17 Inspiring Original Christmas Decoration Ideas

We know the score here, it’s difficult coming up with original ideas every year for your Christmas decorations. You do have a few mainstays that appear every year, but you want something different this year!

It doesn’t have to be tricky coming up with something new and exciting to decorate your home at Christmas. It could be something very simple.

We’ve gathered all the best ideas we could find for Christmas decorations to make your home look festive and stylish at the same time. There are DIY ideas, glamorous ideas and fun ideas. Something to keep everyone happy!

Let’s make this year’s Christmas the best and most wonderful ever!

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Snowy Woodland Christmas Tray

This gorgeous snowy woodland scene on a tray by Love Grows Wild is a decoration that will never go out of fashion.

It will look stunning on Christmas evenings and will continue to look amazing throughout the year if you wanted to keep it out!

To keep the element of wonder to just Christmas you could have the tray and candles out year round but add in the trees at Christmas for that extra festive element.

DIY Pine Christmas Table Decoration

For a really simple, easy to make, yet stunning table centerpiece, this DIY pine Christmas table decoration by A Piece of Rainbow is perfect!

It’s super cheap, super easy and will have guests asking how they could do it themselves!

Just save a few tin cans, forage some pine branches and pine cones and wrap it up in burlap ribbon (which comes in amazingly hand for DIY Christmas decorations).

Village of Christmas Tea Light Houses

We love a miniature scene in the James & Catrin household and these fantastic tea light houses from Cox & Cox are a super stylish way to create a winter village.

Combining a popular trend for metallics with darker colours, you could have these out year round or just bring them out for a stunning Christmas scene that both adults and kids will love.

White Christmas Cozy Tree Decorations

We absolutely adore these soft knit garlands for the tree used by Love Grows Wild. The white Christmas theme is a popular one at the moment and combining that with a love of all things Hygge creates a snuggly Christmas vibe.

You could probably make these garlands with chunky wool and a little knowledge of rope making. Combine them with a wood bead garland for a fantastic Scandi look.

Knitted Stocking Bannister Garlands

The stair banister rail is an ideal place to add some Christmas decorations and transform your entryway for the Holidays.

This gorgeous stair garland from On Sutton Place, using knitted stockings in red and white and some pine garland is so simple but totally effective!

Add some fairy lights and you have a magical display to greet your guests (or yourself!) into your home.

Glamorous Sleigh Bell Table Centerpiece

This gold and silver sleigh bell centerpiece from Heart Haven Home is so simple but such a beautiful way to dress your Christmas table.

It goes to show you don’t have to put in too much effort to create something stunning. This is just a few glass tea light holders with gold and silver sleigh bells strewn into a ceramic tray.

DIY Christmas Star Wall Hanging

Something a little bit different, but nonetheless Christmassy is this lovely star wall hanging by Delineate Your Dwelling.

The woodland theme is strong at the moment and you can bring a little of that in with a branch to hang your stars from.

The stars can be made with air dry clay and are a great little project to do with the kids (they may want to paint them bright colours though!)

Cinnamon and Eucalyptus Candle Tray

Another gorgeous candle tray centerpiece from My Scandinavian Home. This one uses cinnamon bark and eucalyptus with some simple white church candles to create a stunningly stylish table display.

You don’t need to stick to the traditional Christmas accessories of holly, pine, oranges, etc. Although they would ll look great in a display like this too!

Glamorous White Christmas Table Display

Back to another white Christmas style decoration, this super-stylish table display from LittleFew will really set the scene for your Christmas meals.

We love the wooden stars strewn on the table combined with the subtle LED fairly lights.

Ribbon Wrapped Front Door

This stunning front door wrapped like a gift by Nap Time Decorator is so fun and yet retains an element of style.

It’s a great way to make your home more inviting to guests at Christmas and the kids will really love it too.

It’ doesn’t even involve too much work setting it up either. A win all round!

DIY Snow Scene Christmas Jars

We’ve already mentioned our love of a miniature scene, but add in some woodland animals and it takes it to a whole new level of cute!

These adorable snow scene Christmas jars by Temperance Rose are super easy (15 minute project!) but make a big impact on your Christmas decor.

A fantastic little project to do with kids too!

Apothecary Jar Gingerbread Christmas Village

Keeping with the miniature scene theme here, these amazing apothecary jars with gingerbread houses inside by Craftberry Bush will make your Christmas table absolutely stunning!

We love the way the scene has been carried on outside the jars with the artificial snow and woodland animals.

You can just let your imagination run wild with Christmas decorations, that’s what we love about it!

Colourful Christmas Decorations

You don’t need to stick to the traditional Christmas colours. Take a leaf out of Red‘s book with this fantastic multi-coloured Christmas display using paper lanterns and foliage for something totally different but super fun!

It’s a very simple display but the use of different colours make it look more complex and impressive.

DIY Wood Clock Advent Calendar

There is so much to love in this fireplace display from Thrifty and Chic. The DIY wooden advent calendar clock is a fantastic project and gives you a completely different way to count down the days.

We particularly love the mini snowy Christmas trees though, combined with the blue and white stockings to make a stunning Scandi style fireplace display.

Vintage Baubles in a Frame

I think this is our favourite Christmas decoration, seen on Heart Home Mag (originally by Rigby and Mac). The use of an old ornate picture frame to display some unique and eclectic vintage Christmas ornaments is inspired.

Vintage ornaments are a big trend right now and in the future when you might not want them on the tree you can create this amazing display to bring out and site on the mantel.

Pinecone Picture Frame Ornaments

These pine cone picture frame ornaments from Martha Stewart are both wonderful Christmas decorations and an excellent project for older kids.

They can be a bit fiddly to make, but are pretty timeless and can be used for family photos, Christmas themed pictures or perhaps woodland animals.

Add in some vinatage pine cone baubles or even some spray painted pine cones on string and you’ll build up a stunning pine cone-based Christmas tree display!

DIY Felt Pine Cone Garland

Another pine cone decoration, and another awesome craft to do with kids. These felt pine cone garlands by Lia Griffith might seem like a time consuming project, but don’t actually take as long as you think.

They will look stunning as an alternative garland for either hanging on a wall or around the tree.

I think the theme of this post is that you can really get carried away with your imagination coming up with amazing Christmas decoration ideas.

Or just take these ideas and run with them (we’re not going to tell on you!)

Decorating for Christmas is a major sport in our household and we love to come up with something new every year, I think we’ve just inspired ourselves with all these ideas so hopefully you’ve been equally inspired!

Don’t forget to check us out on Pinterest for some more amazing Christmas ideas as well as other home decor, Ikea hacks and other holiday ideas.

Get cracking with those Christmas decorations!

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