What You Need To Get Your Home Spring Ready

What You Need To Get Your Home Spring Ready

Don’t let the current forecast fool you. Spring is coming faster than you think! Even if most of the upcoming days might be rainy, you still need to prep your home. A deep clean is popular this time of year for a reason. It only makes sense to freshen up your home to match the weather change. We know what you need to get your home spring ready.

Clean Out the Gutters

It’s been months of snow and falling leaves. And when they didn’t hit the ground, they found a nice home inside your gutters. Before those April showers pop up, you want to get clean out those gutters. Water needs to run freely through them to reduce the risk of blockages.

Use a ladder to remove the leaves, twigs, and debris from the gutters. Make sure the ladder is secure, and use gardening gloves. You can also use a large gutter scooper. Place all the debris in a trash bag instead of dumping it on the ground. Once full, tie the bag and place it at your curb for trash pickup.

Fertilize the Lawn

Don’t be discouraged. The lawn may look brown and dull now, but all it needs is some fertilizer. The fertilizer will enrich the soil and create greener grass. It will make up for all those months of heavy foot traffic and pets running around.

First, you need to determine what type of grass makes up your lawn. Then, you’ll know which fertilizer is best for your grass and soil. Remember, a balanced lawn fertilizer has equal parts nitrogen and potassium. You can find the nutrient ratio on the label.

Prep the Patio

You’ve missed sitting on your patio and just letting that sun soak in. Don’t worry; it’s coming. But first, you need to prep your patio. Check for any damages that may have accumulated during the winter and fall. Loose stones may need regrouting.

Sweep away all dirt and debris from the deck and power wash it if you need to. A broom may not be powerful enough. Don’t be afraid to add some color to your patio. Spring is the perfect time to do so. Consider the new look you want your patio to sport, and start shopping.

Power Wash the Walls

Last but certainly not least, you need to pressure wash the sides of your home. They took a beating during the winter and fall. And now, it’s time to step into a new season. Rent or purchase a pressure washer and tackle those exterior walls.

Read the manual thoroughly because you need to know its various temperature and power settings. The different color nozzles indicate which power level you’ll be working with. You don’t want to have it too high and accidentally crack a window.

This list has everything your home needs to get spring ready. Make any necessary adjustments to fit your home’s needs and schedule, and get moving!

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