20 Ikea Storage Hacks that look Super Stylish

If you’re anything like us then you are constantly battling against lack of storage in your home. There are so many clever solutions available to you, but one method we loveare Ikea storage hacks.

By using an Ikea storage hack you can create great looking, useful storage quickly and cheaply. Ikea hacks are perfect for making DIY that little bit easier as you can build off an already well-made piece of furniture or accessory.

We’ve gathered the best Ikea storage hacks to give you some inspiration for your own projects.

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Ikea Bed Slat Wall Hanging Organizer

This amazing hanging organizer from Ich Designer is possibly the easiest storage solution of the lot. Simply take an old Ikea bed slat roll and hang it on the wall!

You can then add hooks, clips, trays, etc to your hearts desire to create a really practical hold-all organizer for things that you otherwise have nowhere to put.

We like simple solutions and this fits the bill!

Studio Storage Rack System

Moving on to something a little more complex, this awesome storage system from Carla Sondheim gives so much storage and is a fantastic piece of industrial design. Perfect for a variety of situations such as a studio, loft or garage.

This system makes use of the Ikea IVAR shelves and some custom built drawers to create a stylish and capacious storage solution.

As Ikea storage hacks go, this is pretty epic and will solve a lot of storage problems.

DIY Wardrobe System

Moving on to clothing storage which is an area I think most of us can identify with! This gorgeous solution from Homemade by Carmona uses an Ikea RAST dresser and melamine boards to create a custom wardrobe that provides all the storage space you need.

The whole look is brought together by painting everything the same colour.

A little bit of carefully chosen accessories and the look is complete!

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets and Nooks

We love this great piece of design shown on My Domaine. They have created a bespoke set of kitchen cabinets with some open shelving nooks for select items.

The touch of pink against the white cabinets really sets it off and the texture introduced at the back of the nooks is inspired.

They have used Ikea BESTA units for the cabinets and built everything else around it, so original!

Colour Block Kids Storage Unit

Just the simple addition of a block of grey colour to this brilliant Ikea hack by rohouseproud on Instagram has created a storage solution that is stylish and cool.

I think you’ll agree this Ikea hack is accessible to anyone, no matter of DIY skills level!

You can find more great kids hacks on our Ikea Hacks for Kids post.

Ikea Pax Wardrobe Hack with Integrated Dressing Table

The Ikea PAX is a highly versatile piece of furniture that will come to your aid for a number of storage issues. This fantastic Ikea PAX hack from Jenna Sue Design incorporates a glamorous dressing table into the wardrobe space.

If you’re worried about what your partner might think of your dream dressing table or are short of space for it, perhaps this is a compromise solution for you!

Imagine how outlandish you could go with it when you know you can just close the door on it!

Stylish Bespoke Walk In Closet

This is one of the best Ikea storage hacks, if not any hack, we’ve ever seen. Admittedly it is quite involved, but the results are stunning!

The Ikea PAX wardrobe was used as the base for this stylish walk in closet by Erin Kestenbaum. The closet was then built around them and trimmed off to create something that looks completely bespoke.

We love the dark colours used and the combination of brass fittings and antique rug to accent it all.

Ikea Ivar Cabinet with Rattan Covered Door

Another quite simple Ikea IVAR hack, this one from September Edit. Rattan is quite an on trend material right now and they have used it to great effect as texture on the front of the IVAR unit.

It completely transforms the look of the unit and it now could hold it’s own as a stylish piece of furniture in any room.

Space Saving Entrance Way Shoe Cabinet

Ikea have a few great shoe storage solutions including the HEMNES cabinet used in this amazing Ikea hack from Lavender Julep.

They have added some trendy leather strap handles and a rustic wood top surface to help it sit better with it’s surroundings.

Halls and entrance ways can be tricky areas, but using the right piece of furniture is important, especially if you can customise it as well as this has been!

Kitchen Pantry Storage Drawers

Kitchen storage can become a little disorganised if you’re just using deep shelves. By adapting Ikea PAX drawers these creative hackers at Ikea Hackers have made their kitchen storage so much more accessible and efficient.

No more rummaging around at the back of a cupboard, you just pull out the drawer and everything is there for you.

Ikea Raskog Shoe Storage Hack

Ok, so there isn’t a lot of Ikea hacking going on with this idea from Livet Hemma but the use of the cart as shoe storage is pretty original!

They have used this in a walk in closet that they have styled in a very bohemian, relaxed way which we love.

Loft Eaves Ikea Storage Hack

If you are planning a loft conversion, or already have a room that has wasted eaves space then this amazing Ikea Hack from Ikea Hackers might be your solution.

They have used Ikea MALM dressers built into the eaves to create tons of great storage space. The use of the dressers massively reduces the amount of work involved in creating this storage space.

It looks pretty stunning too!

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Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

We love this Ikea TARVA hack from In My Own Style that takes a pretty bog standard dresser and turns it into a stylish and practical rolling desk.

In fact they mention several ways you could transform the dresser whether you are in need of a desk, family organiser workstation, drinks cabinet. The world is your oyster!

The use of brass fittings and spotted wallpaper print works so well together.

Mudroom Bench Ikea Storage Hack

Everyone would like a mudroom I’m sure, but this awesome Ikea hack from The MomBot makes it so much more practical and affordable to have one in your home.

They have taken the Ikea STUVA storage bench and added an upstand to house hooks and a shelf.

The addition of a wooden board for the bench top makes it look and feel more rustic, like a proper farmhouse mudroom bench!

Window Seat Storage Hack

Two wins from one out of this amazing window seat Ikea storage hack from Centsational Style. You get a great window seat and you get tons of storage!

They have used an old version of Ikea cabinets, but this would work really well with STUVA or BESTA cabinets.

Add in some awesome cushion accessories and away you go filling up all that storage space!

Colourful Ikea Storage Cabinet Hack

These cabinets by We Are Scout are really quite stunning. They have painted the cabinets bright colours and then decoupaged them with flower prints to create this visually amazing set of cabinets.

To get colours that work well together you can use the site coolors.co and play around until you have a set that you love.

Of all these Ikea storage hacks, this is certainly the most vibrant and fun!

Under The Stairs Bench Storage Hack

Another fantastic bench hack, this time for under the stairs. The creators at Sori Writes have made a super stylish storage bench out of Ikea BESTA cabinets by adding a wood bench top and leather strap handles.

The sheepskin rug makes it that much more homely!

It’s great to try and make use of under-used areas of the home such as under the stairs.

Upmarket Ikea Dresser Hack

We couldn’t believe this was an Ikea TARVA dresser. Ok, so we did recognise it due to our compete and utter immersion in Ikea hacks, but we were still amazed!

This Ikea TARVA dresser hack is from Hunker and uses thin strips of wood on the front of the drawers to add loads of texture and shadow which makes the whole thing so much more appealing.

The dresser has also been raised up on a bespoke leg frame to give it a little more gravitas.

Stylish Built In Wardrobe Hack

This built in wardrobe hack from Style At Home really raises the bar. They have created something that looks completely bespoke and utterly stylish.

The use of the dark green on the doors with brass knobs is an inspired choice.

It makes you think you need to get the clothes to match the grandeur of the wardrobe!

These amazing Ikea storage hack ideas show just what’s possible when you need some elegant and clever storage solutions for you home.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your own storage projects. If you create something amazing let us know so we can enjoy the results!

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