4 Steps To Make Your Garage a More Functional Space

You struggle to find belongings that you stored in the garage long ago. There’s never room to park your car or to work in the garage when you have a project. If it feels like a never-ending stockpile, you need some updates to make your garage a more functional space!

Dispose of Clutter From the Garage

The first step before personalizing the garage is to ensure the area is clear. Going through a garage spring cleaning checklist can help you thoroughly get rid of unnecessary items and discover the belongings you believed were missing! Toss out or donate anything that doesn’t hold value in your home any longer. Then, you can prioritize organizing the items that matter the most!

Install Bright Lighting

Most garages have the bare minimum when it comes to lighting. Therefore, you have difficulty seeing things when arriving home or scouring the space for the item you need.

Instead of using a flashlight to walk around the garage, install bright lights around the room. Beams stretching the length of the ceiling are great for fully illuminating the space. You might even consider getting motion sensor lights so that you never end up stuck in the dark.

Incorporate As Much Storage As You Can

No matter the purpose of the space, garages are traditionally for storage. So include storage containers and storage structures within it. Doing so makes the room look cleaner, frees up space, protects valuable items, and keeps your belongings organized.

There are many ways to organize your garage and storage methods. Baskets, shelves, caddies, and so much more are readily available! However, there are two primary components to implement when taking steps to make your garage a more functional space. They are cabinets and hooks.

Install Several Cabinets

Cabinet storage is key all around your house! Why wouldn’t you extend this feature into the garage?

Wall-mounted cabinets are durable options that won’t fall over or break down. You tightly secure these cabinets to the garage walls. Floating cabinets are great in smaller garages that lack ample floor space. If you have more available space, you can still install these cabinets on the floor for easier access.

Get Hooks To Hang Items

Another alternative is hanging up hooks at varying heights on the wall for appliances and tools. Do you need a convenient location for shovels, brooms, and other essential tools? Hooks and pegboards are wonderful additions for garages to maximize storage!

Rather than sticking large items on their sides in the corner of the room or tossing smaller tools in a bucket, you can conveniently and safely organize them on the wall.

Customize the Garage With Specialized Features

Homeowners use the garage for different purposes. One of the most desirable features about garages is that they’re entirely customizable. You can create whatever you require from the area!

Install a tool chest or a workbench for technical projects. Implement overhead storage for bikes or kayaks so that they remain protected from the elements throughout the year. Maybe you need a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite music while working in the garage.

Once you clear the space, you can start planning where each of these essential features will go!

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  1. I love the idea to use bright lighting. We updated the lights in our garage and it made a positive difference for us.


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