14 Ways to Repurpose the Ikea Spice Rack with Hacks

The Ikea Bekvam spice rack is £3.50. That is ridiculously cheap and makes this product perfect for an Ikea hack. You can buy several of them and turn them into something that looks far more expensive with these Ikea spice rack hacks.

We’ll show you just what you can do with such a simple product.

These Ikea hacks have been popping up in home offices, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. There is seemingly no end to the versatility of the Ikea spice rack.

The Ikea Spice Rack Nursery Shelving Hack

The bare wood of the Bekvam spice rack means you can finsih it however you want, but why not leave it as it is and create some shelves for nursery bits and bobs.

This great hack from Otis and the Wolf makes use of three spice racks arranged in a unique way to hold wooden toys, safari soft animal garland and books.

It all looks quite bohemian!

Bedside Light Spice Rack Hack

This isn’t a Bekvam spice rack, but it is almost exactly the same and you can easily do the same hack with a Bekvam.

This hack is from Apartment Therapy and it creates a stunning bedside hanging light set up with the spice rack.

All they have done is wrap the light cable around the bar on the spice rack to let it hang beside the bed. Very trendy!

Entrance Shelf and Umbrella Rack

This gorgeous little entrance shelf with umbrella rack from Emilys Little World is so simple but so effective!

They have painted most of the spice rack white and left the bar in stained wood with a little washi tape decoration across it.

We love the extra touch of the umbrella rack!

Decoupaged Spice Rack

Ok, so we’ve got a spice rack hacked into a….spice rack! But this is one with a big difference!

This stunning spice rack hack from Very Legend Aryee uses old napkins in a floral pattern to create a fabric decoupage effect.

This is such a beautiful, tactile finish to the spice rack that will make any kitchen look better!

Entrance Shelving with Key Holders

Another entrance shelving hack using the Bekvam spice rack, this time from NyanCat82 on Reddit.

They have created space for keys, sunglasses and welcoming pot plants!

We love the way they have glued magnets underneath the spice rack for the keys to simply get stuck to!

Spice Rack to Shoe Rack

There are 5 different ways to use the Bekvam spice rack on the video here from Maya on Ikeahackers.

Our favourite is the shoe rack made by hanging the spice the wrong way round.

They have painted the spice rack yellow and added a drawer label too.

There are many more storage ideas in our Ikea storage hacks post.

Jewellery Holder Spice Rack Hack

With just the addition of a few screw-in hooks, this Ikea spice rack hack from Homedit has given us a jewellery rack.

The wood has been stained to give it a more rustic look.

It’s a great way to display your favourite jewellery.

Over The Window Plant Shelving

This is a great little home decor hack from thecrainesnest on Instagram. They have fitted three Bekvam spice racks across the top of a window to hold their plant collection.

The spice racks have been stained a dark colour and a copper contact paper added to the bottom for added effect.

Anything that helps get more plants into a room is great!

Kids Craft Table Spice Rack Hack

We love Ikea hacks that create great kids play spaces and this craft table hack from Design Ingenuity is perfect!

The Bekvam spice rack gives a great place to store jars of crayons, paints, etc on the side of the table where it is needed.

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Kids Room Book Rack

The classic spice rack kids book hack comes out eventually! This one from North Carolina Charm is great because of the way they have arranged the racks.

They have simply painted them white to allow the books and toys to stand out.

We love the soft toy at the end of each shelf!

Colourful Book Shelving Hack

Well, now they’re like buses! Another bookshelf hack, but this one from Her Happy Home stands out because of the gorgeous pastel colours used.

Sometimes you only need to do the simplest thing to transform the spice rack into something beautiful!

Craft Storage Spice Rack hack

Calling all craft lovers! This great spice rack hack from 7 Layer Studio makes a fantastic place to hold ribbons or all sorts of other craft supplies.

We love the amount of work that has been put into this to make it look stunning.

There have been trims added around the base of each shelf and the frame around the whole thing is inspired!

Kitchen Shelving Industrial Hack

You could be using this as an actual spice rack, but here they have used it for oils. This Bekvam spice rack hack from The Inspired Hive goes all industrial on us with grey paint and wire mesh.

It’s a great look that would go really well in any modern kitchen.

We like the burnt lettered labels on each shelf too!

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Kids Room Open Wardrobe

One more kids room spice rack hack, this one from calivintage on Instagram.

They have made good use of the bar on the spice rack for hanging kids clothes as an open wardrobe. Great for those cherished items of clothing you love to look at!

It’s also so useful to just have somewhere to chuck a few items when you don’t have time to tidy!

There is so much you can do with the Ikea Bekvm spice rack. These few Ikea spice rack hacks have demonstrated just that.

I hope you have found something to inspire you to create your own spice rack hack.

Please do let us know if you want to show it off!

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