18 Gorgeous Ikea Pax Hacks (Updated 2023)

The Ikea Pax is an Ikea hackers dream product. It is so versatile in its configuration and is totally plain, ready for Ikea Pax hacks!

We’ve added some new additions for 2023 because people’s creativity just continues to amaze us!

There is so much you can do with the Pax wardrobes and we will show you 18 amazing versions of it. Each Ikea Pax hack is unique and stylish and I think you will find loads of inspiration for your own project.

All of these ideas are great ways to add stylish storage to your bedroom, kitchen or living room.

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Incredible Ikea Pax Hack Hallway Built In

ikea pax hacks hallway built in
Source: Porche and Co

Who doesn’t need a bit of extra storage in the hallway? Well, take it to a whole new level with this Ikea Pax hack idea from Porche and Co.

They have used Ikea Pax wardrobe units as the base for some stunning built-in storage with plenty of drawers. It’s certainly not an easy project, but the results might just be well worth it! What do you think?

Luxurious Dark Walk In Wardrobe

ikea pax hacks walk in wardrobe
Source: Christa Suppe

This is a ridiculous amount of space for a walk-in wardrobe, but when you’ve got it, flaunt it!

This Ikea Pax walk-in closet makeover is a wonderful example of just how far you can take a simple piece of Ikea flat-pack furniture.

They have used a similar technique to the previous Pax hack to create a chunky-looking structure and super-useful drawers.

Antique Effect Wooden Wardrobe Makeover

ikea pax wardrobe ideas vintage makeover
Source: DIY In Progress

We love the Japandi vibes of this bedroom after the stunning transformation of the Ikea Pax wardrobes.

They have used maple plywood to re-face the wardrobe doors with an arch design to make them look antique-esque (definitely an acceptable phrase!?). We also love the thick dowel handles with leather strapping wrapped around them.

As Ikea Pax hacks go, this is a pretty stunning achievement!

Stunning Faux Wall Built In Pax Wardrobes

ikea pax wall of wardobes
Source: Helsingo

A great way to add storage in your bedroom is to create a false wall with built-in wardrobe space. This creates the illusion of not actually taking up space in the room. The ceiling appears higher and you adjust to the room being a new size.

This has been done beautifully by Helsingo in this bedroom, with the added bonus of being cheap to do by using Ikea Pax wardrobes.

The doors are custom made by Helsingo and match the decor perfectly.

This certainly answers the question: can Ikea Pax be built-in?

Beautiful Scalloped Door Fronts

ikea pax wardrobe doors scalloped front
Source: Superfront

Another company that provide custom doors for Ikea furniture is Superfront.

We love these scalloped patterned doors for the Ikea Pax wardrobe.

They bring an element of fun elegance to the room!

Expensive-Looking Pax Wardrobe Hack

ikea pax hacks masculine dressing room
Source: Huizedop

This stunning, expensive-looking dressing room closet is from Huizedop on Instagram.

They have added some detailed trims to the doors to make it look custom made.

The gorgeous leather pull handles are the perfect match for the look and the whole room is beautifully styled.

Simple and Elegant Kitchen Pantry Hack

ikea pax kitchen pantry hack
Source: Jenna Sue Design

This is such a brilliant solution to having the much sought-after pantry in your kitchen. At Jenna Sue Design they have used Ikea Pax carcasses built-in against an unused wall in the kitchen to provide a shallow but really useful pantry.

We love the minimal look of the pantry, with tiny knobs so that the whole thing does not impact the space too much.

Stand Alone Walk-In Closet Hack

boho pax wardrobe hack
Source: Een Goed Verhaal

If you have the space for it, this stunning walk-in wardrobe solution from Een Goed Verhaal is a great idea.

They have lined up Pax units opposite each other to create an enclosed closet without having to build walls.

The macrame door cover is a fantastic way to finish off the Pax walk-in closet with a bit of texture.

Awkward Shaped Built In Wardrobe

ikea pax hacks loft eaves storage
Source: Design Sixty Nine

Loft spaces can be tricky when designing storage space, but this brilliant hack from Design Sixty Nine makes great use of a Pax system to fit into an awkward space.

You do need to make adjustments, but you are not starting from scratch with the Pax wardrobe.

The genius part is the use of colour to tie it all into the room.

Stylish Minimalist Pax Wardrobe Hack

ikea pax wardrobe hack
Source: Style Juicer

We love the minimalist style of the doors on this Ikea Pax wardrobe hack from Style Juicer.

The doors have a very simple raised edging that gives them a bit more character, but not too much!

They have the feel of Japanese screens and really work well in this space.

Stunning Coloured Pax Wardrobe Doors

ikea pax gold doors
Source: Reform

These gorgeous Ikea Pax replacement doors from Reform are an incredible way to upgrade your Pax wardrobes.

There is a range of styles, but we love the mixture they have gone for here.

