39 Stunning Ikea Wedding Hacks and Ideas (Updated 2023)

Weddings can be terribly expensive, there is no getting away from it, but you can do a lot to bring the costs down. Here we look at ways to cut costs by using Ikea wedding hacks for various tasks.

Some Ikea products are great as they are, but with a few hacks, other products can be turned into amazing props, decorations and gifts to amaze your wedding guests.

Creating your own items for your wedding with a bit of DIY and an Ikea wedding hack is great fun and gives you a sense of achievement and personal investment in the success of your wedding. Having something unique and personal as part of your wedding is always nice.

Lets get stuck into these Ikea wedding hacks and ideas to help inspire your wedding day decor.

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The Ikea Wedding Hacks:

Gold Painted Flower Cage Centerpiece

Source: Yardsale Weddings

We absolutely adore these flower cages featured on Yardsale Weddings, made from Ikea BRUNSTA lamp shades. They come in black, and you could totally use them as they come. But here, they have given them a gold spray paint to elevate the look.

If you really wanted to make the most of your money with this idea, use Ikea’s artificial flowers so that you can take them home afterwards!

Boho Photo Backdrop

Source: Ikea

A bit of creative work has gone into this hack, which literally involves ‘hacking’ a piece of Ikea DITTE fabric with a pair of scissors. Some careful tying and braiding can result in something truly epic that your guests can use as a photo backdrop at your wedding.

This idea comes straight out of Ikea themselves. Add in a few strands of artificial foliage to complete the look and your boho wedding has a stunning new addition!

Ombre Lace Tea Light Holders

Ombre Tea Light Holders Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: The House That Lars Built

The Ikea SKURAR candle holder has a gorgeous lace pattern that sheds a dappled light from the candle within. They could be wonderful table lighting on their own, but this stunning ombre hack from The House That Lars Built gives it a bit more presence and allows you to introduce the colours of your wedding.

They have used some peach and pink spray paint to enhance the beauty of the vases.

These colours would be great for a summer wedding.

Gold Candle Lanterns

Gold Candle Lanterns
Source: Ruffled

Ikea has some very affordable lanterns, and this BORRBY lantern is one of the most popular. Spray painting it gold, as seen in this hack from Ruffled, is a great way to add glamour to your wedding decor.

They’ve also gone further by painting some bottles to hold the flower arrangements.

You could do the same with an Ikea BEHARSKA lantern for a different but equally impressive look.

Brightly Colored Knagglig Crates

Source: Sophie Hannah

As part of your staging, you might need a base of some sort and the Ikea KNAGGLIG crates are the perfect, budget option for this.

Here, Sophie Hannah has painted several of them in bright colors to match her lovely bright wedding. They add a rustic feel to the overall look and are so easy to do!

Brass Photo and Message Board

Brass Photo and Message Board
Source: Ikea

This great use of the Ikea MYRHEDEN memo board exemplifies how you can create a unique, vintage flower display or use it for photos or a place for guests to leave messages.

You can add so many useful things to this wire memo board, such as wooden clipboards to hold a menu, photographs and hold things on with vintage bulldog clips!

Colourful Glass Bottle Table Numbers

Coloured Glass Table Numbers Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Almost Makes Perfect

This is a nice simple way to display table numbers. Using an Ikea KORKEN bottle, the numbers have been created using a masking stencil in this hack by Almost Makes Perfect. You could make colourful table numbers like this or stick to more traditional white or gold spray paint.

These bottles make colourful and original Ikea wedding hacks.

Glass Wedding Card Box

Glass Wedding Card Box
Source: Style Me Pretty

We love this Ikea hack from Style Me Pretty that uses a SOCKER indoor greenhouse to provide a gorgeous place for guests to leave cards. They have added a personal message on the side using white glass pen.

You can come up with a design on your computer first and then print it out and tape it to the inside to give you a guide.

Why not cheat with these fantastic glass decals if you don’t fancy your handwriting skills too much. You can get them made in any wording you like and then place them into position.

