14 Ikea Hemnes Hacks That Look Expensive

The Ikea Hemnes is not as plain as some of the other Ikea furniture, but that just means it starts off with a good design base. Using an Ikea Hemnes hack you can easily create something that looks really expensive!

There are several great pieces of furniture in the Ikea Hemnes range and we are going to look at a few of them. From dressers to beds and shoe storage to wardrobes.

The Ikea Hemnes hacks will give you some great ideas to turn your Hemnes piece from good looking to jaw-dropping!

Stunning Modern Minimalist Hemnes Dresser Hack

ikea hemnes hacks
Source: Angela Rose Home

This is one of our favourite Hemnes hacks because of its presence in the room. This gorgeous Hemnes dresser hack from Angela Rose Home makes an impact due to its dark colour and modern lines.

The rectangular legs that have been added are perfect for the minimalist look. combined with the slim handles there is a slight industrial look to it all.

The matt effect of the chalk paint really helps emphasise the darker colour in this room.

Classic White and Wood Hemnes Dresser

Source: mrs_macs_home on Instagram

Taking it right back to a more classic look, this lovely Hemnes dresser hack from mrs_macs_home on Instagram is a great transformation of the Hemnes dresser.

They have removed the top of the Hemnes and replaced it with a bare solid wood top to create a bit of contrast to the white dresser.

The addition of the pewter cup handles is the perfect finishing touch!

Khaki and Leather Ikea Hemnes Hacks

khaki ikea hemnes hacks
Source: BeautyIll

It’s the choice of colour in this amazing Hemnes dresser hack from BeautyIll that really makes the difference.

The khaki works so well in the Scandi-inspired space and the leather pull handles go perfectly with it.

If you like the Hemnes, or any other Ikea furniture, but are not sure about the colours they come in then rest assured you can easily change that with a paint job!

Luxury Ikea Hemnes Daybed Hack

luxury ikea hemnes day bed hack
Source: RobinsonVanoort

The Ikea Hemnes daybed is a really useful piece of furniture and here, they have completely transformed it into something truly luxurious.

This Ikea Hemnes hack from RobinsonVanoort adds a bit of glamour to a plain old Ikea piece. They have painted it khaki to fit in with the surroundings and added some brass knobs for a bit more style.

The velvet covers and cushions, as well as the bolster cushions, really set off the look perfectly!

Ikea Hemnes Kitchen Pantry Hack

green kitchen pantry
Source: Bless’er House

This stunning kitchen pantry from Bless’er House started off as an Ikea Hemnes wardrobe.

It has been completely transformed into a stunning French country style pantry with a dark green paint job and some gorgeous antiqued mirror glass.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little ingenuity and an old piece of Ikea furniture!

Marble Effect Hemnes Dresser Fronts

marble ikea hemnes hacks
Source: Petite and Bold

We love the simple upgrade that has been done to this Hemnes dresser by Petite and Bold.

They have used some marble effect vinyl over the drawer fronts and to the top surface to add a little bit of chic style.

It’s a great way to upgrade your dresser to something you can really be proud of!

Gold Trim Hemnes Dresser Hack

gold trim ikea hemnes hacks
Source: LuxHax

This hack from LuxHax demonstrates what you can do with very little effort to completely change the look of Ikea furniture.

At Luxhax they produce decorative panels that you can stick the various pieces of Ikea furniture to upgrade the look to something more luxurious and stylish.

Here they have added some simple rectangular gold trims to the drawer fronts. You can find some even more ornate panels in their range though.

Victorian Cast Iron Effect Hemnes Shoe Storage

victorian hemnes hack
Source: Ikeahackers

This is a really imaginative and well-executed Ikea Hemnes hack from Ikeahackers.

It’s amazing how they have recreated a cast iron Victorian look with strategic use of trims and paint.

You could do the same with any piece of furniture to create some period features in your home!

Mid-Century Hemnes Dresser Hack

mid century Ikea hemnes hacks
Source: Ikeahackers

This is another Ikeahackers Hemnes hack, this time creating a mid-century look by stripping back to bare wood.

The contrast of the wood carcass and white drawers is beautiful.

We also love the fluted handles they have added.

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Sunflower Decal Hemnes Dresser

sunflower decal hemnes hack
Source: Retro Planet

Another demonstration of what you can do with a well-chosen decal for the front of your Ikea Hemnes dresser. This stunning sunflower-fronted Hemnes from Retro Planet is a really uplifting hack.

The decal is specially made to fit an Ikea Hemnes dresser and there are several other designs to choose from.

It just adds a little ray of sunshine to a plain old piece of furniture. Great for a kids bedroom!

Ikea Hemnes Daybed Kids Bed Hack

kids day bed Ikea Hemnes hack
Source: Mommo Design

Speaking of kids bedrooms, this Ikea Hemnes daybed hack from Mommo Design is really cute!

We love the oversized wooden knobs they have added to the drawers, along with the star decals.

It doesn’t take much to add a little bit of cute design to furniture in a kids bedroom.

Ikea Hemnes Dresser with Ombre Drawers

ombre dresser hemnes hacks
Source: The Beauty Revival

This is such a subtle Ikea Hemnes hack, but really effective, from The Beauty Revival.

They have simply used three slightly different shades of pink to create an ombre effect on the Hemnes drawers.

It fits in perfectly with the decor in the rest of the room and allows the dresser to subtly blend into its surroundings.

Elegant Ikea Hemnes Shoe Storage

Ikea hemnes hacks shoe storage
Source Randolph and Roses

Elegant shoe storage? That’s right! This Ikea Hemnes shoe storage hack from Randolph and Roses really does look elegant!

They have painted it a dark blue and added a marble effect top.

The final touches are some gorgeous square brass knobs. It really is a wonderful transformation!

Colourful Mid-Century Modern Changing Table Hack

Ikea Hemnes Hacks changing table
Source: Charleston Crafted

We love the multi-functioned use of the Hemnes dresser from Charleston Crafted.

The blue matches perfectly with the room and the dark-stained wooden changing table they have made for the top is inspired!

It is all finished off with some tapered, mid-century style legs.

The Hemnes is a great piece of furniture on its own, but as an Ikea hack you can create some amazing things!

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these Ikea Hemnes hacks. If you were about to throw that Ikea Hemnes dresser out or give it away, STOP! You can do something really creative with it!

Let us know about your own Ikea Hemnes hack transformations!

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