Ikea Hacks are Alive and Well in 2022 [22 Examples of How Good They Got!]

We’ve been writing about Ikea hacks for several years and they have certainly evolved a lot over that time.

I think it’s down to the huge popularity of the Ikea hacks concept which has encouraged so many people to have a go and come up with increasingly unique and wonderful ideas.

At its core, an Ikea hack is meant to help you get the look you desire without having to build something from scratch or having to spend a lot of money on something ready-made.

We love Ikea hacks obviously! But what do you think? Here are several recent hacks that might just tip you over the edge in becoming an Ikea hacks fan!

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22 Stunning Ikea Hacks:

Modern Apothecary Dresser

Modern Apothercary Cabinet Ikea Hacks
Source: @patirobins

This apothecary dresser made out of Ikea MOPPE drawers does not look out of place amongst all the ultra-chic accessories around it, such as the altered classic art!

It’s amazing what you can do with a few cheap wooden drawers, some drawers labels and some hairpin legs.

They have surrounded the whole thing with sheets of plywood to give it some added strength and presence.

Art Deco Cabinet

Art Deco Ikea Hacks
Source: Lone Fox

We love what they have done at Lone Fax in this room to give it a speakeasy vibe.

The Ikea Ivar unit that has been upgraded into a drinks cabinet with ribbed door fronts and gorgeous art deco brass handles is just superb.

The dark grey paint job to fit into the colour scheme of the room completes the transformation perfectly. A great demonstration of the extent you can go to with your Ikea hacks transformations!

Marble Topped Dining Table

Marble Table Ikea Hacks
Source: @mrs_macs_home

This table cost less than £80 ($100). It is a combination of the cheapest Ikea dining table (Ingo) and some Ikea hacks mastery!

All they have done is paint the lower frame black, the table top white and then covered the top with marble-effect peel and stick wallpaper.

Sometimes the best Ikea hacks are the simplest!

Black and Wood Night Stand

Wooden Slat Nightstand Hacks
Source: Lick

Well, it seems we do love our dark rooms!

This gorgeous Ikea hack from Lick uses an Ikea Malm nightstand, painted black and covered with wooden slats.

The combination of oiled wood and dark colour is a classic look that will look good in almost any situation.

Beautiful Pink Tall Dresser

Beautiful Tall Pink Billy Dresser
Source: Ideal Home

Just a few tweaks to this Billy bookcase, shown on Ideal Home, make a huge difference to the look.

They have added a curve to the glass panels on the Billy bookcase doors, some fluted sheets to the lower panels and some beautiful, textured brass handles.

Finally, a coat of light pink paint gives the whole thing a more feminine look that blends well with the colour palette of the room.

Funky Media Unit

Funky Media Unit
Source: @baytakalthoum

This funky, retro media unit, created from an Eket unit, is really clever.

It is the perfect design for a media unit, celebrating the retro feel of the room.

They have made cut-outs in the cabinet doors to add a sheet of cane webbing. The shape of the cut-out is what give the unit a bit of character.

Wallpaper Covered Side Table

Wallpaper covered side table
Source: Hunker

We’re going back to the peel and stick wallpaper trick with this awesome Ikea hack from Hunker.

They have simply added a terrazzo effect wallpaper to the top of an Ikea Listerby console table to elevate this simple piece of furniture to another level.

Again, simple Ikea hacks can produce amazing results!

Glamorous Dressing Table

Glamorous Dressing Table Ikea Hacks
Source: @the_house_acc

We love the effort put into this gorgeous dressing table. They used two thin Billy bookcases as the base for the project, then fixed a simple surface between them.

From this base, there are so many ways you can go to create the dressing table of your dreams, complete with loads of storage.

The vertical slats used here give texture and height to the whole piece and the wonderful use of black and white detailing makes it look incredibly sophisticated.

Elegant Fluted Sideboard

Source: Cath Creative

There is a big trend right now for fluted panels added to furniture and this wonderful sideboard by Cath Creative uses this trend to great effect.

The console is made up of two Ivar cabinets fitted together and painted a lovely dark green colour.

The doors have had a fluted effect added to the fronts and then a stunning addition of detailed brass handles completes the look perfectly!

Cane Fronted Cabinet

Source: @blu.j.designs

We do love a bit of cane webbing in our Ikea hacks. This cabinet is made from an Eket unit and has had the door panels cut out and replaced with cane webbing.

The contrast between the dark coloured doors frames and the cane webbing is gorgeous.

The addition of some elegant brass-effect legs is great, created by spray painting some simple wooden legs with brass effect paint.

Indoor Greenhouse

Source: @planttheway

We love filling our home with plants, but it’s sometimes hard to create the right conditions for certain houseplants.

