Ikea Hacks

On this page you will find links to Ikea hacks covering a wide range of applications and hopefully this will help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Ikea hacks are a whole category of home decor in themselves. Almost like a cult following, the world of Ikea hacks has taken on a life of itself and you can probably find a way of creating anything you want in your home through an Ikea hack.

The premise is simple; take an Ikea product and customise it to create something more appealing, more relevant and more useful to you.

Ikea Hacks By Product

33 Ikea Kallax Hacks

17 Ikea Malm Hacks

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Ikea Hacks By Room

Ikea Hacks for the Kitchen (coming soon!)

Ikea Hacks for the Bathroom (coming soon!)

Ikea Hacks for the Bedroom (coming soon!)


Ikea Hacks By Furniture

25 Ikea Desk Hacks

Whatever it is you’re searching for inspiration for, I bet there is an Ikea hack that can help you out. Hacking Ikea furniture is a fun, cheap, creative way to create something unique.

But we must warn you: Ikea hacking can be addictive!

Enjoy your Ikea hacks!