11 Small Bathroom Decor Ideas You Will Love

Getting small bathroom decor right is a tricky business. You want to fit everything you need in there, find storage for toiletries and towels and make it look great all at the same time.

There are some tricks you can use to make the design process a little easier. We’ve found some gorgeous small bathrooms that will inspire you to create your own small bathroom decor scheme.

These bathrooms have some great ideas on how to achieve everything you want out of your small bathroom.

They’re also just really pretty to look at!

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Now, let’s have a look at these stunning small bathrooms!

Small Bathroom Decor With Clean Lines

A great way to make your small bathroom look a little bigger is with white walls and a paired down look. This gorgeous small bathroom from Elle Decor does this perfectly.

They have combined the white walls with some clean, elegant materials such as black bathroom fittings and brass light sconces.

Another great minimalist trick is to add accessories, such as the soap dish and vase, that are in the same colour as their surroundings.

The gorgeous blue mosaic floor and the wood vanity unit add those little bits of texture and colour that make up for the stark white.

Stand Out Neapolitan Terrazzo Tiles

We love the terrazzo tiles in this stunning small bathroom seen in Domino. They look like Neapolitan ice cream!

This is a great way to enhance the look of your small bathroom. Using bold stand out tiles or wall treatments that add a whimsical appeal to the space.

With such stunning decor the size of the bathroom doesn’t become such a big deal anymore!

Stunning Floral Small Bathroom Decor

The same trick as before has been used in this stunning powder room by Murphy Design. This time they have used a busy floral wallpaper to add real interest to the design.

The actual bathroom fittings are very basic, but the use of the wallpaper and statement mirror make the overall look very elegant.

You can have a bit of artistic licence when it comes to a powder room or downstairs toilet.

Graffiti Adorned Mirror in this Small Bathroom

Mirrors have an important role to play in small bathroom decor design. The bold graffiti adorned mirror in this small bathroom from Elle Decor is a real statement piece of art.

The mirror itself does a great job of reflecting light around the small space though as well as making it appear larger.

You could easily achieve this industrial art look with your own graffiti over an old mirror!

Bohemian Chic Small Bathroom Decor

The light and airy feel of this beautiful Bohemian bathroom from Emily Jane Lathan is spot on. They have achieved this with the white wall trick we talked about earlier.

Another important aspect of making this small bathroom feel so much more inviting is the use of plants as part of the decor.

It’s also quite a relaxed look and that helps reinforce the airy feel of the bathroom.

Bold and Bespoke Small Bathroom Design

We adore the design of this small bathroom from The Wheeler House. They have use the bold wall treatment trick along with an upcycled dresser for the vanity unit.

The use of the dresser is a great way to add tons of storage in a really unique and interesting way. Sometimes vanity units can be a little forced and boring, but this dresser makes so much sense in the space.

Great lighting is another way to make a small bathroom space feel so much more.

Bold Aquamarine Floral Wallpaper

Another bold treatment of the walls in this gorgeous powder room from Elle Decor.

What we like about this small bathroom is the use of an antique storage unit for towels, books, etc.

Nestled smartly in between the basin and toilet, this is a great way to add storage in a small space.

Graphic White Tiled Small Bathroom

We love the design of this white tiled small bathroom featured on Domino. They have cleverly used square white tiles to create a clean, light, graphic look that makes the space feel so much larger.

Add in the enlarging effect of the mirror and they have really maximised the use of design to make the small bathroom appear spacious.

If you like a bit of colour then you can easily add it in the form of accessories such as a bright pink towel or turquoise Persian style rug.

Small Bathroom with a Touch of Pink

This stunning shower room from Stokperd uses a clever touch of pink to compliment the use of white in the small space.

Creating a wet room such as this is a great use of a small space and allows you to utilise the whole bathroom floor for a statement floor covering.

The re-purposed vanity unit works perfectly in the space too.

Coastal Small Bathroom Design

This is a clever little bathroom from Elle Decor that uses monochrome patterns to tie the whole scheme together.

The shell wallpaper, stool, basket and grey vanity unit all work together to unify the small space and therefore create a strong, cohesive look.

The splash of light colour in the form of flowers and coloured glass just add a touch of variety.

Custom Statement Stone Basin

This is all about the basin.

This stunning cloak room from Elle Decor has been paired back in every other aspect in order to let the statement stone basin really make an impact.

We love the wood clad walls, but ultimately our eyes keep coming back to that basin!

It’s as if the bathroom has been built around the stone basin. It really gives you a connection with the outside, which psychologically links your mind with wide open spaces while you’re in quite a small one!

We’ve really enjoyed this visual tour of small bathroom decor ideas. There are so many gorgeous designs to look at here, but also some important design ideas to take away from them.

Hopefully you have been inspired to think about the way you design your small bathroom to maximise the feel of space.

If you really can’t make it look larger though, you can always embrace it and go with the maximalist, bold wallpaper style.

Check out our Pinterest boards for more amazing home decor inspiration and hit us up with your ideas for small bathroom decor in the comments below.