Flower Adorned Champagne Coupes

Source: Ikea

I’ve included this because it looks cute, but I’ve got a feeling the foliage is going to get a little annoying when you’re trying to drink!

Anything that gets in the way of my prosecco is taking a big risk!

Perhaps you could do this to a few token glasses and leave the majority of them obstacle free!?

Picture Frame Photo Prop

Wedding Photo Picture Frame
Source: Wedding Chicks

Props for photos have become ridiculously popular lately and for good reason. They add a perfect element of fun to both guest photos and the bride and groom photos. This Ikea UNG DRILL frame hack from Wedding Chicks has been created by simply spray painting the frame gold.

After the bride and groom photos, it can be taken back for guest photos!

Chandelier Table Lighting

Chandelier Table Lighting Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Style Me Pretty

If you are having an outdoor wedding (good for you!) then you might be looking for a unique way to light the tables if you’re eating in the evening. This amazing set-up from Style Me Pretty uses chandeliers to provide lighting, and you could use the Ikea APPELVIKEN chandelier as a candle holder and spray paint it white or gold.

Adding some glass beads would transform it into something more elegant.

Of all the Ikea wedding hacks, I think this is our favourite!

Lace and Wood Cake Stand

Lace Cupcake Platters
Source: Clockwork Lemon

Cupcakes have become incredibly popular for wedding cakes, but how do you display them beautifully? This fantastic hack from Clockwork Lemon uses the Ikea SKURAR candle dish set on top of some logs for a stunning wedding cake display.

We also love the fall leaf icing decorations!

Lace Flower Pot

Lace Flower Pot
Source: One Fab Day

The Ikea SKURAR range makes another appearance with the SKURAR plant pot. This hack from One Fab Day creates a gorgeous flower hanging display for the pews in the church. This could also be used on chairs at an outdoor wedding.

The pots have been hung using twine, adding a rustic feel to the look.

Glass Bell Jar Light

Glass Bell Jar Lights Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Ikea

These Ikea BEGAVNING glass domes are a relatively new product and are really useful for creating an elegant, interesting style. Filling it with an LED string light, as in this hack, is an excellent way to make the most of it and would make a great table centrepiece.

You could really fill these bell jars with almost anything, and they would look good. Try creating a terrarium with succulents or perhaps moss.

Get some battery-powered LED string lights for this job so you don’t have to plug them in!

Solar Power Paper Lantern

Solar Powered Paper Lanterns
Source: Wedding Party App

Paper lanterns are perhaps a little basic when it comes to lighting your home, but used en mass in a wedding setting they really can add atmosphere and drama. The Ikea SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered paper lamp shade would be perfect for outdoor weddings to create the right mood with lighting.

I’m not sure about using sparklers underneath them but I’m sure it all worked out well…

Net Curtain Backdrop

Hanging Net Backdrop
Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Backdrops can be expensive simply because of the area you’re trying to cover but this great hack from Elegant Wedding Invites uses Ikea LILL net curtains tied to a line of string to create a lovely, textured backdrop that would be both cheap and easy to do.

We also love the burlap bunting, and you can get a personalised Mr & Mrs burlap bunting very cheaply!

Gin Bar Cart

Gin Bar Cart
Source: Popsugar

Depending on what your guests are like, a drinks station could be a genius or a dangerous move! This awesome hack uses an Ikea BEKVAM kitchen trolley painted in a gray-green. They have added a towel rail and a bottle opener and then just styled it with everything required.

We feel they might need a few more glasses, though!

Deck this wonderful drinks trolley out with cool drinkware such as a copper ice bucket and cocktail shaker set.

Olive Tree Centrepiece

Olive Tree Table Centrepiece Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: June Bug Weddings

Adding large plants to a table centrepiece can quickly diminish your budget, but these Ikea olive trees are an absolute bargain. Add some LED string lights or hanging jars for candles and they make a stunning centrepiece.