Gold and dusky pink are a match made in heaven!

Misty Forest Mural on Your Wardrobe

pax wardrobe door print
Source: Domino

If you want something a bit more interesting to adorn your wardrobes, this misty forest mural from Around the Houses, featured on Domino, is perfect!

You can find so many different murals to do this with on Etsy. I just searched for large wall murals and make sure they are large enough to cover all of your Pax doors.

Then you just stick them on!

Stylish and Practical Coat Storage Hack

pax cloak mudroom hall storage
Source: Driven By Decor

This is such a simple idea and treatment from Driven By Decor. They have created coat and shoe storage, ideal for an entranceway, with Ikea Pax wardrobes and a bit of DIY finishing.

We love the little touches of brass and white handles. Even if it’s quite a practical piece of furniture, there’s no need to hold back on the style!

Floor to Ceiling Mudroom Hack

ikea pax hacks entryway storage
Source: Bright Green Door

Turn any wardrobe into a floor-to-ceiling closet and you will look at it in a completely different light.

This mudroom/entranceway closet hack from Bright Green Door does just that.

By sacrificing a bit of room space they have actually made their entranceway look bigger because all the clutter can be hidden away!

Walk-In Wardrobe that Looks Bespoke

ikea pax wardrobe built in walk in
Source: Erin Kestenbaum

This is one of the best Ikea hacks we have ever seen. Erin Kestenbaum has taken the Ikea Pax to a whole new level by making it look completely bespoke.

By widening the gap between Pax units and using trims and crown moulding all over the place they have created a sumptuous walk-in wardrobe to be proud of.

We love the green colour they used to finish it. It goes so well with the brass handles.

Ikea Pax with Pops of Colour

ikea pax colorful doors
Source: Livet Hemma

For a little bit of extra colour in your bedroom, this fantastic Pax hack from Livet Hemma is ideal.

They have used various colours in the panels of the wardrobe doors to create a vivid grid of pattern colour.

You can obviously play around with colours of your own choice to get the right look.

Gentleman’s Dressing Room Pax Hack

ikea pax panelled doors
Source: Style at Home

This is a gentleman’s dressing room to be proud of, and yet they have used Ikea Pax wardrobes to achieve it.

Featured on Style at Home, this closet has been cleverly built-in and painted.

The best part is the positioning of the brass knobs in the middle of the door like a grand Georgian house front door!

Multi-Function Walk In Closet Hack

large pax walk in wardrobe hack
Source: Crazy Wonderful

We adore this bright and airy walk-in wardrobe from Crazy Wonderful.

They have built-in the Ikea Pax wardrobes and added baseboards and cornice to elevate the look.

Using several different functional parts within the wardrobes is brilliant and provides a solution to every storage need.

The Ikea Pax is a brilliant starting point for everybody’s perfect wardrobe, pantry or closet. There is no need to spend thousands on bespoke carpentry or specialist bedroom storage designers.

We hope you have seen enough in these Ikea Pax hacks to be able to go forth and create your own perfect wardrobes and closets at home.

Can ikea pax be painted?

Yes, IKEA PAX wardrobes can be painted.

However, before you start, keep in mind that PAX wardrobes are made of laminated particleboard or MDF, which can make painting a bit challenging. Here are some steps you can follow to paint your IKEA PAX wardrobe:

1. Disassemble the wardrobe (optional).

2. Clean the surfaces.

3. Sand the surfaces.

4. Apply primer.

5. Apply paint: Choose a paint that is suitable for laminated surfaces, such as a latex or acrylic paint.

6. Seal the paint (optional): To protect the paint and ensure its durability, you can apply a clear sealant, such as a water-based polyurethane.

7. Reassemble the wardrobe (if disassembled).

Remember to take your time and follow all safety precautions while painting, including proper ventilation and the use of protective gear.

Can ikea pax be wall mounted?

Yes and No.

IKEA PAX wardrobes can be wall-fastened using the enclosed wall fasteners. These fasteners are provided to secure the wardrobe to the wall, preventing it from tipping over and ensuring the safety of those using the furniture.

The PAX system is a large, customizable wardrobe system, which can be quite heavy and cumbersome depending on the chosen configuration. While the wall fasteners are designed to prevent the wardrobe from falling over, they are not intended to support the entire weight of the PAX unit off the ground.

If you are considering wall-mounting your PAX wardrobe off the ground, it’s highly recommended to consult with a professional installer who has experience with IKEA furniture and can assess the feasibility and safety of such an installation. They can help determine if the wall can support the weight and size of the PAX wardrobe, and they can also ensure proper anchoring and support.

In most cases, it’s best to keep the PAX wardrobe on the ground and use the wall fasteners solely for securing it against the wall to prevent tipping. This approach ensures the stability and safety of the furniture, while also minimizing the risk of damage to your walls or the wardrobe itself.

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