9 Brilliant Ikea Outdoor Furniture Hacks and Ideas

Ikea Outdoor Furniture Hacks have become increasingly popular among DIY enthusiasts and homeowners looking to add a personal touch to their outdoor spaces.

With the versatility of IKEA products and a dash of creativity, ordinary furniture pieces are transformed into unique and functional outdoor decor.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of inspiring projects that showcase the potential of IKEA hacks in elevating patio and garden aesthetics.

IKEA Applaro Transformation: A Restoration Hardware Vibe

IKEA Applaro furniture set transformed with a pale wood tone, surrounded by vibrant plants.
Source: bynicolerobin.com

Nicole Robin’s post offers a delightful insight into how she breathed new life into her IKEA Applaro outdoor furniture.

Initially not a fan of the dark, reddish stain, she embarked on a journey to give it a luxurious Restoration Hardware feel.

The process involved meticulous sanding, white-washing, and sealing. The result? A stunning pale wood tone modernises the set and exudes a rich, resort-like aura.

The transformation is especially striking when juxtaposed with the lush greenery of plants. If you want to upscale your patio furniture, this post is brimming with inspiration!

Patio Perfection with IKEA Hacks

A cozy patio space with IKEA benches and chairs, enhanced with plants and lights.
Source: 600sqftandababy

Alison Mazurek’s patio transformation is a testament to the magic of IKEA hacks. Moving into a new apartment, she was determined to set up her outdoor space swiftly and efficiently.

She achieved a built-in bench look by incorporating benches from her previous patio and adding a few more. Stained black benches offer storage and seamlessly blend with the surroundings.

The highlight, however, is the collaboration with IKEA. The APPLARO bench hack caught their attention, adding HAVSTEN chairs and HYLLIS shelves, enhancing the patio’s functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re seeking small space patio inspiration, this post is a treasure trove!

IKEA Marius Stool Turned Outdoor Side Table

IKEA Marius stool transformed into an outdoor side table with a cement stepping stone top.
Source: Garrison Street Design Studio

Lisa from Garrison Street Design Studio showcases a brilliant and budget-friendly IKEA hack that turns the humble Marius stool into a chic outdoor side table.

After her backyard patio makeover, Lisa realized the need for multiple side tables. Instead of splurging on expensive options, she ingeniously repurposed the $4.99 IKEA Marius stools by adding 12×12 cement stepping stones as tops.

The result is a durable and stylish side table that fits perfectly with her patio’s aesthetic. This hack demonstrates creativity and the potential for everyday items to be transformed into functional decor. A must-read for DIY enthusiasts!

IKEA Fniss Trash Can Turned Modern Planter

Two stacked IKEA Fniss trash cans repurposed as a modern planter with lush ferns.
Source: Garrison Street Design Studio

Lisa’s knack for creative and budget-friendly solutions shines through in this ingenious IKEA hack. Who would’ve thought the $0.99 IKEA Fniss trash could be transformed into a chic, modern planter?

By simply stacking two of these trash cans, Lisa achieved a taller planter look that rivals the expensive ones in the market. The ferns, which are real and thriving, add a touch of nature’s elegance to the setup.

This hack is affordable and versatile, as the planters can be easily moved around and are weather-resistant. This hack is a game-changer for those seeking a modern touch without the hefty price tag!

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Patio Table: From Shabby to Chic

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ patio table revamped with a natural wood finish and black painted legs.
Source: XO My Home

Kim’s transformation of the IKEA ÄPPLARÖ patio table is nothing short of impressive. Faced with the challenge of a red-stained table that didn’t align with her vision, Kim decided to take matters into her own hands.

She stripped the table down to its raw wood with a power sander and determination, revealing its true potential. The addition of black painted legs added a modern touch, while the natural wood finish retained its rustic charm.

The entire project, costing just $6 for spray paint, is a testament to Kim’s creativity and resourcefulness. For those looking to refresh their patio furniture without splurging, this DIY offers a perfect blueprint!

SKARPÖ Armchair Makeover: Paint & Tape Magic

IKEA SKARPÖ outdoor armchair revamped with fresh paint.
Source: IKEA Hackers

The IKEA SKARPÖ outdoor armchair, after enduring multiple seasons of harsh weather, was left stained and seemingly beyond cleaning.

However, with a touch of creativity and effort, the armchair was given a new lease of life. The transformation involved a meticulous painting process, ensuring the plastic material was treated correctly.

The result is a rejuvenated chair that looks as good as new, proving that sometimes, all a piece of furniture needs is a bit of TLC. This hack serves as a reminder that even weather-worn furniture can be restored to its former glory with the right techniques.

Artistic Makeover: IKEA Skarpo Chairs

IKEA Skarpo chairs artistically painted in vibrant shades of green and pink.
Source: Delicious And DIY

Anam from Delicious And DIY showcases a vibrant transformation of the IKEA Skarpo Chairs. Initially plain and black, these chairs were given a colorful facelift that makes them look like pieces of art.

Using DecoArt’s Outdoor Living Paint, Anam painted wave-like patterns on the chairs, one in shades of green and the other in pink and purple. The paints, specifically designed for outdoor furniture, ensure durability.

Anam’s creativity shines through in this project, turning basic chairs into statement pieces for any outdoor space. If you want to add a pop of color to your patio or garden, this DIY offers a splash of inspiration!

Industrial Wall Planter: The HYLLIS IKEA Hack

Industrial-style wall planter crafted from the HYLLIS IKEA shelf.
Source: Grillo Designs

Medina from Grillo Designs offers an innovative and stylish way to display indoor plants with the HYLLIS IKEA shelf hack.

Turning the shelf into an industrial wall planter, Medina showcases her love for both plants and IKEA hacks.

The transformation is functional and adds an aesthetic appeal to any space. The article is filled with excitement, from Medina’s newfound green thumb to her collaboration with REMODELAHOLIC.COM.

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your indoor plants or simply want to indulge in a fun DIY project, this HYLLIS IKEA hack is a must-try!

Shibori-Inspired IKEA Patio Table Makeover

IKEA patio table transformed with a shibori-inspired paint pattern in blue and white.
Source: Fusion Mineral Paint

The team at Fusion Mineral Paint presents a delightful DIY project that breathes new life into an old IKEA patio table.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese dyeing technique, shibori, the table is given a unique and vibrant makeover without needing actual dyeing.

A captivating checkerboard pattern is created using Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence and Liberty Blue, which is then enhanced with a star effect and smeared dots.

The result is a stunning shibori-patterned table that adds a touch of artistry to any patio. This DIY is not just about revamping a table; it’s about embracing creativity and making a statement with your outdoor furniture.

Ikea Outdoor Furniture Hacks are not just about saving money; they’re about expressing individuality and creating spaces that resonate with one’s personal style.

As we’ve seen from the featured projects, with ingenuity and effort, IKEA pieces can be reinvented to match any decor vision.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a newbie, these hacks offer many ideas to inspire your next outdoor furniture project.

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