How To Create Your Own Artwork that Looks Professional

Art is an investment, but what if you don’t have the money to invest in it in the first place? Well, you can create your own artwork that looks totally professional without having a degree in art.

There are many techniques you can use, usually based around creating abstract art. But not all of them are just splodges of paint and random brush strokes!

Art is anything that brings joy to you when you look at it, so with that in mind there are so many option available to you.

We’ve found some amazing, totally accessible ways to create your own artwork for your home that will be cheap, but professional looking.

Flower Pounding

Yep, that got your attention! This is flower pressing on steroids, guys!

Who needs a load of heavy books and a waiting time of a few days to create natural flower art? Not us!

This technique is fairly new and a much more exciting way to spend your time than the more traditional flower pressing. All you will need are some flowers, watercolour paper (yes, this is necessary, but not particularly expensive) and a hammer!

The technique is described in the tutorial above from Better Homes and Gardens, but we found that spending a bit more time pounding with the hammer than you think you need transfers more of the colour across.

Have fun with this one!

Paint Pouring

I think by the titles you get the idea that we’re also looking for ways of creating artwork that is also a lot of fun!

The paint pouring technique is best done with acrylic paint to achieve a good opacity. You simply choose a palette of colours that appeals to you and then go ahead an pour them onto the canvas of choice (you could even use a piece of wood!).

The above image comes from the tutorial by Sweet Red Poppy.

Be sure to use a protective sheet underneath to avoid pouring paint on your new carpet!

There are two techniques to finishing your work:

  • Move the canvas around in your hands to allow the paint to move, mix and drip. You have a lot of control with this method but the results are limited.
  • Get a hairdryer and blow the paint around. This adds a lot of different effects as you move the hairdryer at different angles an distance from the paint.

I recommend trying both methods out and having a good play with this technique.

Geometric Art

What happened to the theme of having fun while you create art? Well, I love geometry, so I’m happy!

I really like this method of creating your own artwork because it leaves nothing to go wrong, pretty much anyway.

You lay out your pattern with masking tape, you paint (whether spray paint, roller or brush…or hands!!?) and then you peel off the masking tape to reveal a masterpiece!

Nothing could possibly go wrong with that, could it?

The above example is from Sum of their Stories and uses nice wide masking tape and gold spray paint.

Right, I’m going to have to do this now!

Colour Block Collage

Ok, I’ve ditched the fun element of the titles, but this method of creating your own art can be a lot of fun.

It’s also a great one for the seriously art-challenged among us! According to the tutorial from Amazing Ox, you simply need to cut some wooden blocks to size, paint them wacky colours and then cut out some images of your choice in black and white to stick on the blocks.

Another fool-proof method of creating artwork.

Alcohol and Art

Welcome back fun titles! We’ve missed you!

Well, there could be room here for a method whereby you consume lots of alcohol and then get cracking painting something random, but we’re concentrating on a different method.

This awesome tutorial from Dans Le Lakehouse talks about alcohol ink art, which involves special alcohol ink (which comes in dropper bottles and is NOT for drinking..I’m looking at you!).

You simply drop the ink onto a special synthetic paper that doesn’t soak it up too quickly and then use a straw to blow it around to your hearts content.

I think the results look a little like geode rocks, which is an impressive thing!

Denim Feathers

Remember, we said art can be anything that brings you joy and I personally love the look of these denim feathers. They are also a great way to recycle your old jeans!

The tutorial to make these denim feathers is from Pillar Box Blue and they really take you through the process step, by step.

You don’t have to stick with denim, you could use any other fabric, paper or even stick to the recycling theme and use old newspapers or plastic bottles.

Anything you use could be painted, dyed or burnt. There are so many options to creating your own artwork, don’t let tutorials hold you back!

Painting The Rock

No, we’re not talking about tattooing Dwayne Johnson, this is rock painting!

Sounds pretty cool, and it is.

The above painted rocks are featured on Frieda Theres.

Grab some rocks, order some acrylic marker pens and get creative! You don’t need to be particularly good at art, why not just paint various shapes. Try recreating a Mondrian.

Whatever you like!

Then display your results in a bowl on you sideboard. Or, if you want to involve your community, do what we do and leave them lying around the neighbourhood for kids to find. Our son calls them ‘Fossils’.

There are seven ideas there for you to create your own artwork for home. Don’t say I never give you anything!

I expect your work to be completed by Tuesday next week and I’ll be marking it!

But seriously, have fun, create your own artwork (and memories), involve the kids and save yourself loads of money in the process.

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