Ikea’s Summer 2020 Collection is Bright and Bold!

We love the Ikea summer collection every year, it gets us imagining sunny summer evenings playing in the garden and eating great food.

The 2020 Ikea summer collection has not disappointed!

There are some daringly bold, never seen before products that can really make your summer the best ever.

We’ve brought together what we think are the best parts of the collection for you.

Ikea SOLBLEKT Deck Chair

What better symbol of the summer than a deck chair!? A deck chair with palm trees all over it!

This is a gorgeous addition to the Ikea outdoor range, and it is a generous size. Possible big enough for two?

Ikea HAVSTEN Easy Chair

Another seating implement, this time a more elegant, metal framed easy chair with some amazingly puffy cushions!

I think we would rename this the giun and tonic chair if we owned it, which we very well might do soon!

Ikea MISTERHULT Bamboo Pendant Light

Going indoors now, this stunningly shaped bamboo pendant light would look great in a bohemian style room.

We love the curved bottom that looks like a wormhole (of the space kind, not the garden kind!).

Ikea NORDKISA Bamboo Wardrobe

Staying indoors, and keeping with the bohemian and bamboo look. This amazing wardrobe is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese style.

Sliding doors give this wooden wardrobe a tactile feel. Just make sure everything you put in it looks good on view!

Ikea SOLBLEKT Collection

Not content with highlighting individual pieces, we’ve chosen a whole collection in itself! The SOLBLEKT outdoor collection is a fantastic, colourful addition to the Ikea line up and we’ll pick out a few gems from it.

Ikea SOLBLEKT Cushion

We love this cushion from the collection, there are others, but the combination of palm trees and classic car just make it that bit more special for us.

This would look great as part of any outdoor furniture set up.

Ikea SOLBLEKT Parasol

As if you couldn’t get enough palm trees, why not see them when you look up into your parasol.

This is a great parasol with a waxed wooden pole.

Ikea SOLBLEKT Backpack

To take all of your awesome outdoor stuff to the beach (or just out into the garden) this cool backback with let you do it in style.

There is also a wicker basket in the range for this purpose, but we prefer the backpack!

Ikea FREKVENS Tripod and spotlights

Moving back indoors (although you could use them outdoors in good weather!), this tripod and colourful range of spotlights will add a totally different look to any room.

This would be great in a teenagers room, but equally amazing as a talking point anywhere else.

It can also be used as part of a home photography studio.

Ikea SOLVINDEN Solar LED Pendant Light

Lastly, back outdoors for this genius solar powered pendant light. Again, with some gorgeous palm leaves, but with the addition of some pink flowers.

This is such a great product that would add a completely new dimension to your garden this summer!

We adore these summer products from Ikea. They’ve really stepped up their game with some bold, colourful and unique pieces.

Hopefully we will get a chance to enjoy some of these things in our garden this year, but if not, there is always next year! Or why not just go ahead and use it any time of the year!

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