9 Ikea NORDLI Hacks That Are Super Stylish and Practical

Do you have some Ikea Nordli units and want to make the most of them? Look no further than these awesome Ikea Nordli hacks and ideas that will help you create some stylish pieces of furniture.

The Ikea Nordli units are one of the most practical pieces that Ikea offer and they are great storage solutions, but they are pretty plain!

With a few hacks and tricks, you can have a totally custom look to your Nordli drawers.

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Ikea Nordli Window Seat Hack

Source: Hydrangea Tree House

A great, simple way to maximise the use of your Ikea Nordli system is to turn it into a bench or window seat.

Here they have built the Nordli drawers into the wall below a window and raised them to the right height for seating. They have then added a matching top surface to sit on. This doesn’t necessarily need to be padded, you can simply add some cushions for comfort.

Custom Fronted Nordli Dresser

Source: Ikeahackers

We love the sound wave effect that has been created on the drawer fronts here. These have been custom-made to replace the existing Ikea Nordli drawer fronts and look absolutely stunning!

You don’t need to be quite so proficient with a router though. Just by swapping the drawer fronts for some bare-wood boards will totally transform your Nordli unit.

The wood works brilliantly with the darker Nordli unit and the addition of some slim-profile handles keeps the look sleek.

Concrete Effect Nordli Hack

Source: Nanna Shyama

If you want to create a rough and ready industrial look for your Nordli units then this concrete-effect paint is a great idea!

There is a company that produces a product to do just this. You simply paint it on and you have instant concrete effect!

It works so well with the wooden slats as a backdrop.

Nordli Raised Bed Storage Idea

Source: Mix it Make it

The Ikea Nordli units are perfect for combining furniture uses, such as the window seat earlier and this amazing raised bed!

I love the plywood bed that has been built around the Nordli drawers, it’s so basic and minimalist.

The white Nordli drawers are perfect to go with the bare plywood and provide such a lot of great storage!

Dark Paint and Wooden Trim Makeover

A really easy way to upgrade the Nordli system with an Ikea Nordli hack is to add some wooden panels to the top and bottom and then raise it up on some elegant legs.

That’s exactly what has been done here and it suddenly creates a stylish dresser for any space.

Dining Room Banquette Hack

Source: Almost Makes Perfect

Riffing on the bench seating theme, this wonderful banquette seating for a dining table is a great way to add extra storage to a space that otherwise doesn’t have enough.

Simply drape a sheepskin rug over the top and you have an incredibly stylish bench that has multiple uses!

Plywood Wrap-Around For a Kids Desk

Source: Growing Spaces

Wrapping Ikea furniture in wood or plywood panels has been done many, many times before, but it never fails to impress!

It’s a wonderful Ikea Nordli hack that you can use to create any configuration you like, such as this kids desk with tall and low drawers.

We love that the plywood combines everything together to keep continuity while providing separate functions.

The plywood pinboard is a great idea too!

Ikea Nordli Fretwork Hack

Source: Front Cover

Another easy way to hack your Ikea Nordli drawers is to add some decorative panels to the fronts.

These gorgeous fretwork panels are from Front Cover and completely transform the look of the drawers. Once stuck on, the entire drawer front, or the entire unit can be re-painted to whatever colour you like.

This dark grey fits wonderful well with the blues, greens and yellows in this space.

Changing Table Nordli Hack

Source: New Swedish Design

There are so many options out there once you start thinking about what you want to create with your Ikea Nordli units.

This changing table has been created with a specially-made changing surface made by New Swedish Design.

You simply replace the existing Nordli top with this changing unit. Here they have also gone with some stylish wooden legs to raise the whole thing to the right height.

The Ikea Nordli system provides a fantastic basic storage unit from which you can create your own stylish piece of furniture.

The whole idea with ikea hacks is that they give you an easy option when it comes to making your own custom furniture. They do the hard bit of making the drawer/cupboard/bed/etc base and you can then embellish it or bend it to your will!

I hope these Ikea Nordli hacks and ideas have helped you figure out what you will do with your unit!

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