15 Stunning Succulent Planter Ideas

Succulents are a real statement plant that can add so much to your home decor. They can be grown indoors and outdoors, as long as you choose the right succulents and care for them appropriately. Due to their small size they are perfect for getting creative with some succulent planter ideas.

You may have been attracted to the huge variety and colours of succulents and they are beautiful on their own merit. However, why not enhance their looks with a carefully chosen succulent planter.

You can use almost anything as a succulent planter, which is why it is such a fun thing to do. We’ve found planters that are made from old beer cans, typewriters and mini concrete blocks!

The world of succulent planter ideas really is your oyster!

Let’s get stuck into looking at these stunning succulent planter ideas!

Succulent Planter Ideas

Vertical Wall Hanging Succulent Planter

This great DIY wall hanging succulent planter from Amber Oliver is a really practical way to display your prized succulents. You can make it as big or small as you like and the fact it is wall hanging will save you surface space and keep the plants away from inquisitive pets or kids.

It’s a really simple project and you can customise it to your own style by painting the box.

Why not make a few of these and line them up in a row on the wall. Follow the interior design ‘rule of three’ for great effect!

Minimal Japanese Succulent Planters

We love these minimal planters from Minimum Design. These beautiful pots are not only environmentally friendly, but extremely light.

They are made from bioplastic (made from corn) and recycled wood fibre and are totally biodegradable.

The design is stunning with it’s geometric shapes. Check out their Aztek planter and the black Apple planter too!

Upcycled Old Typewriter Succulent Planter

Just to demonstrate that you can indeed make a succulent planter out of anything. This amazing old typewriter succulent planter idea from BHG is really creative.

They have simply gutted the innards of the typewriter to create space. You can then simply sit an appropriately sized container in it and fill with succulent compost.

Little Humans Succulent Planter Forms

How cute are these little succulent planters in the shape of people? They are from Estudio Floga and come in a variety of poses.

We love the yoga pose planter that is hugging it’s little succulent pot!

These planters would sit beautifully on a mantel or shelf and observe your home life.

Geometric Hanging Succulent Planter

This elegant geometric succulent planter from Loomis Collection will add instant style to any room.

Not that the succulents need dressing up in such a beautiful way, but these planters are a really clean and original way to display your plants.

There are different sizes so you could group a few together to make a really impactful indoor plant display.

DIY Succulent Monogram Planter

The creators at The Crafting Chicks have used faux succulents in this monogram planter, but you could easily put real succulents in to it.

We love how you can personalise this with your own monogram, or even create an entire word out of several of these. It’s another way to hang your succulents on a wall out of the way, while maximising their impact.

Circular Wall Hanging Succulent Planters

These circular wall hanging planters from Wow Succulents look like a cross section through the soil. It’s such a wonderful, visually interesting way to show off your succulents.

If you incorporate some hanging plants into your planter then it adds another fantastic visual element as it spills over the front of the glass.

This design would work in any setting but we think it would be perfect against a dark coloured wall.

DIY Modern Succulent Planter

It’s so nice to see a bit of vibrant colour and succulents are the perfect natural foil for bright colours. This amazing DIY modern planter by Tell Love and Party is a great Miami style planter design.

The colourful planter and gorgeous succulents work well together to create something that will stand out in any room.

Colourful items are a big trend in home decor right now and this fits the bill perfectly.

Chinese Takeout Succulent Planter Box

Add a bit of fun into your home decor with this fantastic Chinese takeout succulent planter from The Planterist.

We love the addition of chopsticks to stick into the soil that add much needed authenticity to the overall look!!

Made from plastics derived from renewable resources such as corn, you can be sure this planter is an eco friendly product!

DIY Mini Cinder Block Succulent Planters

This is such a fun DIY project. It also allows for some creativity in adding some colour!

Get your kids involved in this mini cinder block planter project from A Kailo Chic Life.

These mini planters can be built up into a succulent city! You can create a stunning display for your desk, for the dining table centerpiece, anywhere that you want to inject a bit of colour and natural plant life!

Crochet Hanging Succulent Basket Pattern

Another utterly cute way of displaying your succulents. These crochet hanging baskets are made from a pattern by Simply Made By Erin.

If you love crochet and love succulents then we feel this is a no-brainer!

Once made and hanging up well feel these create such a strong Scandinavian feel. They would look great on the wall in a kitchen or even a bathroom!

Beer Can Cactus and Succulent Planter

If you find yourself with a collection of interesting looking beer cans (no judgements here!) or even soda cans then this might be the perfect way of recycling them.

This great beer can planter idea from BHG is a really fun way to plant succulents or cacti.

Just make sure you don’t leave any sharp edges!

DIY Pallet Succulent Box

I think you’re getting the idea now that succulents can be put in just about anything. Why not combine the growing succulent trend with the still popular pallet trend and create one of these wooden planters by The Succulent Eclectic.

Pallets are a great free source of materials and this project is really not too hard.

Check out some more amazing pallet furniture ideas in one of our other articles.

Vintage Tea Tin Succulent Planter

If you’re a big tea drinker and find yourself owning a large collection of metal tea boxes then this might be a good solution for you!

These gorgeous tea tin planters by Sisoo add a bit of colour and interest to your succulent displays and are a great way of recycling.

Pokemon Bulbasaur Succulent Planter

This amazing Pokemon Bulbasaur succulent planter from R Cubed Creations is so cute and may not just be one for kids!

Obviously the target market would be for the younger generation, but I think this would be an intereting addition to any home decor.

If you like the odd quirky, unusual accessory in your home then this might be right up your street. Alternatively the kids are just going to go crazy for it!

Succulents are really growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. You can create some stunning displays, especially when you get creative with your succulent planter ideas.

We hope we’ve shown you several planters that you like here and inspired you to create your own succulent display.

It’s really easy and can even be extremely cheap to find an interesting succulent planter idea.

If you’ve created your own version of one the ideas we’ve featured, or come up with your own fantastic succulent planter idea then we’d love to hear from you!

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