11 Ikea FLISAT Dollhouse Hacks That Are Utterly Gorgeous

How do you get a very basic dollhouse to look like something out of a dollhouse magazine? You transform it with the help of a few Ikea Flisat dollhouse hacks.

Dollhouses, like anything else, can fall in and out of style quickly. And what was once cool and new becomes old, dull and boring and vice versa.

The good news is we’re here to help. If you have an Ikea Flisat dollhouse lying around your house that you’ve been dying to repurpose (like I do), then check out these whimsical Ikea Flisat dollhouse hacks that will have your tiny play home looking like a million bucks in no time.

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Modern Home Flisat Dollhouse Makeover (Using Ikea Furniture)

Source: Dove Cottage

This is a fantastic dollhouse makeover to start with. They have used some very simple materials, not least the actual Ikea dollhouse furniture.

It’s a gorgeous representation of a bright and airy, modern and stylish family home that takes your Flisat dollhouse to the next level.

We particularly love the wooden parquet flooring on the ground level!! And who doesn’t have those subway tiles somewhere in their home!?

Bright Eclectic Ikea Flisat Dollhouse Hack

Source: Dear Lillie Studio

Now, stepping up a level in detail, this lovely, eclectic dollhouse makeover from Dear Lillie Studio is one of our favourites.

The particular highlights for us are the jazzy geometric wall decorations in the bathroom and the library-style bookcase with a ladder in the living room.

They have used proper dollhouse furniture to give that extra level of detail, which you can find pretty inexpensively if you shop around on Etsy.

Decorated For Christmas Family Home Dollhouse Makeover

Source: Pretty Little Minis

One incredibly fun thing you can do with your dollhouse, once you’ve finished your makeover, is to decorate it to match the current season.

Here, they have got it ready for the Christmas holidays! By doing this, you can keep the dollhouse makeover going indefinitely!

The marble-effect kitchen in this makeover is really clever and can be done with some marble-effect vinyl.

Scandi Style Dollhouse Makeover

Source: Little Willow Room

I would encourage you to pick a theme for your dollhouse makeover so that the whole thing looks cohesive.

Here, they have used a Scandi style throughout and the result is a lovely, calming, earthy vibe to the dollhouse.

It’s also an easier style to pull off as there is a lot of bare wood and neutral-coloured fabrics and walls!

Detailed Modern Farmhouse Flisat Makeover

Source: Dear Lillie Studio

We’ve seen a couple of Flisat dollhouse makeovers now that have added roof tiles and I think it’s a great way to add impact to your dollhouse. It’s as simple as cutting up some lollipop sticks and gluing them to the roof of the dollhouse!

The roof might be simple on this makeover, but the interior is incredibly impressive! We really love the modern farmhouse kitchen with big rectory-style dining table and chequerboard floor.

It’s easy to get carried away with the level of detail you want to go to with a dollhouse makeover… but it’s totally ok!

Modern Bohemian Dollhouse Living Room

Source: Little Houses By Arteva

Focusing on one room of your dollhouse now, this lovely bohemian living room furniture set from Little Houses By Arteva is a great starter for your dollhouse makeover.

When you look at all the dollhouse makeovers here, you don’t need to be daunted by the detail. Sometimes you just have to decorate walls, and floors and then insert ready-made furniture sets of your choice. There are tons of them on Etsy!

Maileg House From The Ikea Flisat Dollhouse

Do you have a particular doll or toy in mind for your dollhouse? One of the great things about the Ikea Flisat dollhouse is that it is a great size and layout for all sorts of different toys.

Here, they have created a dollhouse for the very popular Maileg Mouse collection.

One great detail that is so simple to do, but has a big impact is the string of battery-powered LED lights around the ceiling.

Monochrome Doodled Dollhouse Interior

Source: Nonsensical Creations

Keep in mind that kids don’t always need incredible detail to enjoy a dollhouse. This wonderfully artistic creation simply has the furniture and decorations drawn onto the walls and floors.

Anyone can achieve this and it creates a fun playhouse for the imaginative child (which is every child, right!?)

It doesn’t have to be monochrome, go for it with whatever colours and ideas that come to mind. You can always paint over it and start again if you fancy a change!

Elegant Luxurious Mansion Makeover

Source: Dear Josie

Well, I’m kind of a little speechless about this one. It sort of speaks for itself really!

Actually, this highlights a very major point about this article… you don’t need a complicated, expensive dollhouse to create something utterly wonderful!

When you see this, you don’t immediately think “Oh, but it’s such a shame it’s only in an Ikea Flisat Dollhouse”, do you? I bet you’re thinking… that’s amazing!!

Fire Station Flisat Dollhouse Makeover

Source: Limmaland

Let’s not get too stereotypical here, but some kids just don’t like dollhouses. At least, not when they’re called ‘dollhouses’! If you change the name to ‘fire station’ and decorate it with some handy fire station decals from Limmaland then it suddenly appeals to a whole new audience.

Just sayin’!

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be a firestation. You could turn the Flisat into all sorts of different playhouses, such as police station, hospital, school or army barracks.

Pretty Flisat Dollhouse on Legs

Source: Pretty Pegs

And finally, the Flisat doesn’t actually need to be used as a dollhouse/playhouse at all. It can be a cute, house-shaped bookcase on legs if you really want it to be.

We love this idea from Pretty Pegs, using a set of their gorgeous furniture legs to create something incredibly unique that would work equally well in a kids bedroom, nursery or even a living room!

I hope you enjoyed these Ikea Flisat dollhouse hacks as much as I did.

Whether you are beginning from scratch or adding to an existing Flisat dollhouse, consider these ideas as inspiration.

Cut up your boxes and tubes, cover them in scrapbook paper, and watch your dollhouse come alive!

Or just get yourself some cute dollhouse furniture sets, whatever sparks your joy!

Oh, and show us your creations!!

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