12 Stunning Ikea Nursery Hacks

Preparing and perfecting your baby’s nursery before the due date is almost a rite of passage these days. These Ikea nursery hacks aim to help lessen the burden of cost and time it can take.

Beautiful images of nurseries on Pinterest and Instagram add the pressure to create something amazing for your own child. But with a clever Ikea hack, you can do it in less time and for less money.

We’ve brought together the best Ikea nursery hacks right here.

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Ikea Hemnes Changing Table Hack

Source: Petite.Voyou

Most dresser changing table hacks are simply a changing mat on top of a dresser. Great, well done on that guys!! This one from Petite.Voyou on Instagram is a lot more practical.

They have completely changed to the top surface to make it bigger and added some uprights to stop the changing mat moving around.

With these modifications you can actually change your baby with their feet pointed to you, instead of sideways!

We also adore the heart-shaped brass handles.

Ikea Raskog Diaper Trolley

Source: Wendy Coreen

The Ikea Raskog trolley is a really useful product and Wendy Coreen has made great use of it here as a diaper cart!

We do this ourselves and it really was the best solution we could think of. You have the most used things at the top, perhaps a load of muslins on the second layer and then replenishing supplies at the bottom.

It really does make the whole diaper changing process smoother so that you can concentrate on keeping your baby happy!

Nursery Hot Air Balloon Light Gitting Hack

Source: Huslig Heter

We love this hot air balloon light fitting from Huslig Heter. They have used an Ikea Regolit paper lantern shade and turned it into something spectacular!

With a few felt spots and a basket hung underneath it is a really cute way to upgrade your light fitting.

We love the addition of a few soft toys in the basket!

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Ikea Spice Rack Nursery Shelving Hack

Source: Liefs.Joyce on Instagram

The Ikea Bekvam spice rack has many uses and you sometimes wonder if Ikea design some of their products with Ikea hacking in mind.

This great Ikea nursery hack from Liefs.Joyce on Instagram uses the Bekvam spice rack as nursery shelving and wardrobe all in one.

The little rail on one corner of the spice rack is perfect for hanging baby clothes on.

Tiny House Ikea Crib Hack

Source: Vintage Revivals

Ikea cots or cribs are really good value and, as always, open to an Ikea hack!

This great hack from Vintage Revivals uses the basic Ikea Gulliver cot and adds some timber to create the ‘house’ frame around it.

It’s quite simple, but really effective and certainly beats the cost of specially made cots like this by quite some distance! We also love the wooden animal wall feature behind the cot! You can find shapes like this at Modern Map Cutouts on Etsy.

Colourful Dipped Stools

Source: Style Me Pretty

While this may not be ideal for feeding your baby on, we find it’s really useful to have a stool in the nursery to move around and sit on wherever you need. It is also great as a little side table.

These gorgeous dipped stools from Style Me Pretty are perfect for a nursery.

They have used the Ikea Skogsta stool and painted either the top half or bottom half for a ‘dipped’ effect. Really easy to do!

Rocking Armchair Hack

Source: Ikeahackers

Now, if you did want something to be able to feed your baby in, this great rocking armchair hack on Ikeahackers is perfect!

They have used the super-comfortable Ikea Strandmon armchair and added some rockers to the bottom of the legs.

You can either make the curved rocking chair bars or find them online.

Bamboo Storage Box Upgrade

Source: Hunker

We adore this simple little upgrade to the Ikea Bullig bamboo storage box from Hunker.

They have added some small hairpin legs to the bottom of the bamboo box to create an elevated book box for a nursery.

Perfect to have next to your rocking armchair and the right height so that you’re not over-reaching with baby in arms!

Nursery Window Bench Seat Hack

Source: Ish and Chi

We thought this would be perfect for a nursery, where you could sit and read stories and even use as a changing surface if you don’t have a dedicated changing table.

It’s a bench seating hack from Ish and Chi that makes use of Ikea Besta and Alex units and some specially made seat cushions.

The added bonus is all that storage it creates!

Trofast Nursery Storage Hack

Source: The Paper Party Company on Etsy

The Ikea Trofast is fantastic storage for kids stuff as it is simple for them to use as well as being pretty sturdy (and inexpensive!).

It’s not the best looking though! This hack from The Paper Party Company on Etsy solves that with some stylish and fun decals to add to the plastic drawers.

They come in a whole big range of colours to suit your nursery decor too!

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Ikea Cot Canopy Hack

Source: Burlap and Blue

This canopy from Burlap and Blue has been made for a double bed but is easily transferrable to a cot or crib.

It is super-cheap and is made from a wooden embroidery ring and Ikea Lill net curtains.

You could also do this by using the new Ikea Rodhake canopy and adding the Lill net curtains to it.

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Under-Crib Storage hack

Source: Ikeahackers

Storage is often a problem in a nursery with so many clothes, diapers and cloths required. This great little under-crib storage hack from Ikeahackers is ideal.

They have custom-built a drawer to fit under the Gulliver crib to hold muslins or clothes.

Every little bit of storage space helps!

These are just a few of the best Ikea nursery hack ideas out there. It’s so much fun designing and making your perfect nursery and these hacks make it that little bit simpler too!

Enjoy your nursery designing and please do send in some pictures of the finished rooms!