17 Ikea Hacks That Caught Our Attention This Year

We have seen a lot of Ikea hacks here at jamesandcatrin.com. The quality and ingenuity always amaze us, however there are some that just stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Having created a huge resource of different types of Ikea hacks already, we thought it might be great to have a look at some of the ones that didn’t get a chance to shine this year.

We always have a few Ikea hacks squirrelled away up our sleeves for posts like this. These Ikea hacks are the ones that really caught our eye this year.

This Year’s Eye Catching Ikea Hacks:

Drinks Cart/Trolley Made From Ikea Frosta Stools


The point I want to get across with this amazing bar cart hack from WohnKlamotte is that there are so many possibilities with an Ikea hack. When you look at an Ikea Frosta stool, this isn’t the first thing that comes into your head is it!?

Never-the-less, we are pleased it did occur to someone to create this awesome drinks trolley!

The Ikea Frosta stool is no longer available (what’s the deal Ikea?) but you should be able to find one knocking around on ebay or craigs list.

Ikea Rast Elegant Nightstand Hack

The Ikea Rast is a brilliant piece of Ikea furniture, simply because it’s so easy to hack into something amazing!

This nightstand from The Midkiff House is a great example. They have simply stained it a darker shade and added some trendy black drawer pulls. That’s it!

It looks amazing though!

Marble Top Side Table Hack


Hunker always have great projects, including Ikea hacks. This stunning marble top side table hack is a really clever way to upgrade the Ikea Gladom table.

All they have done is spray paint the legs gold, turn the table top over and stick some marble adhesive vinyl on top.

The final product is so glamorous!

Ikea Hemnes Mudroom Bench Hack


Everyone dreams of a mudroom (or is it just us?) and this amazing mudroom bench and storage from House By Hoff is a great solution to create somewhere to de-boot and hide clutter.

We love the panelled effect at the back and the overall style of this mini-mudroom.

Finished off with a nice solid wood wood bench, it’s a really good farmhouse style look.

Kate Spade Inspired Ikea Storage Boxes


The smaller items at Ikea sometimes get overlooked when you think of Ikea hacks, but these Kate Spade inspired storage boxes from First Home Love Life are brilliant!

It just takes a bit of patience and some paint to create these stylish boxes.

It makes a great change from the standard white look, although the Ikea Fjalla storage boxes are a really good quality base for this project.

Knitted Stool Cover Hack


You can even get involved in this Ikea hack malarky with a bit of knitting if that’s your skill. This gorgeous knitted stool cover from Knit Knit is a great idea!

They have used the classic Frosta in this example but you could use almost any stool for this hack. Perhaps the Kyrre would be a great option?

It’s a really cosy look and totally changes the feel of the stool.

Ikea Kallax Card Catalog Style Storage


Moving onto something a little bigger. This brilliant Ikea Kallax card catalog style unit from Ikeahackers looks amazing!

With the addition of the drawer label pulls and castors this makes a really stylish piece of furniture for any room, but especially a home office.

It’s a really easy hack too, as you can get the drawers with the Kallax.

Ikea Shelf Bracket Wall Light Hack


There are loads of great Ikea lighting hacks, but this is one of our favourite. Featured on Newniq, from Design Tanke, this wall sconce light is both versatile and beautiful.

You can use any combination of colours with the bracket (which can be painted) and light cable (braided lighting cable comes in so many colours).

You could also set it up so that the light can be lowered or raised depending on what you are doing.

Ikea Mirror Frame Cork Board Hack


We love the creativity behind this cork board hack from Ikeahackers. If you have a large collection of corks (good work!) and are wondering what to do with them, then here is your answer!

This cork board will make a stunning feature in any room and really livens up the family noticeboard!

Ikea Bed Slat Vertical Garden Hack


Vertical gardens are a great way to pack in lots of plants to a small space, especially if you don’t have much soil.

This fantastic vertical garden idea from Hunker makes use of a cheap Ikea bed base and Sunnersta hanging storage.

This would be great as a herb garden, succulent planter or anything your mind can imagine!

Ikea Rast Sideboard Hack


We love the way Reality Day Dream have taken an expensive look and recreated it cheaply with Ikea furniture.

They originally had the room designed in 3D software and then decided to DIY the sideboard themselves using 3 Ikea Raste dressers,

They almost exactly matched the look which is pretty impressive. This sideboard is stunning and makes great use of the naturally good look of white and wood.

Cane Webbing Cabinet Hack


Cane is a popular material at the moment (check out our Ikea Cane Hacks post). This gorgeous Ikea Ivar hack from Burkatron makes great use of cane webbing to create a bohemian style cabinet.

There is a little bit of work involved in this hack, but it’s well worth it.

The addition of the hairpin legs really finishes off the look beautifully.

Gold Spray Painted Reindeer Decoration


This blocky reindeer appeared in the Ikea Christmas decorations area a few years ago and is a great modern take on Christmas decor.

This little upgrade from Livet Hemma adds that little bit of bling to the look and helps tie it in to gold themed Christmas decor.

Ikea Shelving Gold Paint Hack


Get that spray paint out again for this excellent shelving hack from Lay Baby Lay.

They have simply spray painted Ikea Granhult brackets gold and added some reclaimed solid wood shelves to fit in them.

It’s a fantastically rustic look and made possible with the Ikea brackets that allow you to create your own shelving.

DIY Industrial Wall Sconce Lighting


Another excellent lighting hack, this one from Love Create Celebrate. They have used the classic Ordning cutlery stand as a lamp shade and some steel piping to connect it all together.

It’s a really good industrial look and a great way to use something so simple to solve the problem of creating something complex. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel!

Wall Pulley Light Hack


Ok, one more lighting hack, this time an ingenious use of coasters to create a pulley effect for this hanging pendant light from Your DIY Family.

It’s a very minimalist industrial look and would work in almost any setting.

Farmhouse Style Moving Kitchen Island Hack


This is a stunning Ikea hack from A Piece Of Rainbow. They have created an incredibly colourful and practical movable kitchen island from an Ikea kitchen cabinet.

It works perfectly in their kitchen and is something you can easily reacreate and style to fit your own kitchen.

The tutorial is really thorough if you want to create your own version.

These Ikea hacks are ones that we’ve been wanting to share for a long time. There is such a diverse mix here so we just went for it and gathered them all into this one post.

I hope there is something here that can inspire you to create something amazing for your home.

There are loads of Ikea hack ideas here that use some of those Ikea items that might be kicking around not doing much. Get them out and breathe new life into them!

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