These Maintenance Tips Will Keep Your House in Great Shape

Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll make, and taking great care of it is essential. However, by neglecting consistent chores, your house can become messy.

Likewise, overlooking the importance of caring for major appliances and your home’s exterior increases the chances of things breaking down. Find out which maintenance tips will keep your house in great shape! 

Evaluate the Exterior

Keeping the outside of your home looking wonderful is as important as tending to the inside. Walk the perimeter of your house to check the outside foundation for cracks or other forms of damage. Additionally, evaluate your roofing for loose shingles, discoloration, or cracks.

Pro Tip

When inspecting the foundation, also look at it in the basement or crawl space, as cracking can occur on the inside but not outside and vice versa.

Prevent Pests

During spring and fall, insects try to enter our homes. Keep the pests away by spraying insect repellent and putting out traps. Additionally, wipe away crumbs and other food residue around your home so that no scent drives these critters toward your house.

Inspect Appliances

We use our appliances every day for tasks ranging from cooking to cleaning. However, one of the most common reasons appliances break down is a lack of proper maintenance. For instance, if you never clean out the vents of your oven, then it’s more likely to heat unevenly or break down. Likewise, forgetting to change the filter in your HVAC system strains the machine and reduces air quality in your home.

Care for Plants

Strategic landscaping is the final maintenance tip to keep your house in great shape. Planting bushes, trees, and flowers helps beautify your home. First, however, you must place greenery in the appropriate spots. Placing trees or bushes too close to the home could impact your waterlines as the plants grow and the roots branch out. Most professionals recommend planting trees around 12 to 20 feet away from the house to prevent this.

Have a Cleaning Routine

Some of us hate cleaning, but the longer we push this chore off, the bigger messes grow. Rather than end up with overwhelming clutter and dust in your house, create a schedule for specific tasks. For instance:

  • Wash dishes every day
  • Dust once a week
  • Vacuum twice a week
  • Reorganize closets once a month
  • Check gutters bi-annually

Write your chores down on a calendar so that you don’t forget to do them. Remember that it’s easier to maintain a tidy home than struggle with a large mess and fight to return a disorganized home to a cleaner state.

Following these maintenance tips will keep your house in great shape and protect your investment. Regularly inspecting the exterior, preventing pests, inspecting appliances, caring for plants, and having a cleaning routine can save you money and ensure your home remains beautiful for years.

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