Minecraft Party Ideas [Full Party Plan!]

So, your son or daughter wants a Minecraft party for their birthday…what do you do?

We understand, we’re all in the same boat.

We don’t get the Minecraft obsession either!

But relax; this is all about making an amazing experience for your kids. Your own needs can be put on the back burner for now!

We’ve made this easy for you by finding the very best Minecraft party ideas so you can take the credit (and amaze your kids with your Minecraft knowledge)!

Party Planning Basics

Our aim is to make this whole process easy for you and incredible for your kids. With that being said, we need to know what elements a great party is made up of.

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

There’s a lot of theming going on there, but just this keep in mind:

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

Look back at your list, that is all you need. Make all those things Minecraft themed and you’ve covered all bases.

Now let’s have a look at the best ideas to create all these Minecraft themed elements!

Minecraft Party Invitations

This is where the excitement begins! You want to let everyone know what this party is about and that it is going to be GOOD!

A great invitation is just an extension of the party decorations, keep it simple but memorable.

Here are some awesome ideas for your Minecraft party invitations.

3D Pop Up Minecraft Invitation

minecraft party ideas 3d invitation

We think this is our favorite.

Thanks to the angular nature of Minecraft graphics, this pop-up card by The Crafty Owl is really simple to make and makes a fun, memorable party invitation.

It is 3D when opened but still folds flat so you can send it in the post. You could have all the party details printed on the card before you make them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the party guests want to keep this even after the party!

Minecraft Cube Invitation

For something a little more dramatic, this awesome cube invitation from A Thrifty Mum is going to make an impression!

For us, it falls down on practicality as you would need to give it in person unless you sent it as a kit to be made by the recipient?

It’s a great nod to the decorations they might find at the party.

Printable Minecraft Party Invitation

minecraft party ideas simple invitation

Finally, a nice simple printed card invitation from Honey and Lime that will still make a great first impression.

The bold creeper image and Minecraft logo are unmistakable.

This can be printed off at home to save a fair amount of money.

Minecraft Party Food

This is a great opportunity to get creative with the theme. There are loads of great ideas out there and you can even try and sneak some healthier foods in disguised by the theme!

Minecraft is brilliant because it’s a pixellated landscape, so much of the food can be made in rectangular or square shapes. Much easier!

Grass Block Brownies

minecraft party ideas grass block brownies

The grass block is probably Minecraft’s most iconic block. Make sure you have some Minecraft grass at your party with these grass block brownies by Geeky Hostess.

The idea with themed food is that it can be recognizable instantly, which fits the bill perfectly.

Selection of Potion Bottles

Potion bottles are a great idea for drinks at a Minecraft party.

There are several types of potions in Minecraft so making three different ones, like these potion bottles by Yellow Tennessee, would be ideal.

You could either add potion labels to existing drinks or make up the right colored drinks with cordial.

Strawberry Redstones

There are so many ways you can include more healthy food options thanks to the nature of Minecraft. For example these strawberry redstones by Webb Pickersgill.

You can also have carrots, golden apples, sticks (pretzels), melon slices all of which make an appearance in the game.

A great way to pick your party food is to get some printable food labels (coming up below!) and see what you can make for them.

Creeper Popcorn Munch

minecraft party ideas creeper popcorn munch

Popcorn is a good, non-junky food option. This creeper munch by Simplistically Living admittedly does add chocolate to it, but at least it’s not all chocolate!

It’s also quite an easy food to assemble and looks great!

You could serve this in paper bags or popcorn boxes with the creeper logo printed on the side.

Slime Jello Cubes

Another cubist food!

These slime jello cubes from Webb Pickersgill are another simple food to create and will be a big crowd-pleaser!

Printable Minecraft Party Food Labels

Here are those printable party food labels from Printabelle I mentioned earlier.

As you can see there are a huge range of options and you can either go with candy versions or try to pick/make somehting a bit healthier. It’s up to you.

Just remember, even if your kids aren’t picky, some of the others might be and you don’t want to be that parent forcing healthy food on everyone! Give them a good selection!

Minecraft Party Decorations

It’s important to set the scene for your party, but not to put your back out in the process! Remember that this is only for a few hours max so don’t go crazy!

Making the decorations yourself is a great way to save money and surprisingly easy.

Think about how you can make the biggest impact for minimal cost and effort.

We’ve selected a few of the best Minecraft party decoration ideas for you to choose from.

Minecraft Scene Wall Covering

The easiest and fastest way to make a big impact is a large wall covering and this Minecraft scene wall covering from Fferrazk is ideal.

You can create this look with different colored sheets, some white duct tape for clouds.

Or you could use the same principle to vary things up…. perhaps a green sheet with a creeper design in black duct tape?

Paper Plate Creeper Backdrop

Talking of those strange creeper faces, this awesome paper plate creeper backdrop by Catch My Party is another great idea to create a big impact for little effort.

They have simply stuck different colored paper plates to the wall in the classic creeper pattern.

You could use this or the scene from before as a photo booth backdrop. For some photo booth props, see the entertainment and games section later!

