Stunning Cane Ikea Hacks that Show Cane is King

If you could choose a material that has become the Ikea hack go-to in the last year it would definitely be cane. We have seen so many cane Ikea hacks appear that we had to do a feature on this wonderfully retro, texture rich and natural looking material.

It’s easy to see why it has become so popular when you check out these cane Ikea hacks. I think the increasingly popular boho style is a factor in the use of cane webbing in furniture. It is the perfect way to introduce a bit of a bohemian look.

The fact that you can buy cane webbing in sheets makes it an ideal material to quickly upgrade your Ikea furniture.

In this post we’ve brought together the best examples of Ikea hacks using cane that we could find.

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The Best Cane Ikea Hacks

Ikea Billy Bookcase with Cane Doors

This amazing Ikea Billy Bookcase hack from House of Hawkes involved having two custom doors made up for the Billy bookcase. The doors were finished with cane webbing and then the whole thing was given a grey/beige paint job.

The addition of some minimal brass knobs was the perfect finishing touch.

The Ikea Billy really is an amazingly versatile piece of furniture and this gorgeous cane cupboard wouldn’t look out of place in the showroom of an upmarket furniture store.

Ikea Tarva Dresser with Cane Drawer Fronts

We love the simplicity of this stylish Ikea Tarva hack from Caffeine and Cacti. It provides the perfect backdrop for a wonderfully natural bohemian bedroom style.

All they have done is glue the cane webbing to the front of the Tarva drawers and then added a moulding trim around the edges. The dresser and he moulding have been painted white in advance so that the cane can stay in it’s natural state.

We just love the styling of this dresser with more natural colours and a gorgeous little monkey leaf monstera plant!

Ikea Besta Sideboard Cane Upgrade Hack

This is such a simple upgrade to an Ikea Besta unit from Burkatron. They have just stuck a fine cane webbing to the front of the Besta doors to give some texture and visually break up the white expanse of the doors.

We really like this finer, more delicate cane webbing. It almost looks like a fabric from a distance.

Ikea Ivar Cane Side Panel Screen Hack

This is a really clever Ikea Ivar hack from the Ikea Livet Hemma DIY pages. They have taken some Ivar shelving side panels and fitted cane webbing to one side.

The panels are then joined with butt hinges to create a fantastic folding cane screen.

The awesome bonus to this Ikea hack is that the Skadis pegboard hooks and clamps all fit into the cane webbing holes so you can turn it into a bohemian clothing rail screen type thingy (must be a demand for that right?).

Ikea Nesna Nightstand Hack with Cane Surfaces

This brilliant cane nightstand hack from Burkatron is so cheap and simple you’ll definitely be arranging a trip to Ikea to pick up a Nesna bedside table!

Other than making the flat pack nightstand (minus the slats on the bottom shelf) all you are doing is sticking some cane webbing on the top glass surface and stapling some cane webbing to the supports for the bottom shelf.

Very easy Ikea hack to do but a wonderful bohemian piece of furniture for your bedroom.

Ikea Ivar TV Cabinet with Cane Doors

We love the way this Ikea Ivar hack from Make It Boho solves a big problem in any aspiring interior designer’s home. Hiding the TV away seems a great idea, but often turns out to be a hassle. This great cane ikea hack is a good solution.

They have made some custom doors with cane webbing inserts for an Ivar unit. You can just use the doors that come with the unit and cut out the middle yourself.

To get a bit of height and make it less like a piece of students furniture, they have added an extra cupboard at the bottom and some wooden legs. For more ideas on choosing legs for our Ikea furniture check out our guide.

Ikea Wardrobe with Cane Doors

The effort put into this amazing Ikea wardrobe hack is brilliant. Lust Living have created a gorgeous wardrobe with cane panelled doors from an Ikea Platsa Base.

It fits in perfectly with their room decor and gives a subtle bit of interest and texture to what would have otherwise been a big white box in the corner!

There is one big benefit of using cane webbing in the doors of wardrobes, dressers or anywhere you keep clothing. It allows the contents to breathe! No more stuffy smelling clothes that haven’t been pulled out of the wardrobe in a few months (although perhaps time to have a clothing cull if that’s the case!).

DIY Cane Bed Headboard

This cane headboard is a really simple Ikea hack that adds a little extra something to your bedroom styling if you’ve got a lot of blank wall space!

The clever people at September Edit took an Ikea Ivar side panel (these seem a good choice for cane Ikea hacks!) and stretched cane webbing over it.

This was simply hung above the bed to create a focal point and break up the neutral scheme a little bit.

Ikea Ivar Cabinet with Cane Door Insert

We adore this gorgeous cane Ikea hack from Burkatron. They do love the cane over at Burkatron! They’ve taken the incredibly versatile Ivar cabinet and made cut outs in the doors to add cane webbing.

The cut outs can be made by marking out the area to be cut and then drilling holes large enough for a jigsaw blade at each corner. Then just cut from hole to hole.

The hairpin legs they have used add a touch of mid century modern to this cane cabinet and you can find a great source for these in our legs for Ikea furniture guide. It could be described as mid century bohemian I guess!?

Ikea Havsta Console with Cane Panels

Another great use of cane webbing to transform an otherwise simple Ikea console table. This cane Ikea hack from Hunker simply involves stapling cane webbing to the inside of the Ikea Havsta console at the sides and back.

It just adds a little bit of old world style to the console and takes it from functional but perhaps overlooked to stylish and a talking point.

Floor Standing Lamp Cane Lamp shade Hack

Our final selection is another great idea from Hunker. This lamp shade hack uses cane webbing to upgrade to a bohemian floor lamp perfect for any room.

They do not specify the lamp and lamp shade they use but we thought an Ikea floor lamp, such as the brass Skaftet, would be perfect. Combine it with a simple drum lampshade as the base for your cane webbing or get some lamp shade rings as they did in the tutorial.

A great collection of ideas for how to create cane furniture from Ikea products. These cane Ikea hacks could all be designer pieces of furniture in their own rights.

I think a lot of them have shown how easy it can be to make these upgrades to your Ikea furniture too! We have looked for the best options to purchase your cane webbing and found these:

For US based Ikea hackers you can get cane webbing from Interiors and Fabrics on Etsy.

For UK based Ikea hackers you can get cane webbing from Cane Store.

We hope you’re inspired to add some bohemian chic to your home decor with these amazing cane Ikea hacks.

Be sure to send us photos of your creations either in the comments below or save our pin and add them in the photos section.

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