11 High-End Ikea Hacks any Interior Designer would be Proud of

I’m guessing everyone has come across an Ikea hack at some point in their lives. Even Ikea have been known to suggest hacks of their products in-store (perhaps a case of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!?).

Being lovers of both great design and DIY, we can’t get enough of Ikea hacks. And what’s not to love… you’re combining the great value of Ikea products with the refinement of a hack.

In our household, the goal is usually to turn an Ikea product into something any interior designer would have in their own home. The following collection are examples of high-end Ikea hacks that are both beautiful and easy to achieve.

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Source: Oliver and Rust

The Bekvam trolley is a classic IKEA product that is begging for a bit of upcycling. It comes as a bare wood product which needs to be painted/varnished/waxed and so is perfect for a hack.

This fantastic hack from Oliver and Rust is bang on trend would fit in perfectly with any modern kitchen. Of course you can adapt it to suit your own needs by matching the colour to your kitchen and adding your own embellishments. We recommend using a marble vinyl on the existing top to reduce cost and an all-brass towel rail for a more complete look.


Source: Ikea Hackers

This gorgeous hack from Ikea Hackers is right up our street, and is one project we are currently undertaking ourselves (watch out for pictures!). An elegant brass frame with glass or marble (or both!) shelves is a must have for all well-designed living rooms!

This is where you can really go to town dressing your room with stylish items you’ve collected, book stacks and small plants. Carrying out this hack will save you a great deal of money for all those knick-knacks too!

It’s a very simple upcycle, just requiring the incredibly reasonably priced VITTSJO shelf unit, brass spray paint and a bit of elbow grease to sand the frame down. To add marble effect shelving you can also use marble vinyl.


Source: DigsDigs

Going back to the Bekvam range, which are all bare wood products (also featuring a step ladder and spice rack), this stool hack from DigsDigs makes a stunning ‘dipped’ effect stool/step/bedside table. We can see this being used as a stylish plant stand for full effect.

The hack involves using a dark wax for the bottom half and a white wood paint on the top. Of course you can use your imagination here, but these create a very pleasing contrast.


Source: Alice and Lois

We love this Alice and Lois hack just as it is, but can imagine using a faux fur for the upholstery as an added bit of luxury!

I think it is so important, if you have space, to include a bench in your hall design. Not only can you and your visitors comfortably remove shoes but also when you sit down you take a moment to enjoy your surroundings and the hall is often an overlooked part of the house.

To achieve this upcycle you will need enough 1 inch foam to cover the seat and enough fabric of choice (go on….faux fur it!) to cover the seat + 8 inches on each side. To fix the fabric use a staple gun on the underside. The good thing about faux fur is that the fur covers the folds you need to make in the fabric!

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Source: Ich Designer

Yes, Lack, in a post about high-end Ikea hacks! But you have to admit, it looks awesome! Ok, so the actual Lack table is completely covered up, but it creates the perfect frame for this upcycled gem.

We think this glass-effect table from Ich Designer would look great in ANY house and you can achieve it with the simple addition of mirrored acrylic sheets (cut to size 55cmx55cm, polished edge).


Source: The Surznick Common Room

It’s a very simple one, but so effective. This Linnmon table top hack from The Surznick Common Room gives you an idea of how easily you can adapt some of Ikea’s products to create something that is both professional and beautiful.

We love hairpin legs (which you can get in all sorts of finishes… we like brass of course!) and the addition of these legs to a simple Linnmon table top is all you need for a stylish coffee table/desk/dining table/dressing table.


Source: Ikea Hackers

Get out the old brass spray paint again! This fantastic hack from Ikea Hackers upgrades what is already a great product from Ikea to something just that little bit more stylish.

I love my home office and have spent a good deal of thought on designing it to maximise productivity and serenity, as well as looking so damn good! Why not spend a bit of time getting the right equipment in your home office, like this desk, to create the perfect work environment?


Source: The Lovely Drawer

You can’t really go wrong by combining white with a well finished wood. This side table starts off in the great Ikea style of pale wood, but with your previous purchase (you’re actually doing all these hacks, right?) of dark wood wax you can give it a sand down and wax and it becomes just a little bit more sophisticated.

It’s amazing that this little table comes in so cheap even though it has a glass top! Thanks Ikea! And thank you The Lovely Drawer for this hack.


Source: A Cup of Life

Ok, so now you’re thinking “These guys really take an idea and run with it”. Well, you wouldn’t be too wrong… and this chest of drawers with the tried and tested white-and-wood-look confirms it!

I don’t know how you would dip a chest of drawers this size (actually my engineering mind is working on it now..) but that’s the effect this hack from A Cup of Life is going for. Ikea make it so easy with yet another range of unfinished wood furniture (TARVA).

For this upcycle you will just need to whip out your white wood paint and dark wood wax (again!). Hey, at least you’re getting your money’s worth, and gaining good continuity in your overall home style!


Source: Ikea

One of their very own hacks, Ikea have come up with a great way to get that popular ‘plant in a bag’ look with their very durable Minna fabric. You can customise this with paint as they have done or just leave it in it’s original grey colour.

Warning! You will need to do a bit of sewing (gasp!). But it really doesn’t need to be neat as the bag looks best in a relaxed state. If you simply leave the plant in it’s original pot (with drainage holes) and put that on a cheap pot dish inside the bag then you don’t have to worry about the plant becoming waterlogged, nor the bag getting wet.

Why not try it, as in the picture, with an aloe vera plant or a snake plant?


Source: Etsy (Limmaland)

Why should the kids miss out on all this Ikea hacking!? Once again a very basic piece of Ikea furniture used to great effect with this dollhouse. We love the interior styling the young designer has gone for in these rooms (lol!).

Add a lovely house-shaped frame of black washi tape to the wall behind, or the incredible kit supplied by Limmaland @ Etsy. Then have some fun adding in mini versions of your favourite furniture (or perhaps your children’s favourite I suppose).

Ikea themselves sell dollhouse furniture which are mini versions of their own products. But you can just browse amazon for a great range of dollhouse furniture.

Ikea hacking is not only a great way to save money on a style of furniture you really like the look of, but can’t justify the expenditure, it is also great fun! You will be able to create pieces that are customised to your own style and that fit in with your existing decor.

We love a bit of Ikea hacking and you’ll see some of our projects appearing on these pages soon!

Good Hacking!

11 High End Ikea Hacks any Interior Designer would be Proud Of