A Clever Bride’s Solution to the Wedding Bathroom Visit!

Weddings should be all about the bride and groom celebrating their love for each other. However, it’s the little details planned in advance that often allow that to happen.

Imagine the scenario: as the bride, you are desperate for the bathroom during the reception and make your way there only to find a tiny cubicle with a suspiciously wet floor. Your dress is surely going to get ruined!


Well, one clever, Ikea-savvy bride came up with a fantastic solution to this problem. She created a wedding dress hammock out of an Ikea Frakta big blue bag!

Source: IkeaHackers

There is a product on the market that does just this job, but as you can imagine it just adds more expense to an already really expensive day.

This is a super-cheap alternative that will give any bride some privacy when she needs the bathroom on her special day.

Hang this up in your own allocated cubicle and you’ll not have to worry about a potentially stressful situation!

This bride goes through the whole process in a post on Ikeahackers.

Source: Ikeahackers

It just goes to show how far and wide Ikea hacks can influence our lives!

It’s not just all about furniture!

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