23 Haunting Yet Stylish Halloween Decor Ideas

Preparations for Halloween decor seem to begin earlier and earlier each year. It can take time to come up with a decor ideas, source materials and products and then create your vision.

It can also become a little competitive coming up with the best Halloween decor ideas in your neighborhood, if you worry about such things!

We’ve decided to bring together a selection of some of the most stylish, but haunting Halloween decor ideas you’ve ever seen. Prepare to be amazed and spooked in equal measure!

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Let’s dive into these spooky Halloween decoration ideas!

Black Painted Branch with Candles

One of the easiest ways to Halloweenify (defo a word!) your decor is to take something fairly ordinary and paint it black, such as this stunning branch from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

We love the simplicity, as well as the twisted structure of the twigs against the stark white tablecloth.

Add in some brass candle sticks for some olde worlde style that will really impress your Halloween guests.

Yarn Ghost Garlands

Taking the Halloween decor back to a more fun feel, these awesome, yet so simple yarn ghost garlands from Eighteen25 are perfect for those with younger house members!

They are so simple to make so you could get the kids involved too. Despite their more childish feel, they still remain really stylish.

We love the ability to customize them with speech bubbles!

A Colony of Bats on Your Wall

For a really quick and easy way to add impact to your Halloween decor, these paper bats from The Sconnie Sling are hard to beat!

A word of warning: you can get carried away quite quickly with these though so make sure you stick to a limit on the number you make!

Witch Please! Halloween Door Mat Display

We love the play on words with this simple door mat from House on Longwood Lane. The front porch Halloween decor is spot on too.

When you actually look at what is involved it is quite simple. Just some large pumpkins, potted orange begonias and some fake spiders webbing. It looks so much more though!

Guests to your house at Halloween will be totally impressed with this stylish set up.

Severed Plaster Hands

Such an awesome idea from Martha Stewart, these plaster hands can be made in any pose you like! We love the candle holder hands which add a double spooky element of severed hand and eerie candlelight!

Amaze your guests with something completely out of the ordinary!

Modern Halloween Mantel Decor

Make sure your Halloween decor is up to date with this stunning, modern mantel display by Apartment Therapy.

The blow up letters are a great way to add some drama and we especially love the painted mini pumpkins.

As you will see from some of our other selections, pumpkins are very much still to the forefront of Halloween decor, but there are some modern twists that you can use to really up your pumpkin game!

Giant Edible Eyeballs!

Yes, we know this is food, but it still adds something incredible to your Halloween decor. Oh, I’ve just got some cow’s eyeballs lying around, feel free to have a nibble!

We think these giant edible eyeballs from Squirrels of a Feather are amazing and will definitely be creating some this Halloween to freak out our guests (until they taste them!)

Halloween Sandman Window Decal

Window silhouettes are an excellent way to transform the look of your house from the outside at Halloween. This great sandman window decal from Harbor Design Co on Etsy is a perfect choice!

This will amaze guests both young and old as they wonder what else they will find within…

Concrete Smiling Stones

Oh yes, we wondered what the hell we were looking at too! These amazing concrete smiling stones from MadeByBarb on Instructables are quite a project, but so stunningly unique that you’ll be sure to amaze your guests.

If you’re keen on your modeling and crafts, you’ll love this project.

Gothic Halloween Mantel Decor

A more Gothic take on the Halloween mantel decor from Apartment Therapy. This one is more along the lines of traditional elements of skulls, ravens and dead branches.

We especially love the black branch wreath above the mantel as well as the Edgar Allan Poe reference.

This decor reminds us of the creativity you can inject into your Halloween decor.

Day of the Dead Skull Wreath

Introducing some Day of the Dead decor to your Halloween is becoming increasingly popular (despite the slight discrepancy in date, shh!).

This awesome, colourful skull wreath by The Crafted Sparrow would look amazing amongst some more modern Halloween decor.