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Glass Candle Stick

Glass Candle Sticks
Source: Hill Country Bride

The Ikea BLOMSTER candlesticks have been around for a good while and are as popular as ever due to their simple, elegant style. It’s not exactly a hack, but using some of these of varying heights and suitable coloured candles on your table is a cheap and easy way to make an impact.

Wood Crate Blanket Box

Wooden Blanket Crate
Source: The Chalk Spot

Having a few little touches that show you care about your guests is really important at a wedding and the Ikea KNAGGLIG box is a great way to store items such as blankets, flip-flops and games. This wonderful hack from The Chalk Spot adds some gorgeous lettering on the side to let everyone know what it’s for.

You can also make the crate look rustic with the great hack found in our post 39 Ikea hacks that are simple & super stylish.

Table Number and Menu Picture Frame

Table Numbers and Signs Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Photolimo

There are some Ikea products that you have to think “Did you make this intentionally for weddings?” The Ikea TOLSBY frame is one such item. This is perfect to use for table numbers, menu holders and signs at a wedding and this hack shows that you can spray paint it to colours that suit your wedding too.

They have also printed off the insert in white writing on a black background to make it look like a chalkboard.

Chalkboard Easel Noticeboard

Chalkboard Sign
Source: Ikea

Speaking of chalkboards, this brilliant hack from Ikea shows how you can use the Ikea MALA easel as a stunning wedding sign, utilising the tray underneath the board as a flower shelf.

You could go further by painting the frame in a colour to suit your wedding and the board could be used in various ways, such as pointing the way to drinks!

Ikea Rattan Basket Flower Display Wedding

Basket of Flowers
Source: Ikea

One of the most recent additions to the Ikea collection, this TANKVARD basket is huge and would make a great container for a large floral display.

You could also use this as a blanket holder or line it with plastic sheet, fill it with ice and use it to hold beer!

Tea Light Washi Tape

Washi Tape Tea Lights
Source: Wedding Venues

Washi tape is so versatile and can be used to transform almost anything! In this case they have wrapped Ikea tealights to upgrade them to something a bit more stylish. Such a simple hack, but turns something dirt cheap into something really nice.

Gold Flower Vase

Gold Glass Vases Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Sophie Hannah

Spray painting things gold has been covered earlier, but this hack from Sophie Hannah gets a special mention because the Ikea VILJESTARK glass vase is so cheap, yet such a nice form. Spray painting it gold only adds to its beauty.

Drop in some gypsophila and a couple of carnations (also cheap) and who would know you spent pennies on it!?

Spice Jar Favours

Spice Jar Wedding Favours
Source: Sweet Raisin

Wedding favours are always a great way to show a little appreciation to your guests for helping make your wedding amazing. These Ikea RAJTAN spice jars make the perfect container for some jelly beans.

Finished off with a married name monogram and a ribbon, they make a really cute wedding favour.

Canvas Photo Booth Ikea Wedding Hacks

Canvas Photo Booth Hack
Source: Instructables

We absolutely love this Ikea canvas wardrobe hack from Instructables. The wardrobe isn’t available from Ikea any more but you could probably pick one up on eBay, gumtree or Craigslist.

Photo booths are so expensive, you could save a ton of money on this, which would be very impressive.

Coloured Ribbon Backdrop

Dyed Ribbon Backdrop Hack
Source: Instructables

Another backdrop hack from Instructables. This one uses some cheap Ikea curtains with strips of fabric that has been dip-dyed over the top to give a gorgeous textured, colourful backdrop.

Dish Cloth Napkin

Dish Cloth Napkins Hack
Source: Ruffled

A great place setting makes such an important impression on your guests.it’s good to spend a bit of time coming up with something beautiful and meaningful.

This great hack from Ruffled uses Ikea ELLY dishcloths, bamboo plates, and cutlery for an outdoor wedding.

Stay eco friendly with a bumper pack of bamboo plates, knives and forks.

Glitter Paper Latern

Glitter Ball Lamp Shade Hack
Source: Oh Happy Day

A paper lantern is so versatile and this great hack from Oh Happy Day uses an Ikea REGOLIT paper lamp shade to create a glitter ball!

