Ikea Craft Room Organisation Ideas [Cute & Practical]

We all have those days when our craft rooms look like a bomb hit it, don’t we?

If you’re anything like me, you start one project and then another and another… Before long your craft room is in chaos mode!

Well, I found these awesome ways of using Ikea products for attempting to stay organised and adding useability to your craft room and thought I’d share them with you.

Ikea has such accessible prices plus it’s nice to be able to get creative with something that’s not only affordable but easy to find in person or online.

Maybe you can integrate some of these Ikea craft room organisation ideas into your own office or craft room or just whatever type of space you’re using to create in.

KVISSLE Document Organiser

Next, we have a unit that is great as a document organisation system. It is called the KVISSLE and it comes with five slots that can be used in many different ways.

You can put paper files in there as well as letters, cards, stickers and many other sheet-based materials for crafting projects! If you do a lot of printing, it’s also perfect for storing your printer paper rather than having to grab it out of those printer paper packages!

It’s a great way to keep everything you need on hand without using too much space for storage.

KALLAX Shelving Units

Source: ArtsyFartsyLife

An obvious choice if you have ever spent any time in an Ikea. The Kallax shelves are a fantastic way to organise anything.

They work incredibly well in a craft room due to their perfect-sized compartments that will fit anything up to 33cm (13 inches) across.

The real magic happens, though, when you start adding inserts to the Kallax unit. There are so many available from Ikea including drawers, doors, shelves, dividers, boxes and more. They all simply slot into the Kallax cubby holes and are ready to go. They also come is many different finishes.

In addition, you can find inserts made by third-party companies that take your craft organisation to another level. Our favourite is this 9-compartment paper storage insert from New Swedish Design.

9-Compartment Ikea Kallax Organiser Insert

HEAT Cork Boards For Cute Memo Holders

You can’t beat a bit of colour, artwork, flowers or family photos to get your creativity flowing. These Ikea HEAT cork rounds can be used as a memo/display board for anything you want to have front and centre.

Get yourself some nice-looking thumbtacks so you can pin different pieces of art or photos onto these memo boards so that they’re on display to inspire you!

Consider using some fabric on the front of them to hold things you can’t just pin onto them.

It’s also a great idea to keep any reminders (resupplying!!) prominent.

SKADIS Pegboard Organiser

Source: LikeLoveDo

When you’re in the heat of the moment, focused on your latest craft project, you don’t want to be wandering around your craft room trying to find tools and materials.

It’s really useful to have everything on-hand while you’re working, but preferably not cluttering your table.

This gorgeous solution from Like Love Do means you can have all your most-used tools and materials right in front of you whenever you need them. They have used four Ikea Skaddis pegboard with multiple shelves, clips, bags and jars to hold everything they need.

It also gives you a chance to display some of your most-loved work – celebrate your skills people!

Extra Large Craft Table

Source: Ana White

Who hasn’t dreamed of an extra-large craft table to really spread out onto? Let’s be honest, we’d still manage to clutter it up immediately!

This stunning large craft table from Ana White is amazing and, while she didn’t use Ikea products, it is so easy to recreate this with a quick shop at Ikea.

All you need are two or three (how much room do you have!?) Linmon desk tops and some Kallax or Alex units to rest them on (fixing them on is recommended though!).

KALLAX Paper Storage Tower

Source: Jennifer Maker

You don’t need a huge 4×4 Kallax unit to get some serious paper organisation in your craft room. This wonderful Kallax paper storage tower from Jennifer Maker is great for small spaces.

They have used shelving inserts to create multiple paper compartments, enough to separate into all the different colours.

We love the rainbow effect that this creates in what could otherwise have been quite a mundane storage unit!

MOSSLANDER Picture Ledge

Source: Something Turquoise

An alternative to the Ikea Skaddis pegboard is this set up from Something Turquoise. They have used Ikea Mosslander picture ledges to create a huge amount of paint storage above their craft table.

I’m not going to ask how long it took to organise them all by colour, but I think the result is well worth it!

We also love the paper roll on a curtain rod! Ideal for pulling out a fresh piece of paper to work on or for wrapping objects.

ALEX Map Drawers

Source: Lia Griffith

There have been several ways of storing paper or thin craft materials that are on display, but what if you don’t want them permanently in view?

These map drawers, using some Ikea Alex drawer units, are perfect for storing those materials that need thinner, multiple compartments such as paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.

The vintage chalkboard labels on the drawer fronts is a very nice touch.

Wardrobe Craft Space

Source: Artful Roost

If you’ve converted a bedroom into your craft room, or want to make a bedroom multi-functional to accommodate your craft addiction passion, then you might have a built-in wardrobe that you can use for storage.

This fantastic wardrobe conversion from The Artful Roost is a great use of space. Close the curtains over it and you wouldn’t know there is a functional, beautiful craft space there!

They have used Ikea Alex drawers with a Linmon top to add extra storage space and a crafting surface.

RASKOG Craft Cart

Source: Do More With Less

You’re either looking at this Raskog cart and thinking ‘Chaos’ or you’re thinking ‘I need that!’.

No middle ground.

Either way, this is a great example of the extent to which you can utilise an Ikea Raskog cart for your crafting. There are Sunnersta hanging containers and an Ikea cake stand making this cart work as hard as it can.

But you can use it in whichever way you want. It’s so versatile as well as being mobile so that you can put it out of the way when you don’t need it.

VARIERA Vinyl Sheet Holder

This craft room organisation idea is possibly one of the most cost-effective ever!

The Ikea Variera plastic bag storage (get it while its still around!) can be used in so many ways, but we love this vinyl sheet roll holder hack.

I mean, they could have organised the colours a bit better, or is that my OCD coming through? 😉

You could also use this for scraps of fabric or even as a plant climber to bring a bit of nature into your crafting space!

IVAR Shelving Units

Source: Lia Griffith

You can’t beat a solid, practical, inexpensive shelving unit to store the myriad of tools, materials, artwork and, well, things that we all have in our craft room!

The Ikea Ivar shelving units are about as practical as you can get when you need no-nonsense shelving.

They come in bare wood so you can paint them up in any way you like to make them look a bit better, but they are so versatile with their many shelving level options.

If you’re in need of some serious organisation in your craft room, hopefully you’ve found something here that has inspired you. Otherwise, simply head on over to an Ikea near you and have a look around for inspiration. They have storage solutions for pretty much anything you can imagine.

We certainly have used a great deal of Ikea products in our craft room because they seem to produce almost exactly what you need (and they’re relatively inexpensive!).

Let us know how creative you’ve got in your craft room with your organisation!