There is no need to always be dark and gloomy with your Halloween decor, why not try a bit of colour this year?

Giant Spiders Web Decor

If you’re going to go with spiders webs, why not go all out and create a giant web like this one from Emily Henderson?

It’s such an easy set up, with the giant web from Target and a cardboard spider cut out. However it creates a big impact so we think it’s a no-brainer for your Halloween decor.

Constellation Pumpkin Luminaries

We told you we’d be looking at pumpkins and how to do something a bit different with them. These constellation pumpkin luminaries from Lia Griffith are a great example of taking the pumpkin into the modern age.

They are both beautiful and educational! Get your kids involved as you create them.

Painting pumpkins is a fantastic way to fit them into your particular scheme.

Halloween Balloon Cascade

Another fantastic modern Halloween mantel display, this time with a stunning balloon cascade, from 100 Layer Cake.

We love the use of black and white balloons with ghosts faces to create a dramatic fireplace scene. You could buy the balloons with ghost faces or create them yourself with white balloons and a sharpie!

Black Cat and Ghost Light Strings

These light strings with cat and ghost faces are a brilliant idea from My Cakies. If you get fairy lights that flash then you can get the spooky effect of the cats or ghost eyes gleaming in the darkness.

They are so simple to create, but would look stunning strung across a window.

Halloween Styled Bookcase

Another great display from Emily Henderson is this Halloween styled bookcase. It’s a fantastic idea to use all the nooks and crannies available to add in so subtle Halloween decor.

A crow here, a mini black pumpkin there, a stray skeleton hand creeping out of a book! All perfectly spooky and whimsical!

Autumn Leaves with Spooky Faces

Such a simple idea, but gorgeous and original. These leafy Halloween faces from Gabrielle Aznar are a great little project to do with the kids, including finding the leaves in the first place!

They are a great alternative to the standard pumpkin carving/painting (and far cheaper!)

You could also string them up into a garland for a stunning, colourful addition to your Halloween decor.

White Painted Pumpkins

One more variation on the traditional Halloween pumpkin, these amazing white painted pumpkins as seen on Town & Country Magazine will make a stunning centrepiece.

They are so much less time consuming and simpler than pumpkin carving and you can be so much more creative with a paint brush than a carving knife!

Brimstone Bread

Another food entry, but definitely worth it’s salt in what it gives to the Halloween decor. This stunning brimstone bread by Alison’s Wonderland Recipes is a big wow factor and even if it does get devoured half way through a party, it still adds to the overall effect.

Your guests will be in awe of the ingenuity of these buns (even if it is someone else’s ingenuity!)

Paper Lantern Skulls

Such an easy DIY, these paper lantern skulls from Minted are the ideal Halloween decoration to add a bit of whimsical lighting to your decor.

Get the kids involved in making the faces on the paper lanterns and it kills two birds with one stone.

Paper Mache Little Shop of Horrors Audrey Plant

What a fantastic way to offer up your trick or treat candy at Halloween! This paper mache Audrey (from Little Shop of Horrors – if you haven’t seen that movie, WHY NOT!!??) by The Paper Mama is really impressive.

Another great little project to do with the little ones, and can be re-used every year.

Do they dare put their hands in the plants mouth to grab some treats?

Smokin’ Pumpkin

How impressive would this smokin’ pumpkin be as part of your Halloween decor? Granted it would only be for a short time, but totally worth it we feel!

Might be more of an outdoor Halloween decoration this one!

Get the smoke bombs from Smoke Effect.

Cheesecloth Ghosts

We love these cheesecloth ghosts from Martha Stewart. They are surprisingly simple, but will have a dramatic, spooky effect on your Halloween decor.

If you have these hanging outside your windows, they will make people do a double take at the very least!

Whether you are decorating for the whole Halloween period, for a party or you just like that look year round, these Halloween decor ideas are sure to make your home look it’s spookiest!

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Happy Halloween!