the versatility of the Brimnes series and how, with a bit of creativity, they can be transformed into designer-worthy pieces.

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance, a hint of vintage charm, or a modern twist to your space, these hacks offer inspiration.

Remember, the beauty of IKEA furniture lies in its potential for customization, and these Brimnes hacks are a testament to that.

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