13 Ikea Malm Dresser Hacks We Wanted to Show You

The Ikea Malm dresser epitomises what is great about Ikea furniture. It is sturdy, functional, simple and open to an Ikea hack!

There have been so many amazing Ikea Malm hacks carried out by enthusiastic Ikea hackers that we thought we’d go back and pick out some of the best that have appeared since out last Ikea Malm hacks post.

There is such a great variety in what you can do with the Ikea Malm dresser because it starts off as something so plain.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing creativity involved in hacking the Malm dresser.

Elegant Gold Trimmed Ikea Malm Hack

This is such a gorgeous Ikea Malm hack to start on. We love the combination of the black and gold on this dresser by Andrea S. via Overlays.

They have used the Overlays adhesive frames on the drawer fronts to create a stunning gold trim to the front of the dresser. Then added some ring pulls to finish the elegant look.

The gold legs are the perfect way to elevate this glamorous Malm up off the floor for a stylish look.

Marble fronted Ikea Malm Hack

This is a stunning Ikea Malm hack from 123kea. They make custom stickers for the front of furniture like the Ikea Malm and this marble effect decal is amazing!

We are big fans of adhesive vinyl to add a completely different material effect to any piece of furniture, especially marble.

This turns the plain Malm dresser into something that could adorn any high end home or even business space (I can easily see this is a spa!).

Etched Geometric Ikea Malm Dresser

Another source of fantastic adhesive panels for your Malm dresser is Norse Interiors.

They have a huge selection styles, but this elongated hexagonal pattern is our favourite and would add an elegant touch to any setting.

Combine it with some gorgeous brass knobs (you could splurge a bit on the knobs as you are saving so much by hacking a Malm!) and you have a gorgeous, stylish dresser!

Simple Adaptation of the Classic Malm

Sometimes you do not need to do a lot to a piece of furniture to turn it into something stunning. This Malm dresser hack by David Giles on Ideal Home is a perfect example.

They have added some bronze adhesive decals to the front frame of the Malm, just above the handles, to give a gorgeous highlight.

The final touch is the set of short brass hairpin legs to raise it off the floor.

Dramatic Mirror Effect Malm Dresser Hack

Using mirror is a great way to both add a bit of glamour and bounce light around a room. This lovely Malm dresser hack from Home Art Stickers on Etsy shows you the kind of results you can get.

They have used their Geometric mirrored overlays for the fronts of the drawers to create something that looks ten times the price.

You can get the panels in different sizes and finishes to match whatever Malm dresser you have.

Bobbin Decorated Ikea Malm Dresser

We love the playfulness of this bobbin trimmed Malm dresser from My Dear Irene.

They have used tons of little wooden balls glued around the outside edge of the drawer fronts to create a stunning, tactile finish.

It might be a labout of love, but I think worth it in the end!

Banana Leaf on your Malm!

For another fun Ikea Malm hack, we love this banana leaf decal from 123kea.

You can get so many different decals to front your Ikea Malm dresser but there is something about a banana leaf that adds some drama to a room. If you can’t get the real thing in your room, then this is the next best!

The Ikea Malm drawer fronts are quite a large area of blank space just begging for something interesting stuck to them!

Modernist Ikea Malm Makeover

We adore the chunky curved handles that have been added to this Ikea Malm dresser by House on a Sugar Hill.

They have raised the Malm up on some simple legs that are somehow chunky and elegant! These legs could easily be home made from some off cuts of pine or oak.

The handles could be made from some small wooden plates cut in half.

Rusted Sheet Metal Effect Drawers

This incredible, industrial effect finish to the Malm from Behangfabriek makes a bit statement!

It is another adhesive decal, but this one looks so sumptuously industrial it is a real head turner.

I would be tempted to wrap more of the dresser in this rusted metal effect sticker, or perhaps something completely different. Although the white does contrast well with it.

Solid Oak Mid Century Malm Hack

Ok, this is not technically a Malm hack from House Seven Design, but I believe you can easily recreate the look of this gorgeous mid century dresser with a Malm. It is already the right shape!

You can recreate this with a brown stained ash veneer Ikea Malm dresser, or with some oak effect adhesive vinyl and a bit of patience!

The legs can be made from oak timber in a very simple way. Just four short legs, joined by a rectangular frame to sit the Malm on top of.

Wood Wrapped Kitchen Island Malm Hack

This is an amazing Ikea Malm hack from Ikea Hackers. They have joined three Malm dressers together to form a long unit and then wrapped the whole thing with a solid timber counter top.

This could be a great way to create a cheap kitchen island or a fantastic long sideboard or dresser for any room.

As a kitchen island it provides loads of great drawer storage, which we find is the best way to store things in the kitchen!

Ikea Malm Desk Storage Hack

Using Ikea furniture as supports for a desk is nothing new, but this Ikea Malm desk hack from Lust Living gives loads of storage.

The Malm drawers are big and using them as desk supports means you create a really practical desk or dressing table that will never let you down on the storage front.

Use two Malm units with an Ikea Linnmon desk top to recreate this.

Gorgeous accessories optional. but highly recommended!

Dark Wood Campaign Chest Hack

This is a magnificent statement campaign chest hack, using a Malm dresser, from Designer Trapped.

They have used the brown stained ash Malm dresser with some cup handles added to complete the look.

They have also added another shelf at the back of the unit for a different look and additional open shelving, but this could be an optional extra.

It’s been lovely going back to look at Ikea Malm hacks again. The Malm is one of our favourite pieces of furniture to hack and it’s always entertaining seeing the many ways people imagine it can be upcycled.

I hope you have found something inspiring here, we’d love to see your own Ikea Malm dresser hacks!