14 Magical Ikea Christmas Hacks

Christmas is a big deal in our household and I mean BIG. We’re currently deciding whether November is too early to put the tree up! Add in our obsession with Ikea hacks and you have a match made in heaven!

You may be wondering if Ikea Christmas hacks are actually a thing. You may have a point, we might be trying to coddle two amazing things together to make this post. We don’t care! We’re super excited to be writing about Ikea Christmas hacks so…

Let’s have a look at how you can make some awesome Christmas decorations by using some cheap Ikea products. The idea here is to get big impact for very little money.

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Ikea Christmas Hacks

Gorgeous Christmas Village in a Socker Greenhouse


The Ikea Socker greenhouse is a wonderful addition to the Ikea product line, both for it’s intended use as an indoor greenhouse and for hacking into other uses!

This wonderful Christmas village scene from Zilver Blau is too cute and must have been great fun to make.

You can find some amazing card houses by Holiday Spirits Decor or just make your own!

Glass Bell Jar Christmas Display


This is a fantastic Ikea Christmas hack idea direct from Ikea. They have used their Begavning glass bell jars to create a gorgeous Christmas decoration with ornaments and lights.

In fact you could get really creative and come up with something of your own design here. Get the kids involved and drag out that box of craft supplies you’ve all been hoarding (or is that just us!?).

You could put almost anything in this glass bell jar, add some battery powered LED lights and it would look great!

Ribba Picture Frame Christmas Scene


Grab some more of those battery powered LED lights for this great Ribba picture frame Christmas hack from Ikeahackers.

What we love about this Ikea hack is the variety of options you have. The Ribba picture frame is a ready made display box into which you can add any combination of Christmassy (spell check is telling me that isn’t a word, what do you know spellcheck!?) decorations!

Our favourite is the tree on the car roof scene, but the deer and winter village scene is a close second.

All you need to do is get a Ribba picture frame, some pillow stuffing and some cute ornaments, then add in those lights for a stunning display.

Giant Advent Calendar from a Kallax Unit


Wow! I had a little chuckle to myself when I saw this amazing Ikea Christmas hack from Ikeahackers. There are so many creative ways to do an advent calendar these days, but this giant one takes things back to the pure joy of opening it up to see what’s inside. But on a massive scale!

I think you can imagine, just as I am, the scene each morning as your son or daughter bursts open one of the sections.

The only draw back is having to get 25 things big enough to justify the excitement this giant advent calendar will bring!

Ikea Holmo Lamp Christmas Tree Hack


We love the creativity from Fabrica De Imaginacion in turning this simple Ikea Holmo floor lamp into a gorgeous modern white Christmas tree alternative.

The lamp is ridiculously cheap and all you need are some large sheets of card to make your tree shape.

The brown paper stars are the perfect match for this modern, clean and simple Christmas tree hack.

Nativity Scene from Ribba Frames


If you like a nativity scene as part of your Christmas decorations but don’t want to fork out on something specially made then why not make your own!?

This fantastically detailed nativity scene fram Ikeahackers, made with two Ribba picture frame is perfect!

This is a great project for older kids to get involved in.

Alternative Christmas Yukka Tree


Pine trees have been the traditional Christmas tree of choice but if you’re the kind of person that likes to shake up the old traditions then this Ikea hack is for you!

Ikea have decorated one of there yukka plants to create a great alternative Christmas tree. You could go for a real plant like this yukka, or one of Ikea’s fantastic artificial plants such as the fiddle leaf fig.

The great thing about this is that you could have it decorated for the whole year and it wouldn’t be out of place!

Christmas Mug Candle Holders Hack


Such as simple, yet stylish Ikea Christmas hack from La Delicate Parenthese. These gorgeous candle holders are made from really cheap Ikea mugs.

They have simply cut out some ‘XMAS’ letters and stuck them to the side of the cups to create a mask. Then, using a permanent marker such as a Sharpie, they have drawn on any design they fancied. Removing the letter mask leaves the letter formed amongst the markings.

An ingenious method of creating a customised look to any mug.

Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge Christmas Wall Tree


Another excellent alternative Christmas tree, this time from Mer Mag. This space saving wall tree allows you to use ornaments that would otherwise not have been practical hanging from a proper tree.

It’s also so much easier to put the whole scene together and can even be rearranged half way through the holidays, if you feel like it!

If you use command strips to hold the ledges up then it’s really easy to take down without damaging the wall.

Stylish Scandi Advent Calendar from Moppe Drawers


This gorgeous little advent calendar hack from Limmaland is made possible by their amazing chalk board stickers for the Moppe set of drawers.

You can use this as an advent calendar at Christmas and wipe it down and continue using it for other purposes the rest of the year!

The best thing about this Ikea Christmas hack is the simplicity.

Ikea Lantern Winter Scene Hack


We do love our miniature scenes and this one from Hunker that uses an Ikea lantern is gorgeous. This particular lantern isn’t available anymore, but you could do the same with a Borrby lantern.

It is quite a simple concept, just filling up the lantern with bottle brush trees, fake snow and figurines of choice!

This is a real feel good Christmas decoration that you will love making and enjoy looking at the entire holiday season!

Ikea Faux Sheepskin Christmas Wreath Hack


Going down the Scandi Christmas look again, this faux sheepskin wreath from Fall For DIY would look great in any setting!

It might not be the best idea for your front door if it’s exposed to the weather! However, I think this is more of an indoor decoration.

You can add in some LED lights, cuttings of artificial pine, whatever you like.

Ikea Kvistbro Basket Advent Calendar Hack


This is a super-stylish way of doing an advent calendar from Living Elements. They have taken an Ikea Kvitsbro basket with lid, wrapped it in LED lights and then created individual parcels for each day.

It’s quite a lot of work, but it would be lovely for an older girl if you wanted to make something a bit special.

Ikea Gingerbread House Supersized Hack


Turn your bog standard Ikea gingerbread house into a super-gingerbread house with this hack from Poppytalk.

They have created some amazing features, such as stained glass windows, lighting and cute little additions of trees and logs.

We love a Christmas decoration that you can eat too!

Ikea are not just useful for furnishing your home cheaply. With the right Ikea hack you can turn almost anything they sell into something really stylish.

These Ikea Christmas hacks show you that you can decorate your home for Christmas with some really quite unique decorations. Doing it with an Ikea hack makes it fun, inexpensive and easy.

Please do let us know if you’ve tackled any of these Ikea Christmas hacks or even your own creations this Christmas.

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