8 Amazing Playhouses for your Child’s Bedroom or Playroom

There is nothing that elicits playful creativity and imagination in a child (and big child) more than a playhouse, especially one that is lovingly customised to their unique tastes. Whether it is a fort, tent, shop or teepee it takes on a whole range of different purposes in the eye’s of a child.

You can start at very basic efforts and go up to gobsmacking ingenuity with a playhouse. The sky is the limit!

We’ve brought together 10 of the best forts, dens, tents and teepees over a range of budgets to help inspire you towards your child’s new playhouse.

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Kids Striped Playhouse Teepee TentSource: Playteepee on Etsy

Striped Teepee

This simple, yet timeless teepee by Playteepee on Etsy is a winner with any child. It comes in a variety of colours and is really easy to put up.

We think a teepee is quite an easy DIY for a lot of people, but by the time you’ve bought all the materials and done the work you’ve not saved yourself a great deal.

This teepee goes really well in any style of room too so budding interior design mums will not be disappointed!

Cardboard Castle For PlayhouseSource: Brandon Tran

Cardboard Castle

We could have shown you a very simple cardboard fort using an old washing machine box, but where’s the ambition in that!? Look at this bad boy from Brandon Trans!

I’m saving up the cardboard already to get started on this project for our son. Even if his bedroom is space themed!

The website only has in-project pictures, but you can get a good idea of how it goes together.

Elevated Indoor TreehouseSource: Natoca Design

Indoor Treehouse

Why restrict our treehouses to the outdoors? This indoor treehouse is a year-round fun house that will bring hours of fun to your child. If you have the space!

This may be one to get a carpenter in to put it together if you’re not into this much DIY. You can add fairy lights and netting, along with lots of other accessories.

Rustic Cabin Shop Front PlayhouseSource: Petit and Small

Rustic Shop Front

A very unique way to use the alcove space to the side of a chimney! This rustic cabin/shop front from Petit and Small would be quite simple to put together yourself as you would only need to build the front and roof.

I suspect Hansel and Gretel would be acted out in this little playhouse quite a lot!

Crazy Fort Den Building KitSource: EZ Fort on Amazon

Crazy Fort

A modern, modular take on the good old blanket fort. This kit is by EZ Fort, but I think a better kit is by Crazy Fort at Amazon. It is a great way to both encourage creative building skills and provide a fun den for your children.

It’s so easy, you can just sit back and let the kids do all the work!

It certainly beats using the dining chairs for supports.

Hanging Canopy Tent PlayhouseSource: MamaPotrafi on Etsy

Hanging Canopy

This hanging canopy from MamaPotrafi on Etsy is a great space saving den for a nursery or kids bedroom. It’s also really stylish for those who are after a certain look.

The great thing about this canopy is that you can embellish it if you want with stars, hearts, bees…whatever takes your (ok, your child’s) fancy.

Dot some cushions around the base and it’s good to go!

Under Bed Den HideawaySource: Domino

Under the Bunk Hideaway

This is excellent use of the IKEA Kura bed to create a wonderland under the bed.

This would make a lovely reading nook and somewhere your child could hideaway whenever they feel the need.

Best of all, it’s really simple with just a curtain across the front and some cushions and wall decorations.

Under Stairs PlayhouseSource: Decorpad

Under Stairs Playhouse

Use the slope of the stairs to create a built-in playhouse like this cedar-clad home from Decorpad. This is a particularly lavish example with stable doors, Georgian window and porch light.

I don’t know about you, but I think I need a bigger house to accommodate all these great playhouse ideas.

Whether it’s a cardboard castle, cosy canopy or wacky wigwam, you can’t go too wrong with a child’s playhouse.

We recommend making a family project of it and getting everyone involved (including the playing afterwards of course!)

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