8 Amazing Decals for Kids Ikea Furniture

Ikea do a fantastic range of kids furniture that really fulfill a need in every aspect of a child’s life. There are the furniture basics such as chairs, tables and beds. But then there are the well thought out play items such as the Duktig kitchen and Flisat dollhouse.

They are all well made but, let’s face it, are a little plain. Don’t fret though, there are so many ways you can hack Ikea kids furniture to create something unique and fun.

We’ve chosen to take a good look at some of the products offered by one company in particular that make it easy to customise your kids furniture from Ikea. Limmaland are a fantastic company that make decals or stickers that you can simply stick onto Ikea furniture, such as the Duktig kitchen, to make them come alive!

Let’s have a  good look at the 8 best decals they make for Ikea kids furniture.

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Ikea Duktig Kitchen Stickers


The Ikea Duktig play kitchen is really popular due to it’s value but you can turn it into something that looks so much more expensive with these amazing stickers.

Limmaland have made a huge range of decals suitable for the Ikea Duktig. They include a splash back and cover panels for various parts of the kitchen. You can also get stickers that add more detail to the kitchen such as stove plates, cooker controls and oven grill.

Kids love to use their imagination to fill in the blanks but sometimes they could do with a helping hand to make things look a bit more like their mummy and daddy’s kitchen!

Ikea Flisat Doll’s House Wallpaper and Accessories

Another great Ikea kids product is the Flisat doll’s house. These gorgeous Limmaland wallpaper decals will completely transform the look of it though.

They even throw in some wall art, plants and a cuckoo clock!

Again there are a range of styles to suit. There are even decals to turn it into a fire station or police station!

Limmaland also have stickers to turn a Kallax unit into a doll’s house.

Limmaland Car Mat Stickers for Ikea Furniture

If your kids are anything like our son then they go mad for cars! Having a car mat with roads for them to play with the cars is a great way to (try) and keep things contained. It also helps develop social context and hand co-ordination.

These awesome road stickers from Limmaland are freeform to allow you to arrange the road as you like.

There are also options with a complete car mat sticker than you place on top of a Latt table, Kallax unit or several other types of Ikea kids furniture.

Hours of fun guaranteed!

Ikea Moppe Chalk Board Stickers

Some of the best stickers that Limmaland offer are the fronts to drawers that either give the relevant Ikea furniture a gorgeous upgrade or perform a function, such as labelling.

These cool Ikea Moppe chalk board decals are both good looking and functional in one go! They are so versatile too. You can label them for certain things until your child grow out of them, then wipe it off and re-label.

A great way to use this is as an advent calendar with four Moppe sets of drawers.

Limmaland also have some different decorative stickers for the Moppe drawers.

Ikea Mosslanda Cloud Shelf Hack

Cloud shelves for nurseries are quite popular at the moment and there is a brilliant way to use the Ikea Mosslanda shelf to create the look.

These Limmaland wall stickers make this Ikea hack easy by giving you the cloud shape (and rain drops!) ready made.

All you need to do is fit the shelf below the cloud for a gorgeous cloud shelf.

There are lots of other cloud styles to choose from so you can find the perfect look for your nursery.

Play Kitchen Accessories Kit

Once you’ve upgraded your Ikea Duktig play kitchen you need some accessories for it!

These brilliant kitchen accessory stickers from Limmaland are good in two ways:

  1. They make it so easy and cheap to create tons of play kitchen accessories out of recycled materials
  2. It’s a far more environmentally friendly way to create unique play kitchen accessories

They also provide a guide to help you create your accessories!

Turn Your Ikea Duktig Kitchen into a Shop

We love the idea behind this chalk board decal for the back of the Duktig kitchen from Limmaland.

It gives the play kitchen two uses in one and if you combine it with the checkout stickers you can create an amazing play shop for your kids.

There are many more styles of stickers for this set up so you can choose the perfect one.

Upgrade Your Ikea Kura Bed

A really simple way to turn the Ikea Kura bed into something a little more fun and stylish is to add some of these fantastic decals to the headboard and base from Limmaland.

Again, there are loads of choices of style so you will be sure to find something that works for you.

Limmaland have loads of great stickers that can transform all sorts of Ikea furniture. We’ve had a look at our favourites, but there are more to see in their shop.

Adding ready made decals to Ikea furniture is such an easy Ikea hack and really adds a professional and interesting look.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by these examples of what you can do with your Ikea kids furniture. Why not send us photos of your creations and we can show everyone how creative you’ve been!