This wonderful idea of using an Ikea Milsbo glass cabinet as an indoor greenhouse is perfect!

You can keep the humidity inside the cabinet quite consistent with a bit of practice and your plants will thrive!

Terrazzo Topped Side Table

Source: Make Calm Lovely

Once again, we turn to the peel and stick wallpaper trick for this gorgeous terrazzo side table from Make Calm Lovely.

This Ikea hack uses an Ikea Gladolm side table with a wooden circle insert to create the surface for the terrazzo wallpaper.

It can be so simple to add some terrazzo to your home decor!

Clever Dowel Shelves

Source: @vtwonen

This Ikea hack has been included for sheer ingenuity!

It uses the Ikea Osbit plate holder as shelving brackets. But the great about this is that the shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate any changes in what you use them for.

The shelves are made from scraps of wood, painted white. Bearing in mind the plate racks are only about £3 ($4), this is a brilliantly cost-effective way of creating shelves.

Giant Industrial Mirror

Source: The Sorry Girls

Who doesn’t want a giant industrial mirror against their wall?

This amazing hack from The Sorry Girls makes it achievable for everyone to create a giant mirror like this.

It uses the Ikea Lots mirror panels which are around £7 ($8) for 4. The backing for these mirrors is simply a couple of sheets of plywood and some wooden trim arranged in a grid.

The whole project is very inexpensive in comparison to trying to buy this kind of mirror.

Parquet Fronted Drawers

Source: Apartment Therapy

The Ikea Hemnes dresser is a very popular piece, but you can still upgrade it in many ways.

This is one of our favourites, with wooden chevron-patterned drawer fronts.

The combination of wood and white is always a winner!

Mirrored Cube Tables

Source: Easy Interieur

These mirror cubes would not look out of place in the most luxurious of surroundings but are very simple and inexpensive to make.

All you need (for one cube) are a couple of packs of Ikea Lots mirror panels, some metal angle brackets and some adhesive.

Admittedly, these are probably not child-proof!

But they do look amazing!

Unique Plant Display Rack

Following on from the indoor greenhouse above, this fantastically simple idea for displaying a lot of plants on one wall is another favourite.

The boxes are Ikea Knagglig crates, which come in a couple of sizes. These simply have a block of wood affixed to the back that is the same size as the gap between the slats at the back.

This holds the crate very well, but to make it more secure you could use an angle on the slats, much like a french cleat.

Wood Slat Surround Cabinet

Source: @ikeahack

We do love our wooden slats! This lovely Ikea hack uses a very basic Ikea bookcase, surrounded by wooden slats.

It’s a very simple effect that looks very upmarket.

Gorgeous Kids Bedroom Storage

Kids Bedroom Ikea Hacks
Source: Living Etc

This is a simply stunning kids bedroom setup shown on Living Etc.

They have used several Ikea furniture pieces such as the Billy bookcase, Platsa units and Hjalpa drawers.

There is some customisation in this obviously, which you can try yourself or get a carpenter in for. But the use of Ikea pieces will reduce the cost and time dramatically as you will not have to build them from scratch.

We really love the little opening between the beds for siblings to interact through (except maybe when they’re supposed to be sleeping!).

Super Practical Fire Guard

Source: Henrik June Home

There are several things in a home that you sometimes really need, but you know they wont’s look great in your scheme. A fire guard is one of those things.

But this great hack from Henrik June Home uses a basic Ikea Sniglar cot to create a gorgeous wooden guard.

To integrate the look even better into your scheme, you could paint it a colour that blends in with its surroundings.

Cute Wooden Rainbow Cot

Source: @thestylepad_uk

Speaking of cots, this gorgeous Ikea Sniglar cot hack transforms a very cheap and basic cot into something utterly cute and adorable.

They have simply created a couple of panels with rainbow-shaped patterns to attach to the side of the cot.

You could go wild with any design of your choice in the same way!

Geometric Drawers

Geometric Dresser Ikea Hacks
Source: @steelbirchstudios

Geometric patterns always give a great impact to any piece of furniture.

This Tarva dresser has been given a wonderful geometric upgrade with simple striped vinyl tiles, arranged haphazardly to create a unique pattern.

The addition of simple wooden legs to the base give the unit a bit more height and elegance.

Ikea hacks have come a long way and so many people have got stuck into to the fun and creative world of upgrading Ikea furniture.

We think Ikea hacks are certainly alive and well in 2022 and set to get even more sophisticated in the future, especially if the price of custom furniture gets even more expensive.

You don’t need to buy something expensive, you can create something amazing yourself with some Ikea furniture, a bit of imagination and some inspiration from what others have achieved!

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