Pool Noodle TNT

minecraft party ideas pool noodle tnt

There has to be some TNT around, they’re probably one of the most recognizable items in the game.

These amazing pool noodle TNT sticks by Powellfamtx are nice and easy as well as cheap!

They’re also nice and soft when they inevitably get thrown around!

Minecraft Mob Balloons

A mob of ‘mobs’. These Minecraft mob balloons from A Mummy Too are an easy way to create some Minecraft characters for your party.

These balloons need some tape for the face shapes and some crepe paper streamers for legs.

Cardboard Box Minecraft Figures

These cardboard box Minecraft figures by Cut Out and Keep are a little more involved than some of the other ideas, but worth it I think.

You’d need to do a bit of amazon box collecting, but it could be a fun craft activity to do with the kids (unless this is all meant to be a surprise of course!)

Obviously if your looking at this page in a panic because you need quick fix ideas for your party tomorrow then it’ll either be a long night, or the cardboard box figures might not be happening!

Minecraft Spider Balloon

Similar to the mobs earlier, this spider balloon from Bombshell Bling is very easy to do and can cover a large area with those legs.

They are great to give a bit of height to your decorations if you put them on the ceiling.

If your kids are petrified of spiders then….. maybe not.

Printed Minecraft T-Shirts

I didn’t know whether to put these awesome printed Minecraft t-shirts from Pamela on Instructables in decoration, entertainment or party favors. They are an all-in-one solution for the party!

It only has instructions for a creeper t-shirt, but I’m sure you have the imagination to create all number of designs via stencils and different colored cheap t-shirts!

Minecraft Party Games and Entertainment

Well, the whole party is entertainment isn’t it? But those little tykes always need more!

Be prepared with several options in case of any flops. To help you do that we’ve found lots of fantastic DIY games options for your Minecraft birthday party.

No need to hire a entertainer!

Knock It Down Creeper Game

A bit of destruction always goes down well and this knock it down creeper game from Ziggity Zoom is the perfect solution.

It’s indestructible (shouldn’t have said that should I?) and can be fairly self-sufficient. Don’t get sucked into setting up the blocks yourself!

These could become party favors later if you do a good job at making them …. and they do turn out to be indestructible!

Minecraft TNT Pinata

Ok, more destruction, this time the whole point is that it isn’t indestructible!

This incredible DIY Minecraft TNT pinata from Oh So Savvy Mum will go down well with any kids.

Just make sure you do this somewhere with loads of space and make sure there is a referee!

Minecraft Scavenger Hunt Game

It’ll be just like playing the computer game! This clever Minecraft scavenger hunt by Moms and Munchkins will keep them entertained for a good while.

If you just use pictures for the list, it can be played by a range of ages.

Minecraft Perler Bead Designs

Perler beads are so versatile and you could probably include them in any themed party (and we probably will include them in most of our themed party guides!).

These amazing Minecraft perler bead keychains from Lauras Crafty Life will keep kids of all ages busy.

You don’t have to actually make keychains, they could just be the Perler bead designs by themselves.

Minecraft Photo Booth Props

Using one of the backdrops from earlier, you could set up a Minecraft photo booth for near the end of the party.

These brilliant Minecraft photo booth props from pinkpaperglitz on Instagram are perfect. You could even design your own if you have the time and creative flair!

If you have a polaroid camera these photos could be dropped in the party favor bags for the guests to take home.

Minecraft Party Favors

Right, it’s time to go kiddos! Ok, don’t say that …. or maybe do if they’re being naughty!

It’s kind of an unwritten rule (actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it is written and enforceable by law) that you have to provide a party favor at the end of the party.

We’ve got you covered with these great ideas that will make you a very popular host!

Printable Creeper Party Bags

You need to start with a bag, and these printable creeper party bags by Bear Hugs and Blanket Forts are perfect.

If this is just not working on your printer, you could always just go old school and make a potato stamp in the shape of a creeper and stamp them all!

Minecraft TNT Party Favor Tube

These TNT party favor tubes by Frog Prince Paperie are adorable and can be used as the entire favor or just as a candy holder within your party favor bag.

All you need to do is save up some toilet rolls!

Printable Minecraft Coloring Booklets

It’s always a good idea to put something fun in a party favor bag that can be taken home and played with.

This clever printable Minecraft coloring booklet from Jessica Kenenske will do just the job.

You choose whether to include coloring pencils or not!

Life Force Chocolate Hearts

You continue to make this Minecraft party memorable even after the kids have left!

These life force chocolate hearts by Catch My Party will ensure your party hosting skills finish with a flourish. All you need are some chocolate hearts, some small plastic bags, printouts of the life force labels and a stapler!

Minecraft Pixellated Sunglasses

If you are feeling like splashing out on something really special for your Minecraft birthday party, these pixellated sunglasses are awesome!

Fear not, they can perform many tasks, remember the photo booth earlier? You could also hand them out at the beginning of the party if you’re doing an outdoor party and it’s sunny.

Either way, these will put a lot of smiles on a lot of kids’ faces.

There you have it. With these Minecraft party ideas, you have just created the most awesome Minecraft party ever!

Sit down and have some wine and some of those leftover grass block brownies.

You earned it.