Simply use contact adhesive and some glitter of choice and you can create a gorgeous hanging decoration or table centrepiece really simply.

Ice Cream Truck Shelf

Ice Cream Truck Wall Shelf Hack
Source: Oh Happy Day

This is a stunning hack from Oh Happy Day to create an ice cream serving area based around the them of an ice cream truck. They have used an Ikea LACK shelf and dressed it up with an awning, which you could make with plastic pipe and fittings covered with coloured paper.

The lettering decals can be found on Etsy and the letterboard menu finishes the look perfectly.

Gingerbread House Centrepiece

Gingerbread House Table Centrepiece Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Apres Fete

If you are having a winter wedding, or just love gingerbread, this table centrepiece hack makes great use of the Ikea VINTERSAGA gingerbread house.

Decorate it in colours that match your wedding and they can become a second dessert!

Net Curtain Teepee

Lace Teepee For Kids
Source: Ikeahackers

If you are having an outdoor wedding, or even have the space indoors for ir, this stunning teepee from Ikeahackers makes a gorgeous, fun den for kids at your wedding.

They have used an Ikea LILL net curtain over some dowels and dressed it up with flowers (you could use some of Ikea’s fantastic artificial flower range!)

Wood Crate Wedding Card Box

Rustic Wedding Card Crate Hack
Source: Sweetheart Events

Another great way to collect wedding cards using an Ikea KNAGGLIG hack.

This one from Sweetheart Events goes down the DIY rustic route to make the crate look like a vintage wine crate and then they’ve added writing and illustration in white pen. Overall, a beautiful finished project.

Picture Frame Glass Noticeboard

Picture Frame Glass Wedding Noticeboard Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Nouba

This hack is one of our favourite and uses an Ikea KNOPPANG frame without the mount or backing board. Simply write on whatever you want to display in white pen and it’s a gorgeous effect.

We love that it has been sat on an old wooden chair to add to the vintage feel.

Painted Seagrass Basket

Painted Seagrass Basket Hack
Source: Made Up Style

We love these Ikea FLADIS baskets which currently house two snake plants in our bedroom. This great hack from Made Up Style is subtle but adds a layer of sophistication to the look.

You could use the colours of your wedding and then use these baskets for blankets, collecting cards or holding bunches of flowers.

Glass Bottle Table Number

Glass Bottle Table Number Hack
Source: Ikea

A great hack from Ikea themselves. It’s such a simple treatment of the Ikea KORKEN bottle, with a twig of eucalyptus in a bottle full of water and then a tiny bunting string tied around the base with a cardboard table number.

The number may need to be a little bigger, but the cuteness level on this hack is 10! For the bunting you can use washi tape folded over.

Mini Bucket Flower Pots

Mini Bucket Flower Pot Hack
Source: The Wedding Notebook

The Ikea SOCKER plant pot has been used in so many hacks and this little wedding hack is ideal for a rustic-themed wedding. It’s so simple and cheap too, with just a few sprigs of gypsophila in each pot and some brown string and burlap ribbon tied around it.

So simple, yet so effective.

Variety of Glass Vases

Variety of Glass Vases Ikea Wedding Hacks
Source: Ikea

Perhaps you can’t consider it a hack, but Ikea have so many varied glass vases at really cheap prices that it’s so easy to create a great, vintage look on a budget. You don’t have to use a lot of flowers either, just a stem in each vase, perhaps a bit of foliage.

It can be as simple as that to create a gorgeous table centrepiece!

That’s quite a lot of Ikea wedding hacks to take in but I hope it has shown you what’s possible and given you some inspiration.

Your wedding day is super special and the little touches make a huge difference to everyone’s experience of the event. These little design elements can, however, add up in cost so it’s great to have a few tricks up your sleeve to create something really special at a low cost.

We hope there have been plenty of ideas to get you inspired for your big day here, we’ve been looking at a lot of them and wishing we could go back in time to add them to our own wedding!

Happy hacking!

Ikea Wedding Hacks

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